Quick Tips.

Don't learn the hard way, like I did. Listen to your Auntie B by taking a peek at these simple knitting tips and how-to's, gathered from experience. (Yes, the hard way! So expect this list to grow...and grow...and grow...and - you get the idea.)

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25.06.03: Double chain selvedge, baaaaay-bee!

It is ideal for free edges but is not, in my opinion, a good selvedge for edges that will be joined with ladder stitch, because it may cause holes in the seam
[Keywords: Double chain selvedge free edges]

05.05.03: Chain selvedges for crochet edgings.

Oh, just finish me already. Doesn't that look tiny? It's the beginnings of the right front piece of my pretty...
[Keywords: Chain selvedge free edges]

01.04.03: Swatch City.

During my first year of knitting, I never swatched. Never measured, either. [What? Waste all that yarn? Pfffft.] Moreover, I...
[Keywords: Swatching]

12.02.03: Backstitch collars on the brain.

My son's tweedy jacket is seamed and almost ready to go! All I have to do is embroider the...
[Keywords: Free-loop backstitch]

05.08.02: Viva experimenting! Tubular cast-on and sloped shoulders with three-needle bindoff.

I finished the back of my pink and orange sweater in cotton while trying out some things I've never done...
[Keywords: Short row shoulders]

22.07.02: Going starchy for blocking cables!

Then I got brave, picked up a can of the best starch I could find...
[Keywords: Starching cables]

20.07.02: Cold water does yarn good.

My grubby little fingers have unravelled this project so many times (why, I do believe it's the project I've most...
[Keywords: Recondition yarn]

20.06.02: At least I know how to achieve slanted knitting.

Had to ditch the idea of knitting my little tube top in the round. And I learned something new in...
[Keywords: Circular knitting]

17.05.02: Ode to Rounded Necklines.

I'm having so much fun knitting this sweater that I am flying on these needles. I finished the front of...
[Keywords: Smooth neck edges]

06.04.02: Sleeves on one needle.

Before I spotted the blasted error in the front of the sweater, I had started both of the sleeves and am a quarter through...
[Keywords: Sleeves on one needle]

21.03.02: A crochet hook is your pal!

Instead of unraveling it all, simply pull the stitch off the needle...
[Keywords: Crochet fix]