Quick Tips.

Don't learn the hard way, like I did. Listen to your Auntie B by taking a peek at these simple knitting tips and how-to's, gathered from experience. (Yes, the hard way! So expect this list to grow...and grow...and grow...and - you get the idea.)

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12.03.07: Too, too busy.

I have sooooo much work to do: multiple things in Illustrator, a big design project for Thursday, a sportswear outfit...
[Keywords: How to lucet]

11.08.06: Little Crinkle pieces all in a pile.

Crinkle is blocked and ready for a seaming party this weekend, bay-beeeeeeeeee!
[Keywords: Wet-blocking the machine way.]

02.05.06: "Argh. This sweater had better be worth it."

Said the Rabbit to Monsieur Le Hubby as she spent TWO FREAKING hours sewing on a loooooooooooong neckband to the...
[Keywords: Free-loop backstitch, bay-bee!]

23.02.06: Shhh....

Fluffy Bolero is blocking.
[Keywords: Steam blocking using cloth diapers]

24.12.05: It's gonna be a Very Knitted Vest Christmas:

I finished my dad's Papa Vest*. Go me! This is the stand-REALLY-still-like-a-mannequin shot. [Wanna see the Mannequin Dance? Sure you...
[Keywords: Decreasing stitches to keep ribbing from flaring]

21.09.05: I'm now Morning Knitter Rabbit, too.

Don't tell my other projects, but I've been getting up about 20 minutes earlier than I usually do so I can sneak in a few rows on...
[Keywords: Fixing sleeve lengths]

27.04.05: Why, it's a block party.

Get out your calendar, friends...
[Keywords: Blocking slideshow]

03.01.05: A finished Boyish Jacket!

Where I blab on about Captain Destructo's finished Boyish Jacket, and (by request) a bit about sewing in zippers, too. Oh, and a very Happy New Year 2005!
[Keywords: Sewing zippers]

26.08.04: Me no like neckband seams.

Skinny Rabbit's no sew, no picking up stitches, no backstitch, just plain ole knitted-on kinda neckband.
[Keywords: Seamless knit-on neckband]

14.06.04: Sick, but fun stuff makes it all better.

I use a crochet hook to pick up stitches for neckbands...
[Keywords: Picking up stitches]

02.06.04: Grafting, grafting, bay-bee!

I've joined pieces by grafting before, but this is the first time I've taken scissors to knitting, lengthened a piece and then joined via grafting...
[Keywords: Grafting party]

13.05.04: Sung just like Julie Andrews, but tone deaf.

Hello! I'm too impatient to bind off and cast on for a new swatch...
[Keywords: Quicker swatching]

25.03.04: This will be his Easter sweater...

Doing the old "knit the knit rows with a bigger needle, and purl the purl rows with a smaller needle" trick...
[Keywords: Even tension]

13.11.03: Finishing parties, steam-blocking and stinky fabric.

Why, it's a seaming party! [Throws confetti all around.] Take out a red marker and circle this day on...
[Keywords: Steam blocking]

05.11.03: Startitis seems to be going around.

The pattern calls for markers to be placed to determine where the middle shapings should be made...
[Keywords: Vertical darts]

10.10.03: Joining new yarn, raclette, and progress on preppy sweater.

Someone asked me how I join new yarn. I always join new yarn at the beginning or end of rows...
[Keywords: Joining new yarn]

08.10.03: Schwarzy, neck shaping, and how to make your own stitch holders, dammit.

Stitch holders? We don't need no stinkin' stitch holders. Before I go on further re the wonders of Balzane yarn...
[Keywords: D.I.Y. stitch holders]

17.09.03: Seaming, swatching, and how to make your own damn blocking board.

As you can see, my "blocking board" is nothing fancy. I came up with it after I found the floor to be a dangerous place for knits when one has a toddler who likes to ride his trike all over the apartment...
[Keywords: D.I.Y. blocking board]

09.09.03: Swatchy cards and other bits.

I knit a swatch using Rowan Cotton Glace and a heart lace stitch from Vogue Knitting, blocked it, and pasted it onto a piece of cardboard...
[Keywords: Swatch cards]

03.08.03: Corky point protectors.

Quick tip: If you have no point protectors, use corks. When I went on a trip once I forgot to...
[Keywords: Point protectors]