August 04, 2005

MAJOR HOUSECLEANING! (Updated, with photos)

[NOTE: Scroll to the foot of this entry if you are interested in anything I'm offering in this housecleaning!]

After much procrastination, I've finally gotten off of my procrastinating bee-hind and am putting up stash yarn that I am pretty sure I will never get around to knitting and books that I have not used and will not use.


9 balls of Rowan 4 ply cotton in sh 106, magenta
6 skeins of GGH Samoa in sh 99, pink
6 skeins of Rowan Kid Classic in Glacier - TAKEN
Available for 40 euros + shipping OR
6 skeins of Rowan Kid Classic in Lavender Ice OR
other yarn (see end of this entry) equivalent in value
8 skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in sh 611, red - TAKEN
Available for 45 euros + shipping OR
other Debbie Bliss yarn equivalent in value

1000 Sweaters - PEEK INSIDE: - TAKEN
Double Knits - PEEK INSIDE:


10 skeins of Peruvian Highland Wool shade 387 (violet)

4 skeins of Bouton d'Or Balzane in marine - TAKEN

7 skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran shade 615 (orange) - TAKEN

3 skeins of Noro Silk Garden in shade 84 - TAKEN

stashcleaning_honeydew_thumb.jpg 4 hanks of Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton in Honeydew - TAKEN
stashcleaning_chocolat_thumb.jpg 2 skeins of Phildar Chenille in chocolat - TAKEN
6 skeins of Noro Lily Yarn color 19 - TAKEN
(pink; one has label removed but label is still in bag)
stashcleaning_superbaby_thumb.jpg 2 skeins of Phildar Super Baby in white (booties, baby hat, etc.) - TAKEN
1 skein of Ashford Tekapo pure wool, 200 meters color 43 (light brown)
2 skeins of Flutter (haute novelty eyelash) color 30 (dark blue shot with gold) - TAKEN

6 skeins of Phildar Reporter in Violet - TAKEN

8 skeins of Phildar Reporter in Camel - TAKEN

1 bag of Rowan Cotton Glace complete oddballs - TAKEN
stashcleaning_kiwi-thumb.jpg 10 skeins of Kiwi Splendor 100% pure wool yarn in tawny red (all complete with 5 still in original bag; two of the remaining 5 have labels removed off as they were sent to me that way) - TAKEN
1 skein of Colinette Chenille in Lapis - TAKEN
1 bag of Jaeger/Rowan 4 complete oddballs (1 matchmaker, 1 baby merino, 1 persia, 1 4 ply soft)
1 Tiboodoo's hat kit in French : (blue stripe baby hat)
View image 3 skeins of Como Ribbon yarn in white
1 skein of Muench Touch Me in copper (there's another complete skein in the same color and dye lot, but it was used and then ripped out. I'll throw it in if desired) - TAKEN

10 skeins of Phildar Express wool/acrylic in white - TAKEN


(These are leftover skeins - complete with labels - that I have been selfishly hoarding for toys, embellishments, booties, hats, repairs, etc. Don't laugh, but I've now managed to accumulate ONE WHOLE LARGE QUILT BAG full of stash leftovers. That's a little out of hand, so I've divided the lot. I'm keeping half for my own creative uses, and the other half is up for grabs.)

Bag of LEFTOVER skeins of various WOOL blends: Phildar Pegase, Phildar Oxygene, Phildar Super Baby, Phildar Lambswool, Phildar Express (two white skeins w/out labels), Phildar Climat, etc. in a variety of colors. Labels are attached for reference purposes.

Bag of LEFTOVER skeins of various COTTON blends: Phildar Aviso, Rowan ASC, Phildar Licorne, Phildar Cabotage, etc. in a variety of colors. Labels are attached for reference purposes. 15 euros, SHIPPING INCLUDED.

Bag of PARTIAL skeins of various COTTON blends: French mercerised cotton in pinks and purple (Phildar Relais), 1 Phildar Coton d'Egypte in camel, 1 Phildar Coton Microfibres in beige, 1 Alezan 100% cotton in red, etc. Ideal for toys, flowers, etc. Almost complete or half skeins - 10 euros, SHIPPING INCLUDED.

Bag of COMPLETE oddballs of various COTTON blends: 2 Phildar Impact in medium blue, 1 Phildar Canasta in sea blue, 1 Pinguoin Patine in ice blue, 2 Veronique Fil d'Ecosse mercerised cotton. All are complete with labels intact. - 15 euros, SHIPPING INCLUDED


Approx 2 meters of retro flower cotton fabric - TAKEN

Approx 4 meters of medium blue poplin - 20 euros, SHIPPING INCLUDED


Plassard Pattern Book 36 (spring/summer fashions) - TAKEN

Phildar Ete 2004 pattern book in French

Phildar Kid Mohair 2005 pattern leaflet in French (contains fluffy cardigan I knit winter 2005) - TAKEN

Phildar Famille Spring/Summer 2004 in French - TAKEN

Rowan Cotton Tape Collection - TAKEN

Ribbon Twist Collection - TAKEN

Bergere de France 2004/2005 pattern book and yarn sample book - TAKEN

Various Debbie Bliss Books (including Alpaca Silk) - TAKEN

Urban Knitter by Lily Chin - PEEK INSIDE:
Monkeysuits by Sharon Turner - PEEK INSIDE:
A Knitter's Template - PEEK INSIDE:
(Good for coming up with your own patterns.)


All yarn has been stored in ziploc bags and plastic in a clean dry place, and all books have been protected in book covers. Everything is in top condition. If any labels are removed from skeins (as is the case in a few skeins here and there, and they were sent to me in that state) I will mention as such.

PLEASE READ before contacting me: All of my stash diving rules still apply, with the exception of trades and negotiations. I will accept trades equivalent in value or cash equivalent in value minus 10-40 percent to what I am offering. In the event of trades, the goods AND shipping must be equal in value on both sides. In the event of cash for goods, 10-40 percent off may be negotiated but full cost for shipping must be included.

In the event of trades, the only things I am interested in receiving in trade are:

1) The latest Rowan mag, the latest Debbie Bliss pattern books, or any books off of my Amazon Wishlist. (This option is no longer available.)

2) Rowan yarns such as : Kid Silk Haze, Kid Classic, Plaid, Big Wool Tuft, Wool Cotton, 4 ply cotton. I'll also take some Debbie Bliss yarns, like Debbie Bliss Cathay. I do not want discontinued yarns for which I have no specific project in mind.

The only colors I currently want: Smoky colors, black, browns, camel, cream, dark blues, reds.

3) I also take sewing patterns of my choosing. (I've gotten all the patterns I was looking for so this option is no longer available.)

4) NEW OPTION: I take Kim Hargreaves kits of my choosing.

I am not interested in receiving anything other than the above mentioned. Thanks!

UPDATE: Nearly everything has been traded. Thanks for playing!