December 06, 2004

Anny Blatt/Bouton d'Or Flamme!

Update: This yarn offer has been taken and is no longer available.

Dive into this: 12 brand-spankin' new skeins of Anny Blatt/Bouton d'Or Flamme in Glacier 231. This yarn is, in a word, gorgeous. It's looks like roving with two thinner strands of yarn spun around it for a very subtle variegated effect. It's incredibly soft, probably due to its yarn composition: 72% wool, 20% kid mohair, 6% angora and 2% polyamide. Hand-wash recommended. 8mm needles, 11 sts and 16 rows 4"x4" (10x10 cm) square. 1.76 oz (50 grams) in each skein, 33 m.

I bought this yarn without a project in mind, but got interested in it because it was on sale and was so soft and pretty. When the woman at the boutique showed me a sweater knit up in this yarn, I couldn't resist and snatched it up. However, I don't think that my current project lineup is going to allow me time to knit this yarn up, so I'm sharing it as I do not like to hoard yarns that are readily available to me. It's the same gauge as Rowan Plaid so it would probably work for something like a capelet, mini poncho, stockinette stitch sweater, or an extra-long scarf. The texture of the yarn pretty much speaks for itself so those are the types of projects I picture for it.

[Colors may show up differently on some browsers.]

The average price for this yarn in France is 6 euros a skein, and costs a lot more in stores abroad, if it's even available. I'm sharing this batch of yarn for 4 euros [!!! :-)] a skein. Total cost is only 48 euros + shipping. Priority shipping is approximately 21 euros to America and 13.50 euros within Europe. Surface shipping is 13.50 euros to America and 9.30 euros within Europe. Shipping costs are approximate and subject to change. You also have the option of my sending it certified for an additional cost, which I highly recommend (and will require if I've never shipped to you before) as yarn losses are NOT reimbursed.

Update: This yarn offer has been taken and is no longer available.