October 20, 2004

5 skeins of Phildar Aurore in Violine!

Update: This yarn offer has been taken and is no longer available.

Dive into this: 5 brand spankin' new skeins of Phildar's Aurore in Violine. Pretty, pretty subtle mauve color and very neat yarn; it reminds me of Rowan's Kidsilk Haze. 71% mohair, 21% polyamide, 8% acrylic. And it's machine-washable! (I'd use the delicate cycle, though.) 6-8 US (3.5-4mm) needles, 28 rows and 18 sts 4"x4" (10x10 cm) square. 1.76 oz (50 grams) in each skein, 436 yds (400 m). Talk about light and airy! This yarn has just been discontinued, so I snatched up a batch and decided to share some of it with my loyal readers. These are the projects I have in mind for these yarns:

Chic and sexy long-sleeved top (5 skeins makes up to size 42/44).

But the yarn would also work for this bell-shaped sheer top (5 skeins makes up to and including largest size 50/52 with a couple of skeins to spare). Oh la la!

None of the patterns mentioned above are included, and I do not provide them. They are here for inspiration purposes only. (Unfortunately, I don't know where back issues can be found. Please contact Phildar directly for magazines you may want or need.)

Oui oui! Que j'adore les laines franšaises!
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The average price for this yarn in France is 4.20-4.50 euros a skein, and costs a lot more in stores abroad, if available. I'm sharing this batch of yarn for 4.20 euros a skein. Total cost is only 21 euros + shipping. Priority shipping is approximately 12.50 euros to America and 9 euros within Europe. Surface shipping is 8.50 euros to America and 7 euros within Europe. Shipping costs are approximate and subject to change. You also have the option of my sending it certified for an additional cost, which I highly recommend (and will require if I've never shipped to you before) as yarn losses are NOT reimbursed or replaced.

Update: This yarn offer has been taken and is no longer available.