Dive into my stash!

Ever felt like diving into someone's stash and coming out with gorgeous yarn to do a project? Well, I'm giving my loyal fluffa! readers a chance to dive into my own personal stash. Whenever there are sales at my local yarn boutiques, I tend to go a little bonkers and stash up on yarns for all sorts of projects. I'm not a hoarder by nature, so every once in a while I'll sort through my stash for yarns that I no longer plan on knitting up, and offer them to you here at the same price that I paid for them.

This is not a commercial venture. Basically, my sending you yarn from my stash-o-mat is as if I went to the store for you, bought your yarn and then packaged it up and shipped it off to you. This isn't something I'd do for a stranger. This is a fun, interactive feature I have for frequent visitors and online knitting buds, so if you come into this site on a regular basis, it would be a good idea if you communicated with me on occasion via e-mails or comments so I can get a chance to know you. More details here.

Details on payment, shipping, delivery, etc. are outlined in the stash diving rules. Please read them before writing to me about a stash offer that interests you. Thanks!

Stash diving rules (please read before writing to me to commit to purchase):

  • Payments are made via PayPal in euros so that I do not lose out due to currency fluctuations. [Need a currency converter?] I don't accept trades or negotiations. If you are in France, I can accept a check funded by a French bank, but I will not ship until payment is received and cleared.
  • What you see is what you get: The only colors and number of skeins available are the ones shown, and I do not split up lots. So if I'm offering, let's say, ten skeins of a certain yarn, you gotta take the ten. Unless I point out otherwise, yarns of the same color are of the same dye lot, skeins are complete with labels intact and there are no torn or ripped labels. If I bought the yarn with a project in mind, I'll mention the project and show (if available) a picture of it, but I don't supply patterns unless they were included with the yarn when I bought it. All my yarn is stored in sealed plastic bags and kept in a smoke-free, dust-free and humidity-free environment so you're getting stuff in excellent condition.
  • Committing to purchase. If a stash offering interest you, please do not write to me unless you seriously intend and are able to obtain it, because writing to me to tell me that you want it and then retracting for any reason is, well, a waste of my time. (Honest confession: I ignore future emails regarding my stash offerings from anybody who does this. Thanks for understanding.)
  • Don't be a stranger. I've had this site online for a long time but I don't know a lot of the people who still read it or those who stumble upon it. For this reason I should mention that I don't treat my stash offerings on a "first come, first served" basis by sending it to the first person who writes to me. I make no profit and use my own time to package and ship, so I may exercise my own discretion by disregarding messages re stash offerings from people I don't know, who've never commented or e-mailed me, who tell me that they subscribe to my blog secretly but don't like to include it in the super-long list of links to blogs they have on their sidebar, or who only comment when I update my stash-o-mat or have a giveaway. So don't be shy, let me get to know you by speaking up in my blog comments on occasion, and not only when you want yarn. (I do sell on eBay on occasion, and that's the time for ANYONE to get in on my stash deals. Check it out; if you see nothing there, subscribe to the feed to get notified of additions.)
  • Shipping: I ship within 2 business days of cleared payment. I ship worldwide at actual rates charged by French postal service, with added actual cost of packaging. I don't pad with any other charges - you pay true cost of shipping and packaging. Residents in France: I send Colissimo which has online tracking, and it gets to you in about 48 hours. International and European Union residents: By default I offer everything at priority shipping, but if you prefer surface let me know when you write to me to commit to purchase. There is no online tracking for these modes of shipping. For priority shipping there's the option of having it sent registered - which includes insurance - for an additional cost of 4 euro (up to 45 euro insurance coverage) or 5 euro (up to 150 eur coverage). While there's no online tracking for it, sending registered assigns a bar code to the package and signature is required upon delivery. Sending registered is highly recommended and will be required if I've never shipped to you before. (If sent registered, the priority option must be taken.)
  • Delivery times: Priority shipping to addresses in Europe takes approximately 3-5 business days and surfacing shipping takes approximately 5-10 business days. Priority shipping to everywhere else takes approximately 5-14 business days and surface shipping takes approximately 3-8 business weeks. (This does not count the time it may take to go through customs, if applicable, and packages have been known to get held up in customs and/or by local mail.)
  • Last of all, there are no returns or exchanges.

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