has been online since March 2002, and whenever I've given it a redesign I don't chuck the previous design. I keep them all here as "skins", so you can choose what dress you'd like for my site to wear when you surf in. If you'd like to change again, just come back to this page (linked from the menu bar as "skin this rabbit!") and pick another skin. Have fun!

NOTE: Please do NOT link to a certain skin from your site. Visitors clicking on your link may have already chosen a skin for themselves and your linking to a skin instead of my main page changes that choice for them. Let them keep their own choice or decide for themselves which skin they'd like. Thanks.

Jan. 2003: Bright pink retro ballerina! This one's my personal favorite. Here's a peek:


Make this one my skin.

Jan. 2004: Grayscale twist! It's like American Bandstand on black and white television. Here's a peek:


Make this one my skin.

Apr. 2005: Stuck in the eighties! Pink, pink, pink and inspired by what was the rage when I was in highschool in the eighties. (Oops! My age is showing.) Here's a peek:


Make this one my skin.

June 2005: Bikini and fruity cocktail time! A cheeky summer outfit for my site to wear. (Fact: In the late 60s my mother wore a bikini with a ruffled bottom, just like the one my retro chick is wearing.) Here's a peek:


Make this one my skin.