Surprise! It's a Mystery Knit!

The Titania Sweater!*
See-through mohair pullover with lacy sleeves:

This is the "stand-still-like-a-mannequin" shot.
[Click here for the "Look, Ma! No hands!" shot.]
[There are other views and closeups, of course. Go on...CLICK to see.]

Project details: Raglan pullover in stockinette stitch with lacy sleeves in Jo Sharp Mohair shade 609 (given to me for my birthday by my thoughtful pal Jenny of High Energy Knits!). This pullover is my own design and construction. When I saw the color and softness of the yarn, I knew that it wanted to be something lightweight and feminine so I sketched out a fitted top with a wide neck and peek-a-boo pagode sleeves. I knit this at a large gauge (on size 7mms) because:

1) Mohair is warm and big stitches mean ventilation, bay-bee! Plus, it adds to the transparent look I wanted to achieve.

2) I had seven skeins of this mohair and I wanted to make sure I'd have enough to knit the sweater. And I did! I used just over six skeins and have one and a half to spare. The yarn gods are good to me.

Pattern? There is no pattern. My pattern consisted of my going to the mirror while wearing [whispers] nothing but my skivvies and taking my measurements. I added a bit of ease to my measurements, got my swatch and the sketch I drew and used a calculator to mark down shapings on a post-it note. Then giddy-ap! Let's get knittin'! (I admit: I love my pattern-drafting class at fashion school but it was so refreshing to crank out a garment like this after all the draping and pattern construction on paper I gotta do in that class. Curve rulers? We don't need no curve rulers for knitting needles, skippy.) What else? Oh yes, blocking. It was quick; I didn't even pin down on a blocking board and measure, yadda yadda. I simply put the pieces on my ironing board one by one, covered with a damp cloth and steamed for a few seconds. Then I started seaming. Clearly, one of the best blocking parties I've ever had.

And this is the "look-at-me-in-my-mohair" pose.
[What's that? Whack dancing shots? Oh, ALRIGHT.]

All in all: I love this little pullover and it feels good to take a moment to knit something of my own design. (I wish I had the time and patience to do this more often!) A big thank you to Jenny for sending me the yarn that inspired me to do that. I already wore this sweater to school and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't get a slight case of Big Head when a few people - including the school director [ahh!] - complimented me on it. I love being a hand-knitter who wears the schtuff she knits :-)

P.S. On another note, this finished project means I get to START A NEW KNIT. I've got a package waiting for me at the post office and I'm wagering it's some yarn I ordered for a new project. Woo hoo!

*Thanks to Sarah R. for coming up with the name for my design. Neat name, eh?