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Holey Twisty Sweaters, Batman!

The lighting was good (thank you, sunny days), Monsieur Le Hubby was home for lunch, and even though I have a killer of a head cold I wore Holey Twisty Sweater yesterday morning.

This is the stand-still-like-a-mannequin shot.
It's full-frontal so you can see the Twisty Action.
[Click here for the "I believe I can fly" shot.]

Details: Holey Twisty Sweater from Phildar's Tendances Automne 436 using Phildar Quietude in Kraft, in brown (surprised? I hope not). Nice stitch pattern. Very Twisty. The manner in which the faux cables are worked create a slant in the fabric; blocking into submission only worked for a few hours. This stitch pattern, knit up in this yarn, causes the sweater to appear to twist around and after I wore the sweater for a few hours I realized it was an intentional design element because it looked so darn cool. I like my sweater sleeves long (I don't like to wear mittens in fall or winter) so I knit them at the long length called for in the pattern, and blocked them so they'd reach my knuckles. After a few hours they rode up to my wrists. Ditto with the body of the sweater. I have a feeling that the pattern drafter knew this was going to happen with this stitch pattern and yarn (most likely due to the way it is spun), so they added in extra length to the sleeves and body on purpose. Thank you for that, pattern drafter. Give yourself a gold star.

Now! How about some gratuitous "Dance, Rabbit, Dance!" shots, just for the fun of it? (These are less energetic than usual, due to the head cold. Sniffle.)

This neckline is Low, with a capital "L". When you wear Twisty, be prepared for some flashing decolletage, bay-bee! When I came out wearing the sweater (and the only thing underneath it was me and me bra, lassies), Monsieur Le Hubby asked, "Is that how you're going to wear it?" And I said, "No. I plan on putting my legs into the sleeves and wearing it like a pair of pants." Of course I'm wearing it like this, skippy! But then I noticed that I couldn't lean over, not even a little bit, without [whispers] majorly flashing ze bra. Oops! So I hereby amend my response to, "No. I plan on wearing a cute camisole underneath it. Or, just wearing a bra underneath it and standing up stick-straight the whole entire day. And maybe some days, when I feel like making a statement, I'll wear it like a pair of pants." Okay, I'm kidding about the last part.

A slouchy post-dancing shot. Sweater holds up well after dancing.

All in all: A nice knit and a nice pullover, and tedious finishing is worth the result. I wore it for a few hours after we took the photos and it was surprisingly comfortable - I'm not kidding when I tell you that you can FEEL the air coming in through those ventilation holes. Refreshing! All in all, a thumb's up of a project. Woot!

P.S. I do plan on making a crocheted flower with sequins, and attaching it to the front of the sweater via a brooch pin I'll get at La Droguerie. But I'll do that later, after my swollen flu head shrinks back to its normal size and I feel like sewing on sequins.

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