Fluffy Halter

All knitting Rabbit, all the time.

(Or at least during this vacation week. Every single day - for this vacation week - I am going publish one daily entry here on this weblog, even if it's a non-blabby entry with just a photo. Viva school vacation!)

february_sundaysnacks_thumb.jpg Yesterday - in celebration of my vacation week from fashion school - I remained in my jammies, like, ALL DAY and did nothing but make brownies, eat homemade guacamole, read, drink a few pastis and (of course), knit like a mad, mad knitter. It's been a long time since I've been able to do that! Sing it with me now, fellow Go-Go's fans: "Vacation all I ever wanted, vacation happy to get away..." Woo hoo!

This is what I knit:

The entire body of my Amelie Bolero. Yee-haw!
Doesn't it look like a little cowboy vest?

And then, because they were showing Miss Congeniality [good knitting movie!] as the Sunday night movie, I decided to just go ahead and cast on for an easy top. So I did, and I knit all the way up to the armhole shaping of the back piece. 5mms and fluffy yarn, how I love thee for quick knitting satisfaction!

Obviously, I'm on a serious fluffy yarn kick. Me like fluffy yarn.
[Here, look at the whole thing.]

So what is this? It's a Fluffy Halter with matching wrist warmers, and who cares if one's thirty-COUGH-eight years old and one knits a fluffy halter from Phildar's Special Twenty magazine? You don't got to be twenty-something to knit and wear a fluffy halter, slappy. Because I say so.

P.S. I'm using the same yarn called for in the pattern, but I chose a different color. The color shown in the pattern book is a dark gray but I decided to go with a very deep berry that borders on the chocolate. Yum.

On the list for this evening's knitting session: Some knit bands for the Fluffy Bolero and maybe some armhole shaping on the back piece of the Fluffy Halter. Fluff-out, dudes.

I present to you:

Fluffy Halter's Back Piece with its Funky Armhole Shaping:

Block me! Block me!

I'm almost sorry this puppy's sleeveless. I love seaming raglan sleeves. They're like big and easy knitter's puzzles. (Yes, I'm easily amused.)

I also worked on the cuffs for the sleeves of my Fluffy Bolero:

Each are about 30 cm of straight 2x2 ribbing. The first one was fun, the second one was ho-hum. And I've still got to knit the bands that go around the entire body edging...we're talking about 120 cm of 2x2 ribbing to go. Sigh. I love knitting this fluffy yarn but all this ribbing on short rows is beginning to have the effects of a valium. It looks like I'll be putting Matrix in the DVD player to do those. A little bit of Keanu on the screen should get me motivated to knit that ribbing. Hee hee!

Fluffy Halter gets front:

This is the REAL stand still like a mannequin shot.
Now I got someone to hold up my knits in progress.
Hee hee!

I finished the front piece of my Fluffy Halter! All I have to do now is the neckband, which is about 25cm x 48cm in straight ribbing. YIKES. I thought the bands on my Fluffy Bolero were bad, but the Fluffy Halter's 48cm of neckband in 2x2 ribbing is enough to get me snoring. Pass the coffee, please.

And HEY! Did you notice that I got someone to hold up my knits in progress for me? Yesterday at school we were given our own dress forms and I brought mine home to stay. [Woo hoo!] I'm still marking all the measurements we use for garment construction (the red tape was pinned on by me...I still need to do the bust line, side seam line, shoulder and armhole) and boy oh boy do my fingers HURT. I feel like a human pincushion. Anyway, here she is:

I am ze dress form of ze Skinny Rabbit.
I am cute, non?

I want to give her a name, and I'm going to let you do it for me. Please, feel free to suggest a name for my dress form and I'll pick one next week. A thank you in the form of cute snail mail card will be given in return.

march_buste_thumb.jpg P.S. My dress form also has an arm that I constructed at school, using muslin. We made the right arm because we use the right side only as reference for draping and garment construction; the left side of the mannequin is rarely used for this purpose. I didn't think I would actually be using the arm for anything other than hanging on a nail in the closet (er...where it's been for the past two months), but we're currently working on shirt construction by draping, and last night I used the arm for trying out the sleeve. Thank you, dress form with accompanying arm!

Seaming party alert! Send wine.

I'm spending most of my weekend in Photoshop (big fashion project due this week...sigh) but I want to show you that there is a finished object on the horizon:

Block us! Seam us!

Those knitted pieces have been sitting in that pathetic little pile since last week. I'm going to try to take the time this evening to have a seaming party so I can wear a Fluffy Halter soon. Anybody want to come over and help me weave in all those flippin' ends? I'll serve kirs! Dancing on table with lampshade on head optional.

march_stash_thumb.jpg In other news, I did a little bit of stash enhancement last Tuesday. I bought some yarn to make my Captain Destructo a linen jacket with intarsia stripes (that he picked out himself from the latest Pitchoun) and a knitted toy. And that is all the yarn buying I'll be doing until Lent is over. Eek! Someone should put an electrical fence around the yarn stores so I won't go near them.

On a non-related knitting note, I have a teeny quiz for you. Frequent visitors to my site know that I sometimes mention movies I like to watch while I knit, as well as actors I think are very RAWR. (You know, as in lion's roar. Hee hee!) Next week in fashion illustration we'll be drawing fashion silhouettes for MEN [wriggles eyebrows], and we're supposed to take photos of our "ideal man" so we can individualize our drawing style. Can you guess whose pictures I'll be taking? (And no, they're not my husband's even though he really is my number one ideal guy...awwww!)

Ah! My knitting so lonely!

I have been so busy with school work that my knitting has gone untouched FOR A WEEK. I'm surprised I didn't get all twitchy from the knitting withdrawal. But I do get twitchy when I see my poor, neglected Fluffy Halter with its pathetic half-finished seam:

This picture is to be viewed while listening to the song "I'm So Lonely."

I kid you not when I tell you that it's been sitting like that since last week. It's gathered dust, even. Yikes. I never feel guilty about my knitting projects, but this project is getting such second-rate quality time from me that I'm tempted to appease the finishing gods by laying out chocolate. (Which I'd eat, of course.) After this week things should calm down a bit, but right now I'm dedicating my time to school projects that are almost due, one of which is a big fashion illustration project that's keeping me up working late. Another big project that's keeping me busy is for pattern-drafting:

Hello! My name is Cruella Chemise en Toile.
I like to hog up Skinny Rabbit's Knitting Time.

It's a pleated shirt worked in MUSLIN and is the prototype of a pattern I made from draping on the dress form. I don't plan on showing my school projects here, but I'm showing this one because I just started construction of the actual shirt and for that I'm using this fabulous fashion fabric that my friend Jenny from High Energy Knits sent to me as a back-to-school gift last August. (And that is why Jenny is a golden goddess.) I can't wait to see how this shirt is going to look worked up in that snazzy material!

On another note, thanks to those who played my "Who Skinny Rabbit Thinks is Hunky Game". For the record, I've mentioned previously on this site that I've got crushes on [heart flutters madly] Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp, Josh Lucas (especially in Sweet Home Alabama, oh yeah), Alan Rickman, and Lex Luther from Smallville [!]. I've also given Owen Wilson and Ken Watanabe "rawr" shout outs. But double points go to those who said Keanu Reeves, because he's the "rawrest" of them all and is the one whose photos I'm using to stylize my fashion illustrations of men. I've never knit a pair of adult socks in my life, but I'd knit a pair of socks for Keanu anyday. On size 00mms. In ribbing, to boot. "And you can take that to the bank." [Which of my crushes said that line? In what movie? Come on, that's an easy one!]

Well, at least I finished it.

This morning I decided I wanted to debut my Fluffy Halter, so about 20 minutes before I was supposed to leave for school I picked it up, closed its remaining seam, weaved in all the ends in record time, and then thought, "YEAH! Now I can wear it today!". Which, unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to do because all of the shirts I tried on with it looked weird; none of the colors I currently have work with it as I never wear purple. (I'm not wearing this halter unless it's layered, and that's that.) So! Looks like I'll be doing some clothes shopping this Saturday. I can't dawdle because the weather is improving and I don't want to stuff this in the closet until next fall. I'm gonna wear it this season, oh yes I am, even if it's just once. In the meantime, here's a picture of the Fluffy Halter still looking all lonely with no Rabbit to wear it:

I'm all finished! But where's the love? Wear me, already.

Dinner's a-calllin' so I have to call this entry. But I leave you with a picture of my mannequin Gigi wearing what I now call the "Jenny Shirt" in its less than half-finished, wrinkled state.

[Wanna zoom out on this shot? Sure you do.]

I'll be sewing the rest of the shirt* in school and turning it in immediately afterward, and tonight I'm working on the technical report that goes with it, complete with detailed step by step construction and scaled drawings of all pattern pieces. Fun, eh? No worries: I've got sugar to get me going. Thanks to a trade with thoughtful Chris I've got GIRL SCOUT cookies - 5 or 6 boxes of them - and I'm trying to exercise self control not to eat them all at once. Peanut butter sandwiches and thin mints! Be still, my cookie-loving heart.

*I will show photos of the finished shirt when I get it back in a few weeks. And I promise I won't forget.

Why, it's a finished Fluffy Halter!

This is the stand-still-like-a-mannequin shot.
[What's that? The "Look, Ma! No hands!" shot? Oh, ALRIGHT.]
[This is a muscle tank with a really funky back. Wanna see?]

Details, details: Fluffy Halter from Phildar's SpecialTwenty 438 using Beaugency in Myrtille, a deep berry color. Summary of project in a few lines: Darn easy, darn quick. Lemme see...size 5.5mm needles, no sleeves, and no major finishing other than the big old turtleneck and the side seams (which were joined using mattress stitch). It was so mindless I should feel guilty! But I don't. Me like mindless knitting. Now how about some gratuitous whack dancing shots, just for the fun of it?

This is, hands down, one of the most frivolous things I've ever knit. Totally unnecessary and pretty trendy. AND I LIKE IT! It gives me a kick to pull these kinds of things off my knitting needles. So go for the frivolous knits if you feel the urge. Because I say so.

On another note, I have a BONUS for you:

One of the trains at the Parc de la TÍte d'Or.
[BONUS: Wanna see the train ride slideshow?]

Yesterday, after the Fluffy Halter photo shoot, we headed to the Parc de la TÍte d'Or so we could enjoy the warm spring weather we're currently having. (The Fluffy Halter stayed behind - the weather was too warm for it.) While at the park we decided to take a train ride and I took pictures like a camera happy tourist. Which means, of course, that there's a SLIDESHOW for you. Enjoy!

P.S. I almost forgot! I also knit the fingerless mitts that go with the Fluffy Halter. But, er....I still haven't seamed them. [Oops!] I'll do that when the cold weather hits again or when I feel like seaming. (Which is, oh, NEVER. Good thing it'll get cold again.)