Fluffy Amelie Bolero

I feel a slight case of startitis comin' on.

I couldn't resist. I tried, but that darn fluffy Amelie yarn kept screaming at me from within its ziploc in my closet, "Hey, you! Yeah, you...whack rabbit with startitis tendencies. Put the Holey Pullover aside for a spell and KNIT ME INTO A BOLERO. Go on...answer to the call of my soft fluffiness. Heck, you don't even have to swatch me. I got wee sleeves, so start with a sleeve. Go on...you know you wanna! Knit me a sleeve! NOW!"

Oooooooooooooh! Fluffiness!!!

So I did. Today in school, during a class that doesn't require anything other than listening to the teacher talk about culture mode, I sat at the back of the room and knit the beginnings of the Amelie Bolero sleeve with my hands hidden under the desk like a knitting fiend. Multi-taskin', bay-bee! And boy, this knits so quickly it's almost decadent. I'm already past the sleeve shaping. From what I've knit it seems that I got lucky with the gauge on size 6mm needles, but I'm going to wash the sleeve when it's finished to see if there's any change before I knit the rest of the bolero.

But what about the Holey Pullover?

I luuuurve armhole shaping.
It means I'm more than halfway through a knitted piece. Woot!

I had a lot of school work last week and didn't get a chance to knit at all, but on Sunday I was able to enjoy some quality knitting time (with kir royal accompaniment) on the back piece of the Holey Pullover, and I got through the armhole shaping. I'm really enjoying this knit. I thought I'd get bored with the repetitive stitch pattern but I'm not even close to getting bored yet. Tonight I'll finish the back piece and if my work load isn't too heavy this week I'll get started on the front piece, or maybe a sleeve. (Yes, I'm still gonna knit the Holey Pullover even though I got all antsy and started my Amelie Bolero. I may even cast on for another project I'm dying to work on, because the yarn for several new projects are calling to me as well. A little bit of startitis now and then is an okay thing. Because I say so. Hee!)

Eyeball Ache Alert: Blabby Post Ahead.

Hello! My work table currently looks like a fabric store exploded on it, my coffee table has Pantone marker streaks on it and I've averaged about three hours sleep a night last week. But even with all this mad schoolwork I try to find a way to grab at nuggets of knitting time like a whack knitter. Look:

We got sleeves!
[Click here to zoom out.]
P.S. I shot a photo of them in the sunlight to better show the color.

I finished the second sleeve of my Fluffy Bolero while watching Meet the Fockers during the weekend. This knit is so quick and decadent I should feel guilty for liking the 6mm bamboos. But I won't.

And speaking of schoolwork, I managed to find a way to stick some knitting into a school project. We had to design and hand-craft a doll for the "Frimousse" Unicef project (every doll sold = vaccination for a child in need), and OF COURSE I knit mine. (Whack knitter, yo.)

Hey! Gimme some clothes!
(So I did.)

My inspiration for my doll is Frida Kahlo and Mexican traditional dress with a modern twist. The design and construction are my own: I hand-knit the body of the doll, embroidered the mouth and used yarn for her Frida Kahlo hairstyle. I sewed her a pair of jeans with a top-stitched pocket and a tunic with lace trim on the neck and sleeves. The final touch: I knit her a wrap and a pair of red tennis shoes. Voilà: Here she is all finished! And I still can't believe this was schoolwork. We should all have fun schoolwork like this, don't you think?

Even with all this crafty schoolwork, I'm looking forward to vacation next week so I can have some quality knittin' time. I want to fondle my Amelie yarn and knit up the Fluffy Bolero! I want to finish my Holey Sweater so I can justify starting a new project! (Oh, who am I kidding? I'll probably start a new project anyway.) I want to go to the yarn store and buy more yarn! And please don't tell my husband that last part!

Dinner's a-callin' so I'm calling this an entry. But before I head off I want to share this spiffy illustration:

[Posted with author's permission.]

It's by the very talented shoofly of darn knit. Every Friday she creates an illustration and posts it on her site, and boy oh boy did she make my week when I learned that she had created this illustration of yours truly and published it on her site for last Friday's illustration. I love how the cartoon me has swingy hair (which I desperately want in real life) and is wearing a little Titania sweater. Thanks, shoofly!

All knitting Rabbit, all the time.

(Or at least during this vacation week. Every single day - for this vacation week - I am going publish one daily entry here on this weblog, even if it's a non-blabby entry with just a photo. Viva school vacation!)

february_sundaysnacks_thumb.jpg Yesterday - in celebration of my vacation week from fashion school - I remained in my jammies, like, ALL DAY and did nothing but make brownies, eat homemade guacamole, read, drink a few pastis and (of course), knit like a mad, mad knitter. It's been a long time since I've been able to do that! Sing it with me now, fellow Go-Go's fans: "Vacation all I ever wanted, vacation happy to get away..." Woo hoo!

This is what I knit:

The entire body of my Amelie Bolero. Yee-haw!
Doesn't it look like a little cowboy vest?

And then, because they were showing Miss Congeniality [good knitting movie!] as the Sunday night movie, I decided to just go ahead and cast on for an easy top. So I did, and I knit all the way up to the armhole shaping of the back piece. 5mms and fluffy yarn, how I love thee for quick knitting satisfaction!

Obviously, I'm on a serious fluffy yarn kick. Me like fluffy yarn.
[Here, look at the whole thing.]

So what is this? It's a Fluffy Halter with matching wrist warmers, and who cares if one's thirty-COUGH-eight years old and one knits a fluffy halter from Phildar's Special Twenty magazine? You don't got to be twenty-something to knit and wear a fluffy halter, slappy. Because I say so.

P.S. I'm using the same yarn called for in the pattern, but I chose a different color. The color shown in the pattern book is a dark gray but I decided to go with a very deep berry that borders on the chocolate. Yum.

On the list for this evening's knitting session: Some knit bands for the Fluffy Bolero and maybe some armhole shaping on the back piece of the Fluffy Halter. Fluff-out, dudes.


Fluffy Bolero is blocking.

Look at my funky body shaping!
Seaming's gonna be a party, I can tell.

Oh la la! The Amelie bolero, she is getting pretty at Institut de Beauté Skinny Rabbit. Blocking consists of placing Fluffy Bolero right side down on a firm piece of cardboard otherwise known as our fancy make-it-your-damn-self blocking board, and spritzing generously with Evian water. She is then given acupuncture treatment to tame the slightly curling edges, followed by a sauna treatment consisting of covering with a lightweight damp cloth (otherwise known as baby cloth diapers) and steaming.

Okay, I'm kidding about the Evian water. It's really just tap water. But I'm not kidding about the cloth diapers...best darn lightweight cloth you can get your hands on for blocking. Promise.


Doesn't everyone seam their knits while riding in the car late in the afternoon? (Chilly, gray weather. Hence the pale lighting.)

I made Fluffy Bolero run errands with me.
And here's the passenger side view.
Exciting, eh? Lyon, city of non-stop street work.

winter2006_amelie_seaming2_thumb.jpg Seaming on the Fluffy Bolero has commenced, and boy oh boy could I use a stiff drink after sewing on those bands. Straight-whiskey-in-a-dirty-glass-at-a-rough-bar kinda drink. (Okay, maybe not whiskey because the smell of whiskey alone curls my toes, and I actually prefer to drink from clean glasses. Maybe just a few sips of tequila straight from the bottle?)

Anyway. All Fluffy Bolero needs now is to have the gazillion ends woven in and stitches picked up for the neck. Ah, my two favorite things....NOT. I think I shall indulge myself by watching Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion for the umpteenth time while I carry out those tasks. Yes! I admit it...that fluff of a film is one of my Guilty Pleasure Films*. I will never get tired of watching it, especially because I don't really need to have my eyes glued to the screen in order to enjoy it. Just listen to the music and the funny dialogue, people. Like: "NO! I'm the Mary! You're a pasty hag on a deathbed...I'M THE MARY!" Hehe. I'm so very easily entertained.

Of course, I broke the monotony of seaming by leafing through the latest copy of Vogue I just got in the mail and working on the front piece of my Fluffy Halter.

(Grayscale Sharon Stone on the cover.)

I love Vogue fashion spreads. This picture is my favorite. Girlfriend looks like she's celebrating after having sewn miles-long ribbed bands onto a Fluffy Bolero.

*Feel free to share your Guilty Pleasure Films with me. I'll keep them in mind next time I head to the DVD rental :-)

Wannabe Queen of Rock.

Why, it's a finished Fluffy Bolero!

This is the pose-like-a-mannequin shot.
[What's that? You want CLOSE-UPS?]

Details, details: Fluffy Bolero from Rebecca 28 using GGH Amelie in beige. [The yarn and pattern book were obtained online from Rike's Wollmaus.] I knit the smallest size, made absolutely no modifications to the pattern or measurements, and my gauge was the one called for. Don't you love those kinds of mindless knits? Yeah, me too.

[I got other SHOW-OFF POSES, too. Go on...click!]

Instead of going all frou frou with this type of bolero, I decided to pull out the distressed jeans and muscle tank, bay-bee! I'm wearing the tattoo tee gifted to me by my friend Eilene, because I felt that it would make a nice contrast with the bolero. The tee has a handpainted jeweled tattoo print on the front that reads QUEEN OF ROCK [insert guitar screech] and the right lower back has a studded guitar. This is, hands down, my favorite tee and I wear it all the time. Sing it with me now, Joan Jett fans: I love rock 'n' roll...ooow! Now, how about some gratuitous silly dancing shots?

Other finishing details: I used backstitch for the shoulders and mattress stitch for the sleeve seams and band edgings. And even though the yarn is fluffy I could not shake my anal-retentive perfectionist tendencies and ended up ripping out one of the bands twice before I got it to look the way I wanted. Alas, not even fluffy yarn can keep me from being a band ripper if the seam is not just so. However, I did take advantage of the fluffy yarn and worked all open edges in stockinette stitch instead of working a chain selvedge (slipping stitches on the right side and working them on the wrong side, yadda yadda), because the stockinette stitch bumps on these free edges don't show in the fluffy yarn. Heck, they even add interest. And that's the end of my blabby finishing details.

BONUS! Today I debuted my Fluffy Bolero by wearing it to school. Monsieur Le Hubby is on vacation this week, and he picked me up after school [awwww!] so I wouldn't have to take the metro home like I usually do. On the way home I said, "Hey! Let's stop and take a photo of the Fluffy Bolero!" So we parked the car in La Croix Rousse, I ditched my coat for two seconds and voilà:

Dork without coat poses in front of La Librarie des Canuts.
P.S. It's coat weather, people. Brrrr!
(Good thing the bolero is warm.)

All in all, a very quick and laidback project that's enjoyable to knit. Plus, it makes for a cute little thing to wear. Fluff-out, dudes.