It's amazing how a pair of honkin' size 17 needles*, some luxurious Anny Blatt yarn and a few hours can whip up a scarf that makes me want to wear a beret and talk with a faux French accent. Kind of like Madonna with her trench coats and faux English accent, but without the Botox. Check out the ribbon-y scarf I just knit:

Anny Blatt Muguet, Super Angora and Victoria.
[Click, make real big.]

The three yarns are held together throughout. Muguet is a glittery solid blue-green, and Victoria is a ribbon variegated yarn in blue and green tones. The Super Angora is variegated as well, almost in the exact same tones as the Victoria. I used all three in the fringe as well. This is the first time I've ever attached fringe. It is so easy! I followed instructions from a baby afghan book (of all places) and found it quick and simple. Just pull a loop through a stitch using a crochet hook, bring the ends through the loop, and pull tightly into a knot. Why did I think it would require more effort? Maybe because fringe just looks so fanciful.

I was wearing a beret, too.
(Okay, I'm kidding.)

Now I want the weather to remain cold so I don't have to wait until next winter to wear the scarf. Thanks so much to Carolyn for sending over this fabulous scarf kit! (In some of my favorite colors, too.) And that is why Carolyn is a golden goddess.

*I got the the size 17 (12mm) needles at La Droguerie especially for this scarf. I've never used such big needles! They look like something a toreador would use in a bullfight. Olé!