"Muppet Pimp Coat"

Happy Valentine's Day ;-)

this one won't give you cavities
Click me, please.

That's a little sneak peek at what's in my knitting bag right now. And there's something inside of the bag for you, too. Go on...click, click!


As I mentioned before, February is for knitting pink because I like being Valentiney in a kitschy way. So my current project is the fuzzy pink sweater with red mohair trim a few of my kind visitors suggested that I do a while ago. I've finished the back of the sweater, and here's a sneak peek for you. A few short notes:

1) My camera is picking up the pink in a most bizarre fashion. The yarn looks much less bubble gum-like in true life and is not quite so bright - the actual color is much closer to this.

2) This yarn is so fluffy I feel like I'm knitting with cotton balls. Let's hope it looks like a sweater when finished, because at this point the pink fluffiness of it borders on the pimp coat meets the Muppets.

3) The mohair trim at the hem and neck is knit using 4mm needles, but the body of the sweater is straight stockinette stitch knit using 6mm's. It goes fast. Too fast, I think. After doing that cabled sweater on 4mm's for my husband and the fingering wool striped hat on 2.5mm's for my son I almost feel like this project is too easy. (I'm whining a bit now, but I'd bet I'll be yearning for this the next time I do a more complicated project.)

It's like a valium, I tell you.

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm really bored with the Muppet Pimp Coat (thanks to Kersten for coming up with that one) and only find myself knitting it if I'm watching television at night. Unfortunately, I haven't been watching television very much lately, but thanks to a documentary on Michael Jackson [earth to Michael...earth to Michael...reality calling] last night, I finished another piece of the Muppet Pimp Coat and will start on the sleeves as soon as I get myself enthused enough to do it. I do love this novelty yarn, but I think I'm lagging because I feel uninspired by the straight stockinette stitch on big needles. As a matter of fact, knitting more than a few rows at a time is a great, big snooze. And don't I sound a bit of a snob whining about the latest trend for knitting big? Ugh. Sorry about that. I like to knit big. Just not this time, for some reason.

As an incentive to finish up the Muppet Pimp Coat (aside from the fact that it really is a very neat sweater), I'm planning on starting another sweater for my husband. It'll be an anniversary gift, because what better way to celebrate seven years of marital bliss and morning breath than a hand-knitted sporty sweater for spring? [Awwwwwwwww.]

Dragging my butt on the Muppet Pimp Coat.

How to: Procrastinate in knitting in a somewhat productive manner. Don't work on a Muppet Pimp Coat, but knit a t-bar baby shoe for no reason other than it looked cute in the book.

Me? Procrastinate? Uh-uh.

Rowan Cotton Glace in Glee, Zoe Mellor's 50 Baby Bootees to Knit (thanks again, Carolyn!) and a little pearly button. Now all I need is for someone I know to have a baby girl so I can knit the shoe's mate and give them as a gift.

(And no, I've made no progress on the Muppet Pimp Coat. Hear that noise? That's me dragging my butt on working on it.)

Knitting lady blabs incessantly.

Random notes from all over the place:

1) A great, big, public thank you to Patricia for sending me this adorable berry hat pattern for no reason other than she is thoughtful and saw that it was on my wishlist of knitting toys. (Thank you, Patricia!) Now all I need is a little girl for whom to knit that cute little hat.

2) You'll be happy to know that I managed to knit the remaining pieces of my Muppet Pimp Coat without getting bored. As I've mentioned before, television knitting coupled with a wee glass of wine in the evening are the way to go when a certain knitting project becomes monotonous. Blocking and seaming are next, but expect much procrastination on my part as we all know that seaming is my number one top favorite thing to do in the world. (I'll take bribes, though.)

3) No new knitting photos of my current projects, but to make up for it I present you with some knits I recently spied in an open handicrafts market:

Why buy me? Better knit me.

Aren't they something? They're little machine-knitted teddy bears, running for 25-30 euros, each. Yikes. So I stood by the teddy bears and screamed "Ch-ching!" every time someone bought one. Just kidding. I merely gaped at the price and then chuckled inwardly like a smug little knitting person. [Hey, customer friend! Why not knit a bear instead of buying a knit bear? Not only will your pocketbook thank you, but you will acquire an enviable creative talent that may serve as an interesting conversation piece, to boot. Go on - get a pair of needles, some yarn and knit yourself a teddy bear. Because I say so.]

How to: Not set embroidery on a white baby sweater.

To prove I'm no longer procrastinating on finishing the Muppet Pimp Coat, here's photographic evidence that part of yesterday afternoon was spent seaming it. Seaming, though dull, is not particularly tedious with this sweater as there is very little stitch definition thanks to the cotton ball characteristics of the yarn. A rookie's dream! I do believe that I could blindfold myself, seam the sweater any old way and not worry about how it'll look in the end. I hope to finish the Muppet Pimp Coat by this evening, so that I can start swatching for a few of my future knitting projects. (And don't you just love that cotton jacket?)

Lastly, and because someone asked to see it, here's a photo of a baby sweater I knitted for my newborn niece in January 2002:

Hand-knitted with love for Maya.

I made booties and a diaper cover to match, and the ensemble was a big hit with my brother and sister-in-law as they wanted an outfit in a classic style that my niece could wear for baby pictures. It was the first time I had ever done embroidery (note the flowers just above the picot edging) and because I had misplaced my brain, I decided to IRON the embroidery to set it. Ever singed fingering four ply? The smell is enough to curl your toes. Needless to say, I had to redo the embroidery and by that time my brain was working again. To set the embroidery the second time, I covered it with a lightweight cloth, steamed gently, then sprayed with cold water and starch. Second time's the charm.

Sewn-on facings are the best kind of knitting fun.

"You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?"

That's a little phrase we like to say in my family, only half-jokingly, when someone opens their big trap about being able to do something, but comes up with an excuse for not actually doing it. The other day I boasted about being able to knit a teddy bear, but was reminded of an unfinished Debbie Bliss bear lying abandoned at the bottom of my knitting bag. The poor guy had two legs and an arm, nothing more. So I pulled out that teddy and gave him another arm and a body. The rest is already on the needles and if I do a bit here and there in some evenings, I'll have him sewn and dressed in early spring. You bet I can walk the walk.

Pardon me, my head is missing.

As regards my other knitting projects, you'll be happy to know that I've finished sewing the Muppet Pimp Coat! Weaving in a few ends and final blocking is next. I tried the sweater on and aside from the fact that I bound off the collar stitches tightly enough to make me look like Faye Dunaway post-facelift when I try to pull the sweater off, it looks cute and fits really nicely. I do feel a bit strange with the fluffiness of it, though. And the bind-off edge of the collar...better do something about that. It makes the sweater almost perilous to pull off and I kind of like having eyebrows.

As the Muppet Pimp Coat is well on its way to a wearable garment, I've already cast on stitches to make a raglan sweater with long vertical stripes on the sleeves for my son, using yarn called Lambswool that knits on 3mm's (thanks for the addi's, Nikki!). I'm looking forward to doing the sleeves; they're not knit from the bottom up, but from side to side and are shaped using short rows, then wristband facings are knit separately and sewn on using free-loop backstitch. Neat.

Finished fuzzy!

As it is Sunday and I know that all the cool people visit my site after a busy weekend, I hereby present you with [drumroll, please] the screaming pink Muppet Pimp Coat! And can I add that even though this sweater isn't really my style I just love the way it came out? Wearing it makes me want to put on some high heeled boots and kick around like Natalie Cook of Charlie's Angels.

(It took three attempts to bind off the collar till I got it to a comfortable size, by the way. Yes, three attempts using three different-sized needles. Did I ever mention that the collar is 100% mohair? Ripping it out and redoing it was so fun and not at all time-consuming. Ahem.)