Skinny Rabbit Slideshow Productions Presents:

"Seaming Carla"

(Alternatively titled, "The Seam that Launched a Thousand Headaches", starring one sheepy cup of cafe au lait, pieces of Carla, one embroidery needle, mattress stitch, and a lazy weekend morning.)

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Pictures taken with my nikon coolpix 3100.
(Images have not been retouched.)

All rights reserved.

It's an early morning seaming party! Like my sheep cup? This is my third and last try. I turned the work around and tried seaming from the top down. By gum, I think it's working! (I did the same thing for a raglan sweater I knit for my son. Sometimes, seaming things upside down makes things easier.) It is, it is! Voilà, la couture est finie. And here's a closer view.