Skinny Rabbit Slideshow Productions Presents:

"Scooter Boy in Tweedy Sweater"

(Alternatively titled, "Zippin' 'round the Plaza ", starring Captain Destructo, Joué Club scooter, camera-happy Mommy and La Place des Terreaux. Jeans by Zara Kids, shoes by Nike, vest by Okaidi, sweater by Mommy, hair by Bed Head.)

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Pictures taken with my nikon coolpix 3100.
(Images have not been retouched.)

All rights reserved.

Ready to roll! (Look for the Captain in every shot.) The big fountain. Facing it, across the plaza, is the museum. See the little fountains? He likes to ride by on his scooter and dip his feet in the water. Wacky kid. That's the museum... ...and this is the mairie of the first arrondissement. He spent about fifteen minutes alone playing tag with that kid on the bike. He had just raced through the fountain because he thought I was busy chatting with his Daddy. Busted on camera! [Awwwwwww!]