Skinny Rabbit Slideshow Productions Presents:

"Baby Schtuff."

(Alternatively titled, "People just keep havin' babies!" starring teeny needles, baby yarn and a whole lotta patience.)

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Pictures taken with my nikon coolpix 3100.
(Images have not been retouched.)

All rights reserved.

Don't these layette kits look like little yarn snacks for astronauts? I think so, too. The back and front pieces. Blocking shall tame those curling edges. [Cracks whip.] I'm carrying the yarns up the sides. Really, you want to cut and weave when the stripes are only two rows long? Me neither. A close-up. Because we all like close-ups. Block us! Block us! Mattress stitching those pieces UP. Close-up of the shoulder seam, neckband and buttonband. 'Cause we all like close-ups. A view of the seam from the inside. This is the seam where the yarns were carried up the side. (And you bet I'm gonna block that wee bulk out.)