Back to school cache-coeur:

Mystery cardigan, unveiled!

This is the stand still like a mannequin shot.
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Project details: Cache-coeur cardigan (pattern 13) from Phildar's "l'été" 2005 pattern book, substituting Phildar Aviso for Rowan's All Season's Cotton in dusky. The row gauge between the two yarns is different so I had to do quite a bit of tinkering with the pattern by changing the number of rows over which ALL the shapings were worked, including the sleeve cap shaping. Fun! [Thank heavens for calculators.] I knit the smallest size and used less than 8 skeins of ASC for the whole thing. Yes! Including the ties. The pattern calls for the use of a "tricotin", or French wooden knitter, for making the ties, but I didn't use one. I used a lucet to make some cords, bay-bee!

Double points? We don't need no stinkin' double points.

[FOOTNOTE: I would have never learned what a lucet was in the first place if it weren't for Ms. C herself. Much obliged. My "I don't really enjoy making i-cord" self thanks you.]

What else? Oh, yes. The silly whack dance rabbit shots, of course. Photography by Monsieur Le Hubby. Music of the 80s. (It was a fun Sunday morning, let me tell you.)


I'm really happy with this cache-coeur. Despite the pattern adapting and all the other projects I had going on at the same time, I churned it out pretty quickly because it's a straightforward knit. It's a basic casual piece that should go with a lot of things in my wardrobe, and makes a nice alternative to a denim jacket. I can't wait to wear it out! And as it turns out, we are having perfect cotton cardigan weather right now, but I haven't given this cardigan its debut yet. I'm saving it so I can wear it when I haul myself BACK TO SCHOOL. That's right: It's off to school I go again! I've decided that I'm going to give being a lawyer a break so I can be a designer. I'll be studying fashion design, pattern-drafting and merchandising for three years, and I start TOMORROW. [I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Ahhh!] I shall take an apple for the teacher and I promise not to put tacks on anybody's chair.