"We don't need no stinkin' eggs."

Why, it's a hand knit chicken!

(Yes, he's dancing in this shot)
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A couple of rainy mornings, a few cups of coffee, some knitting, weaving and gluing, and my pet chicken was born. Knitting the pieces took hardly no time at all, and I decided to make things easier on myself by sewing each piece as it came off the needles. I sewed the head and body pieces together, but the legs and neck seams were joined via grafting. (I knit a few ostriches a couple of years ago, and sewing those skinny legs together was enough to almost keep me off of making toys forever. For this one, grafting made the whole thing fly and I really enjoyed making it.) All of the adornments - eyes, wings, etc. - are felt* cutouts. Instead of sewing all the felted bits to the toy, I decided to use water-resistant fabric glue and only sewed on the "crète" (the thing on top of the chicken's head...I think it's called a "comb"; the word escapes me in English), the tail and wings. If I were sending this toy to a child or baby, however, I would have omitted the glue altogether and stitched on all the pieces. And of COURSE, I documented all of this for you in a slideshow. You knew I would, right? And here you have it:


Project specs: Design from Phildar Pitchoun Printemps 2004, 2 balls of Phildar Licorne, and sheets of felt from La Droguerie. (I had as much fun shopping for all of this as I did putting it together.)

Monsieur Chicken was finished a couple of days ago, and he has already been packed up and taken to La Poste to make his way overseas so he can be adopted by a friend. [BONUS: Click here for a clue as to where he's going!]

*I bought the felt at La Droguerie, and nearly fell to the floor when the salesgirl rang up the total because it came out to three times the cost of the yarn. Felt from La Droguerie must be made of gold. (Okay, I'm kidding. But as much as I love La Droguerie, next time I'll go to DMC when I want a few pieces of felt.)