I reorganized my stash

On the road again...

Why, it's a completed back piece!

[Zoom in, zoom out.]
[And click here for the road show!]

This past weekend was going to be slotted for a big time seaming party [dude!] so I could finish up my yet-to-be-seamed Jacke in Apricot, but my weekend was jam-packed with fun outings outside of Lyon. Saturday was spent visiting with a friend* at her parents' house in Cremieu, and Sunday was spent in Vienne with our favorite Tata Fifine (who made a whopping big meal and THREE cakes for the occasion. I'm think I'm still digesting it all. Send an exercise bike). As I didn't feel like lugging a bunch of knitting pieces to seam around with me in the car, I decided to swatch for Carla on Friday evening while watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics so I could have something to knit while on my mini road trips during the weekend. And yes! I did document it all for you in a skinny rabbit slideshow right here:


Knitting in the car allowed me to work up to the armholes of the back piece, and yesterday evening while watching Welcome to the Dollhouse on the arte channel I finished knitting the rest of it. Cotton Tape and honkin' big 9mm needles make this project FLY.

*My friend and neighbor Christelle, an avid knitter who I discovered visits my site [cou cou, Christelle!], invited us to her parents' house - a converted convent on a beautiful property in the middle of Cremieu - for the day. [BONUS: Click here for some random shots taken during lunch.] We had a lunch of barbecued sausages, special cheeses, homemade apricot tart, homemade sorbet, and lots of wine. Afterwards they took us for a bike ride around the town, which has architecture that dates back to the Middle Ages. It was great fun and we look forward to going back in September, when there will be a medieval feast complete with period costumes. Neat-o!

A Sunday post for the cool people who visit my site on the weekends.

Welcome back from Sleeve Island!

A Carla sleeve, when it was still on the needles.
That's right...WAS.
I'm already having a seaming party. Woot!

My trip to Sleeve Island for Carla was short, sweet and uneventful. 9mm needles and bulky ribbon yarn may make for clumsy knitting sometimes, but working across rows that have only 20+ sts means I'm gonna fly even if I feel like I'm knitting with broomsticks instead of bamboo circs. Both sleeves were completed over a couple of evenings. Yeah!

When I came back from Sleeve Island, I decided to immediately start in on a seaming party early one weekend morning in order to avoid procrastination, a habit I used to have when it came to seaming my knits. Unfortunately, my Carla seaming party was not uneventful. It took me three different attempts to get a raglan seam that didn't look like it had been sewn using my toes. Those TRIPLE DECREASES at the edges...I twitch just thinking about them. But, to be honest, I knew that seaming would be a headache when I was knitting the pieces, but I kept the decreases at the edges anyway because I didn't want to interrupt the lace pattern. So, the headache was worth it. In the end, I achieved a nice, straight and invisible seam even with the holey lace and was so happy when I did I got up and break-danced in my jammies. And there is a slideshow, of course. Of the seaming, not break-dancing. (Wouldn't want you to miss the seaming party, though.)

I used mattress stitch to join all seams. I did not use embroidery floss or a different yarn because the lace gives random peeks at the seam, so I decided to use the same yarn despite its bulkiness. My selvedges, or edge stitches, were done as stated in the pattern. And here's one thing I'm thankful for: That my selvedges were neat. People, neat and tightly-worked (but not too tight) selvedges are essential in this sweater, because Cotton Tape can stretch. If one doesn't get a nice seam until the third try [like yours truly], pulling out the yarn used for seaming would probably wonk out messy selvedges and the only way to fix it with this kind of yarn would be to reknit the pieces. And that is the end of my chatty paragraph.

As I near the completion of the last of my summer projects, I feel the need to stock up on some winter projects. So, I went yarn shopping yesterday afternoon! (Plus, yarn shopping always gives me a kick.) But that's not all: I've been receiving lots of knitting book goodness and other nice things in the snail mail from knitting buds overseas so it's been fun mail days Chez Skinny Rabbit lately. Check out the show-and-tell here!

I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my...

Finally, a finished Carla!

This is the still-stand-like-a-mannequin shot.
[Click here for the BIG "Look, Ma! No hands!" shot.]
[And here are your silly dancing shots, pally.]

Of all the things I knit this summer, Carla is my husband's favorite. (Hm...could that peek-a-boo lace have anything to do with it? [Wriggles eyebrows.]) I like it, too. It's not the sort of top I'm used to wearing, and that is one of the reasons why I wanted to knit it. Now that I've finished Carla, I think it's going to be my favorite thing to wear for breezy evenings and crisp summer days.

The sleeves are worked with embroidery, which adds interest. [Wanna see a closeup of the sleeves? Sure you do. Click here.] The instructions read to "pull yarn tightly", but pulling too tightly will shorten the sleeves up to above your wrists in the manner favored by Herman Munster. Pull tightly to create the little "x's", and then gently pull on the sleeves lengthwise to recover some ease.

[Don't forget the BIG CLOSEUP of the finished sleeve.]

Project details: Carla from Rowan's It's a Tape Thing. XS size. Rowan Cotton Tape in Glint, 7 skeins. Bamboo needles for better grip. No blocking of the pieces before seaming. Pieces were joined using mattress stitch. (Tight edge stitches are a must!) Garment was blocked after all pieces were joined by rinsing in cold water and running through gentle spin cycle, then placed on a flat surface to dry. Wait for it to dry sitting down, because drying takes a loooooong time. Why I like it: Cool yarn. Nice pattern. Quick knit. Interesting sleeves. Sweater makes the husband wriggle his eyebrows when he sees it on. Over and out.