Child's Sleeveless Vest.

New projects make me go "oh, yeah!"

Oh, yeah!

I couldn't help myself. I went off and started another project. I've been dying to knit this sleeveless vest for Captain Destructo since 2001 and I'm not going to wait anymore. I knit this vest before, while I was on vacation for two months in the States, but I was so pokey about finishing it my son grew out of it before I could even sew the zipper on. I still have the first version here, and even though it has never been worn I am won't to give it away because of the sentimental value tied to it. But I want him to wear that vest! So I've bought the yarn (in an even nicer shade of blue, I think), swatched (again), done the math to lengthen it, bought a 27 cm zipper at my local mercerie, and giddy-ap! Let's get knittin' on a sleeveless zippered vest for my cool kid.

Rolling, rolling, rolling.

Today while browsing around the Croix Rousse (the old silk district in the city) I spied this in a cosmetics boutique display window: Le Petit Prince eau de toilette! Only in Lyon, people. I so love living here.

Look, Ma! No stair steps!

Knitting: Why, yes! I am. I haven't seamed the Calmer Soul tank yet because 1) I've started sewing the swatches for my swatchy project together (boy oh boy could I just die from the tediousness of it) and 2) I won't be able to have pictures taken of myself - headless or otherwise - wearing the Calmer tank until I get back from my trip anyway. So procrastination is justified.

But what I have been doing is finishing knitting both front pieces of my son's zippered vest. The photo above shows the rounded neckline of one of the pieces; that's where the hood will be sewn on. The right edge is the free edge where the zipper will be sewn in, and I did a double garter selvedge there because those little bumps garter selvedges create are just neat-o. (I would have done a row of crochet slip stitches but the hem of the vest is done in white, and I would have had to join yarn while crocheting. No merci! I love the garter selvedges, though.) Now all I need to do is knit the hood and then pack for my trip. Woot!

P.S. I think I know what I'm taking as my knitting trip project, by the way. I just picked up the yarn for it, and you won't believe it when I show it to you :-)


Take me to Par-ee!

I've been running around running errands the last few days and I've had zero time for knitting. I wanted to finish the hood of my son's sleeveless vest before I left on vacation*, but I've barely had time to cast on and knit a few rows on it. I think I know what I'm going to be knitting en route to Paris. How I love my circs! Makes traveling so much easier.

*Not that there is a rush for me to finish the vest now, which there most certainly is not as temps in France are currently past the 100 mark[!], so having my son wear a hooded knit vest would be whack as we do not live in Air Conditioning Land. (Anyone want to share some air conditioning, please? Put it in a little tupperware and send it over. Will send you a chocolate frog in return.)

The Neverending Finishing Story.*

The hooded vest that launched a thousand finishing hours.

If I could bill the hours I've been spending on finishing my son's tiny hooded vest, this is how some of it would look:

Shape hood using short rows and seam closed using crochet join: 20 mins.

Sew hood (a painful process, it was) invisibly to neck edge of vest: 2 hours.

Fold in double hem of hood and vest and sew down: 1 hour.

Pin and baste zipper to front edges of vest, then meticulously sew down: 45 mins.

Knit facings (not included in pattern; my own wacky idea) to cover ugly ass seams of zipper on the inside edges: 1.15 hour.

Pick up stitches around armholes (another wacky idea) and knit a few rows of stockinette stitch. Decide it looks like crap. Rip out. Pick up again and knit a few rows of 1/1 rib. Decide it still looks like crap. Rip out. Put vest aside and have drink: 2.50 hours.

Knit armhole facings separately. Sew to armholes. Decide it looks grand. Have another drink to celebrate: 1.45 hour.

Bill to: Need a client to whom to bill this.

*Bonus points if you saw The Neverending Story when it came out, not years later during a TNT 80s celebration movie marathon. Tack on extra points if you remember Kajagoogoo and have their "Too Shy" song on cassette. Then come on over and let's feel old together.

A dog, a boy, a vest and ten thousand finishing hours.


Okay, I admit it. Captain Destructo's sleeveless hooded vest has been ready for a few days and he already wore it outside, played ball in it and even [eeeeeeeek!] smudged chocolate all over the front of it. To make up for my tardiness in uploading pictures, here's a slew of them for you:

It's not too obvious from the pictures, but I made the vest in the five-year-old size so it's still a bit big for my soon-to-be three-year-old [sniff! They grow so fast] son. And after all those hours I spent finishing it, I'm glad I did. He's going to wear this vest ragged. Every time the sun peeks out and the barometer reads 80-90 degrees outside, this vest is coming out of the closet and onto the kid. (What? And waste all those non-billable finishing hours?) Thankfully, the weather is gorgeous right now and perfect for this vest.

P.S. That's my dog Lucy, who's been with me for almost 8 years, in the picture above. Look here for more shots of Lucy and my son as we took our daily walk today. (See? I told you the weather was gorgeous.)