Ribbon Tiny Tank

Barry Manilow would love this tank.

current project
"...her name was Lola, she was a showgirl..."

You know what this means, don't you? Oh yes. The tiny Copacabana tank has begun. Last week, as a matter of fact. However, I was so engrossed in shopping at the sales, sales, sales that progress on the back piece of the tank went at a snail's pace. But! I finally finished the back piece on Friday evening, and immediately cast on stitches for the front piece, which is going much more quickly now that I'm dedicating more time to knitting. I admit that Saturday was spent (again) at the sales, sales, sales [scored: two wicker chairs, sneakers, clothes, throw cushions and even more Y-A-R-N*], but today was devoted entirely to visiting the playground where my husband blew bubbles with the kid [awwwwww!] and I sat on a bench like a little granny and knit halfway through the front of my tiny tank.

The tank is being knit on 5.5mm needles using Copacabana yarn in Aquatique. Metal needles, as I found that the yarn was sticking to my bamboo needles too much. Copacabana is a neat 100% viscose ribbon yarn, which means that I most definitely will not press it to block it and that I can hand wash it only. But it drapes much better than cotton ribbon, I think. Unfortunately, Phildar has just discontinued this yarn [!] but I'm managing to snatch up the last of the skeins for some online knitting buds, Claudia included. We're knitting this tank together, only hers is a gorgeous red and boy, oh boy is it gonna look spicy. Check it out!

*Yes, the sales are still ongoing (until August 2), and I've pretty much gone whack, especially in the yarn stores. I just can't let good deals pass me up! I'll show what lovely yarns I got later. (And I'm also thinking about sharing some of the booty with fluffa! readers. Woot!)

Almost finito!

current project
Oh, just bind off, already!

My tiny tank is almost finito! I'm about to bind off the front piece, but I haven't done it yet as I'm considering ripping out a few of the rows and reknitting a bit more tightly. The first half of the front piece is knitted as I swatched, but my tension loosened up during the last few rows and I fear it may stretch out when I block it. This ribbon yarn (like a lot of ribbon yarns) is, as Claudia says, "a stretcher". It stretches width-wise after washing - and that is something I noticed when I swatched and blocked my swatch. So I went down from size 6mm to size 5.5mm needles and did the ribbing on smaller needles as well. However, I can see that the stitches in the top rows aren't as tight as the rest of the stitches, so a rippin' we will go. I don't mind - better to have a garment that fits than a garment that hangs on me like a wet sarape.

Something else I noticed about this yarn: it's not 100% colorfast. I wet the yarn and placed it on a paper towel, and when it dried there were very light blue smudges on the paper towel. If you're using this yarn to knit something, don't knit it with other colors and I recommend you toss it in the wash with other things only if you want it all to come out the same color. Hand-wash only, just like the label reads :-)

Now that this tank is almost finished, I'm already having a hard time trying to choose what I'm going to do next! I can do one of several projects from Sarah Dallas' Vintage Knits, a ribbony top from Bouton d'Or, something from Rowan 27, 31 or 33...or maybe something from Phildar's Evasion or Tendances catalog (again)? Or! I can work on my Rowan Calmer top, knit a matching tank and cardi in pink for my goddaughter, or start a sleeveless vest for my child, a.k.a. Captain Destructo. Then again, I can always finish my other projects, like my pretty cotton jacket or my husband's cotton raglan, but the weather is too hot for either of those right now. In my frenzied desire to knit everything I'm probably going to end up with too many works in progress and nothing to show for it. Oh, what to do?

It's a seaming party! Send champagne.

Why, it's a seaming party! [Throws confetti all around.]

My Copacabana tank has just been seamed, and I'm about to attach some satiny cord [the blue cord to the left; ain't it purty?] for the straps. I picked up the satiny cord at La Droguerie, also known as My Favorite Notions Store in the World. I love going to La Droguerie; I always have the urge to greedily stick my hands in its many jars of beads, buttons, ribbons and feathers so I can make useless but fun Brownie craft projects, just like Mah-tha. (Only without the insider trading.)

So! Just two straps and I have a tiny tank to add to my growing list of knitted tanks this summer. Send depilatory cream.

Double your fun.

Ah, the wonders of Photoshop ;-)
"No, your tank is cooler..."

My Copacabana tiny tank is finished! As is the tradition chez skinnyrabbit, I wanted to dance around for the photo shoot, but Claudia - my fellow tiny tankster - came over all the way from the States for a visit! We decided to pose for a quick shot of us both in our tiny tanks, and now we're heading out for a few kirs royales and bad karaoke so we can sing Barry Manilow's "Copacabana". (I will be sure to sing "Her name was Lola" with gusto.) Here are more pictures of my tiny tank, and a few frivolous notes:

1) I love this ribbon yarn! I'm heading to the yarn store on Saturday to pick up a few skeins of Copacabana in beige so I can do another one.

2) I love my satiny cord straps! I'm heading to La Droguerie on Saturday to pick up more satiny cord just because it's a fun thing to have.

3) I love the blues and greens in my tank! Now I can wear my fabulous Dr. Scholl turquoise shooooooz!

4) Why in the hell is Claudia's tank far cooler than mine with its red snazziness? I'm gonna get a bucket of water right now so I can douse her.

(Okay. Claudia wasn't really here. And I'm kidding about the bucket of water, too. But I'm not kidding about knitting another tiny tank in Copacabana! The Phildar lady is saving the last of the skeins for me. Bless her money-loving heart.)

* Don't expect head shots all the time, thank you. Future knitting shots will continue to be headless, but I made an exception for Claudia. I couldn't very well let her stand next to a headless knitter now, could I?