Silk Top!

Speaking of picot...

I started a new project! It's a silk top with lacey center panel and frilly edges that look like pie crust, a.k.a. picot. The design is from Rebecca 33 and I'm knitting it in GGH Silk in black. Of course.

Love the silky silk!

This little number is knit in the round and for now I've got about 5 more cm in straight stockinette stitch to go before I begin the lacy center panel. Straight stockinette. In the round. Using 3.5mm needles. In black yarn. (Granted, it's silk. But still.) Need to make yourself drowsy? I prescribe about ten rounds of straight knitting on this piece. I can't WAIT to get to the lacy center panel part so I can start having some fun. Until I get to that point I'm entertaining myself with The Devil Wears Prada on DVD. Miranda Priestly (not the one in the book...detested the one in the book, and YES I know it's supposed to be Vogue editor Anna Wintour) is now one of my favorite movie characters. Meryl Streep, Skinny Rabbit loves you!

I've also got another new project on the horizon. I want to make this ruched top from Rebecca 22 that I mentioned a while back. I just love that ruching and, well, the fact that it has no sleeves because I'm feeling lazy about knitting sleeves right now. This one is knit using GGH Soft Kid and I'm so undecided on a color that Rike's Wollmaus sent me their Soft Kid color card (which I'll send back to them) so I could pick one already. There are so many pretty colors! What to do?

On another note entirely, I'm currently on a handmade jewelry kick right now, especially unique and quirky jewelry produced by independent designers and artists. [Let's support indie designers!] I especially like pieces that are made with vintage or flea market finds. If you've got an etsy shop or ebay shop where you sell JEWELRY that you make - particularly pendants, charms, necklaces and bracelets (no stitch markers, please) - dude! What are you waiting for? Let me know about your work. Show me the jewelry!

Mooom...she's knitting in the car again.

Not much knitting going on here. Oh, wait. I lie. I did some car knitting, bay-bee!

Ah! Light so bright!
My eyes! My eyes!

That black blob you see sitting on my lap is the silk top with lacey center panel and frilly edges that look like pie crust, a.k.a. picot. I know, I know. The sun is so bright and I'm wearing white trousers which has resulted in photo lighting that has probably caused your pupils to shrink into teeny tiny pinprick dots, so I'll show you a picture that better shows off the black blob:

See the beginnings of the lace?
That's the fun part.

april_park_thumb.jpgGood news. I finally finished the endless rows of stockinette - in the round, on 3mm needles - and have now reached The Fun Part, a.k.a. lacy panel portion. We're really rolling on this project now, pally! And to celebrate The Fun Part, here's a gratuitous photo of a a pretty little park in Vienne, which we visited on Sunday and where I got a whopper of an allergy attack. Oh, how I love spring :-)

Finally! I got some lace to show you today.

She never calls, she never writes...

Dear Silk Top with Lacey Center Panel and Frilly Edges (that look like pie crust, a.k.a. picot),

I hereby promise to knit at least one round on you every single evening before I go to bed. Maybe two or three rounds. Okay, we'll settle at three. Because if I continue at the rate I've been going, you're not going to be ready until, like, 2008 and that would be pretty crappy.

See you this evening during cocktail hour,

P.S. Give my love to the Cabled Jacket!

Silk Top Image of the Day:

Another lace repeat Silk Top with Lacey Center Panel and Frilly Edges (that look like pie crust, a.k.a. picot). Woo hoo!

I watched "Love Actually" while knitting the last few rows shown here.
You know what that means, right?
I got my COLIN FIRTH and ALAN RICKMAN fix in one go.

In order to distract you from the fact that I've only got a couple more centimeters* to show since my last entry, I share with you five random songs currently playing on rotation in my iTunes as I sit here at the computer:

P!nk - Like a Pill
Pussycat Dolls - Buttons
Go-Go's - Skidmarks on my Heart
Pink Martini - Hey Eugene!
Alanis Morissette - Crazy

Now you tell me what you're listening to.

I just started the muslin for a trenchcoat AND I'm designing my end-of-the-school-year fashion collection (I'm reaching the end of my second year of fashion school...can you believe how time flies???), so knitting time is scarce this week. We got a long weekend coming up, though, so I'm looking forward to giving the Silk Top some attention.

Silk Top Goes for a Ride.

We headed out for a 45 minute car ride to the town of Cremieux to spend the day with a friend of mine and you know what that means: Car knitting, bay-bee! And when I was in the car I totally waved my Silk Top around like it was a banner while I yelled out the car window, "knitter's rule, duuuuuuuude!"

Okay, I'm kidding about the yelling part. But not about the waving part.

"Mommy, why is that lady waving around a sweater on needles?"

may_cremieux_thumb.jpgI got to finish up another lace repeat, so it was a productive car ride. (I was too tired on the way back home to do any knitting. Wine + Sun = Rabbit Snoozing in Car.) But! I did take out my camera and took a few extra scenic shots to put in a slideshow. Come on, you knew I would. Skinny Rabbit loves to share photos with her readers. Click here to see the slideshow.

Okay, I'm off catch up on a few blogs before I pick up Captain Destructo from school, and then I've got some work to do offline. In the words of Miranda Priestly, "that's all". (Love, love, love Meryl Streep's Miranda Priestly.)

Silk Top? What's that?

Just kidding.

But just in case you forgot about my Silk Top, I'll show you the meager rounds I managed to eek onto it here and then since my last entry:

She never calls, she never writes...

Now I'm going to write about a whole bunch of different stuff in no particular order. Get your eyeballs ready:

First, I want to thank my loyal visitors who still come by to see what I'm up to and who take the time to comment, because it shows me that they care about what I share here. Really, it's those people - who take the time to read my entries and comment on what I write about - that keep me at this site despite my busy schedule. Thanks, dudes! [Group hug.]

I've also discovered that about half of the items I've sold in my etsy shop have been to loyal visitors of That really makes me happy, because it shows that my blog pals are interested in what I am making as an indie designer and not just on what I'm knitting. So I've decided that every month I am going to give special deals and promotions* on the items in my shop to my loyal visitors. 'Cause you guys rock! (If you didn't know about my etsy shop or the special deals I give to some of my visitors, you need to SUBSCRIBE to my blog's feed via a reader because I'm a sneaky rabbit and like to occasionally post "hidden" entries that only show up in people's subscriptions...if you'd like to subscribe to my blog to see these hidden entries please go to the main page of my site if you aren't there already and subscribe via the links I provide on my sidebar.)

*Yep, there are always terms and conditions with my special deals and promotions. (Once a lawyer, always a lawyer.) Loyal Visitor must: 1) Subscribe to my blog via an email subscription or a public subscription. (No public subscription? Alright, but if you have a blog with links to other blogs on your site I'm hoping a link to mine is up there.) 2) Comment every once in a while because comments show me that you are, in effect, coming in here and are a Loyal Visitor. However, I don't publish comments that have nothing to do with the subject matter of the entry in question. People who want to make those kinds of comments can use my email address (foot of main page of my site) although I can't promise you that I'll read your message right away or reply because I manage five different mailboxes. But yes! I really do read every single comment published on my site and I recognize the email addresses and/or names of frequent or longtime commenters. For reals.

Last but not least, Sarah of Blue Garter (who is cranking out some seriously cool stuff and is looking so cute in her chic haircut!) asked about my Captain Destructo a couple of weeks ago. Just because she asked and because today's Mother's Day in France, I'm showing a photo I took of the Captain today. Boy is growing like a weed:

He's still into cars and is holding a "car" he built using legos.

Yes, I know his hair is longer than you're used to and no, I don't currently plan on cutting it short.

Thanks for reading! That's it for today. I'll try to squeeze in some more knitting soon but school lets out at the end of this month so right now I'm working on my end of the year collection (which I'll present before a jury) and on assembling an original outfit I designed with a trench coat as inspiration. Right now most of my evenings are spent drawing illustrations, working on samples and/or sewing. Everyone's working like crazy so we're looking forward to the end of the June when it'll be vacation time! [Vacation all I ever wanted...]

This is my Proud To Be A Knitter Flag.

It's gotta be. Because I keep on waving it outside of windows.

I waved it around while yelling,

My neighbors have seen me dancing in the forest. Posing dramatically while wearing a fringe-rrific poncho and faux cowboy boots. Waving around my knitting outside the window. Taking photos of a hand-knit chicken sitting on a bench. They probably think I'm whack. That's okay. We like being whack.

Anyway. Back to the Silk Top, a.k.a. known as my knitter's flag. Just a couple more lace motifs and I'll be binding off for the armholes. I can't wait until that happens, because every time I get to that part for a sweater or top I always feel like I've jumped a hurdle of some kind, and my knitting starts to speed up. And in the case of this Silk Top, we need all the speed we can get.

In other news, less than a week and I'm on VACATION. [Throws confetti in the air.] I'll probably celebrate by doing a week where I update every single day with an entry, no matter how pokey my knitting is.

[Taps microphone.] Is this thing on?

I hope so, because I have knitting to talk about!

It's the armhole shaping on my Silk Top. I've stopped knitting in the round, and am now working on one side flat. Thanks to armhole shaping, the rows have gotten shorter and I no longer feel like Tita and her miles long blanket from Como Agua para Chocolate. It's all downhill from here, friends. Let's have a margarita to celebrate.

In Happy Vacation news, I've been hanging with my Captain Destructo. We went to the park yesterday. A few random peeks for you:

That's all for today! I've got another dress in the works so I'm off to do some sewing while I watch Arthur and the Minimoys on DVD.

P.S. Before I head off, let me point you in the direction of my other site: That's where I show finished objects that end up in my online shop (like the Linen Dress I gave you a peek at the other day), and you can subscribe to that site if you'd like to know when I update it. And while we're on the subject, it's almost time for my monthly shop promo for my loyal Skinny Rabbit visitors, so subscribe to as well if you haven't already as the promos only show up in my site's feed subscriptions, not on my site's main page. [I talked about that here.] And if you're already subscribed to me, I thank you kindly! You rock :-)

Moooooom...she's knitting in the car again!

You bet your circs I am, slappy. And lovin' it.

The other day we drove out of Lyon into the country to visit a friend. Almost an hour in the car, which means uninterrupted knitting time on my Silk Top with singing along to the radio accompaniment. Good thing I don't get car sick, so I can knit [and sing, off-key] away. And of course, you knew I'd have riding in the car snapshots* for you, right? Click here to see the slideshow.

I'm making serious progress on my Silk Top. You can't really tell with the knitting sitting on my lap in the shot above, so here's another photo for you:

I see a seaming party on the horizon. Let's get the cocktails ready, friends. Dancing on table with lampshade on head is optional.

In other non-knitting news, who wants to be my 20th sale at my etsy shop before the end of July? Because I like round numbers, I'd like to close the month of July with a nice 2-OH at etsy, so I'm offering my buyer who makes my 20th sale at etsy 10 percent off any item over 30 dollars. No conditions other than you have to be my 20th sale at etsy, and it has to be made before August 1. So be quick, because if you're the 21st sale or if it's after the end of today you'll be too late! And that's the end of my blabby paragraph. Thanks to J. for helping me reach my goal! [Does happy dance in front of computer.] And remember, my dear blog pals and readers for whom I am always grateful, there will always be regular promos just for you. Thanks for supporting my work :-)

*Rules of my car knitting snapshots are as follows: All snapshots must be taken while knitting, or with knitting on one's lap, IN THE CAR. Further, the car must be in motion, temporarily stopped at a traffic light, intersection, in traffic or similar with engine always running. In no event may the car be parked, halted for more than 30 seconds or deliberately stopped for purposes of taking a photo. The seatbelt must remain on at all times, but the hand may be carefully stuck out of the window in order to obtain a good shot provided it doesn't cause any traffic accidents and even though it makes one look like a wacky camera-happy tourist.

The knitting gods must be angry.

I bet you're thinking that I have a finished Silk Top, and that I temporarily fell off the earth which is why I haven't shown finished pictures of it. Well, before you go scrolling down looking for whack dance pictures, you better cool your jets there. My Silk Top lies in a pathetic unfinished state, unfortunately:

There's nothing worse than happily pulling an almost completed Silk Top off the needles, getting the needles ready so you can cast on for the frills, skipping over to the cloth bag where you had all the skeins of GGH silk stored, reaching inside such bag, and then pulling out...a couple of forlorn yarn labels and some air. [Insert image of me with my mouth in a great big "O" while a silent scream escapes.] Know why? Because there is NO MORE YARN. Just a pathetic little 1/4 skein left that'll allow me to knit the neck of the top and finish off the armholes, but what about the frills? WHAT ABOUT THE FRILLS? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't you feel just awful for me?

Okay, I'm calm now.

august_frills.jpgNo sense in trying to figure out why or berating myself for not ordering an extra skein. Not productive. Solution: Just order more yarn, because I must have those frills. I simply refuse to omit the frills from the Silk Top. Please, don't even suggest that I omit them. Me like frills, even more than Lola Falana did when she was the Queen of Las Vegas. Besides, ordering an extra skein of GGH Silk will give me an excuse to order other yarns so I can get ready for winter knitting. In the meantime, I guess I'll leave out bigger offerings of chocolate to the yarn gods and dust off the Captain's hooded jacket [remember that?] so I can make some progress on it.

That's it for today, friends. Before I go, please check out these marvelously stylish and elegant spotlight blogs:

Twisted Knitter

Tres Chic Veronique

"See" you next week. Have a great weekend!

Haaallelujah, haaallelujah... the chorus I hear gloriously in the background as my eyes take in THIS:

[Runs madly around the room in circles.]

It's a goodie box from my favorite online yarn supplier, Rikes Wollmaus! They went the extra mile for me here, my friends, because if you look carefully at the very center of the photo you will see a cheeky little skein of GGH SILK in black. But not just any skein...a skein in the EXACT SAME DYE LOT as the ones I'm using for my Silk Top. Considering that I had ordered my first batch of GGH Silk back in late January, Rike and Magnus from Rikes Wollmaus deserve serious props for getting on the phone and successfully hunting down a skein in the same dye lot for me. The only thing I wish is that they weren't all the way over in Germany, because I'd like to be able to walk over and give them some thank you brownies for going the extra mile. Danke, Rike and Magnus! Like the Phoenix from the ashes, my Silk Top will rise up to receive its frills :-) [Does happy tap dance.]

In other stashy yarn news, I have no idea what I'm going to knit using the other yarns that came in the goodie box. But I am getting antsy knitting fingers after seeing them and after leafing through the latest Rebecca, which is fab. All the more reason to finish Captain Hoodie, and the Silk Top! (In that order.) Onward, knitting rabbit.