Shexy bustier


I can't seem to find the rechargeable batteries that were in my camera, and methinks that Captain Destructo pilfered them for use in one of his toys. Until I locate the guilty toy, you get babbling and an archived scenic "I love Lyon" photo:

Pardon me while I have a "I love Lyon" moment.

This is a photo taken of one of the many "trompe l'oeil" murals located all over the city. This one is somewhere near Cours Liberté, and I stumbled upon it when I got lost looking for a Breitling retailer that is supposed to be able to do repairs. Didn't find the store, so my watch still needs repair. But at least I got a scenic shot before I found my way back to the metro station.

I had totally forgotten I had ever taken that picture, and I found it while I was looking for a photo I took of some beautiful black silk [!] that Claudia sent me a while back. Two gorgeous hanks of charcoal black hand-dyed silk, worsted weight, and I had wound one of the hanks up into a really cute center pull ball and taken a shot of it for you to [hopefully] admire. I'm always proud of my center pull balls. Unfortunately, I didn't find the center pull ball picture, but I did find the "I love Lyon" moment picture so all isn't lost.

Anyways. I was thinking of using that worsted weight silk for this bustier. [Phildar Eté 2006] I'm knitting from the stash, the bustier is cute, I've got enough yardage, the silk is the perfect gauge AND it's the exact color I would have chosen for myself. [And that is why Claudia is a golden goddess. She really knows her schtuff.] I figure all that is worth about 30 bonus points*.

*When you've accumulated enough bonus points, you reward yourself with more fab yarn and a complimentary margarita. (Frozen, no salt please.) Because I say so. [Hee hee.]


On the shexy bustier.

Block my picots, ALREADY.

I don't usually like crochet edgings on knits, not at all. If an armhole or neck needs to be finished with an edging, I'd rather pick up and knit something on it, even if I just pick up one single row and then bind it off. But my one exception is the picot edging. Love that, love any excuse to use it. Probably because it reminds me of a pie crust.

I like pie. Cherry pie, or apple pie. A la mode. Vanilla ice cream.

Find your picot edgings here:

Crochet picot: Vogue Knitting. Picot cast-on: Montse Stanley's Knitter's Handbook.

Cheeky Bustier!

Hey dudes!* I've got a finished teeny bustier to show you. Gigi is doing the modeling for me. She loves showin' off on the blog.

It's very hubba hubba.

Details, again: Shexy Bustier from Phildar Eté 2006, knit using a very chic silk/merino blend that the luverly Claudia sent me. She picked the color, which further substantiates that Claudia is brilliant because she picked a color that she knew I'd love and wear. All hail Claudia.

It's sheriously shexy. (Yes, just like that.)

spring2007_bustier_finished_picot_thumb.jpgI really love how the top of the bustier is shaped; it looks really delicate and feminine. But my favorite part is the picot edging, and not just because it looks like pie crust. [Yum, yum.] I just love how picot looks. I do believe it's my current favorite edging. (Subject to change later. I am fickle, after all.)

I haven't debuted this bustier yet because it's loose on me and I want to wear it layered over another top, so I'll be shopping for one as soon as I get a chance. Plus, I love any excuse to shop. Viva shopping. (I'll put up modeling shots as soon as I get the top.)

*That's how I've been greeting my friends at work and at school lately. "Hey dudes!" Just like that, in my very American English. I love that most of them answer me back in the same way. Hee hee. (I live in France and work only with French people, for those who don't know that yet.)