Froggy pieces!

Ribbit. Like my stripey trousers?

How does one pass the knitting time when one has no yarn to knit the neckband of a Holey Sweater? Hm. Lemme see...

Knit the beginnings of a toy frog for Captain Destructo - CHECK.

Knit the frog some stripey trousers, even if the stripey trousers are in fingering yarn with teeny needles - CHECK.

Go to yarn store to buy one single skein of Quietude to knit the neckband of Holey Sweater - CHECK.

Buy a project's worth of yarn while you're there. You know, to make the yarn store trip really worthwhile - CHECK.

Oops! I stashed again.
See the skein of Quietude?
Holey Sweater, here I come.

Now that it looks like I've got a finished project known as the Holey Sweater on the horizon, I'm organizing my warm weather "Want to Knit" list and there is so much on there I must think 1) I knit faster than the speed of know, like a whack knitting superhero, and 2) I've nothing else to do except hole myself up in my apartment with a pile of DVDs and knit 24/7. As this is (sadly) not the case and I would like to do some SEWING as well, something from my knitting project list got the boot. Remember the pretty cardigan from Rebecca 29? I even swatched for it last summer, but for some reason I can't motivate myself to actually cast on for it. My pokiness has prodded me to put it out there for anyone else who'd like to knit it. There are almost ten skeins; 9 are intact and one was used for swatching. There is enough to knit the largest size given in the pattern, which is European 36/38. So, who wants it? Almost 10 skeins of GGH Scarlett in Eisblau. [Click here to see the yarn.] No swap this time. All 10 skeins in exchange for the price I paid + shipping to you. Pattern included if needed. Write me if you are interested. [Edited to mention that the yarn is going to la fabulosa HEK Jenny in the US. Enjoy the yarn, Jenny!]

Unabashed Confession:

Serious kickback entertainment value.

Unabashed Confession: French Vogue. Superlight DVDs. Giving a hand-knit froggy arms and feet. Yes, it's TRUE. This is how Rabbit has morning fun when she's on break from school*.

All I need is big fluffy slippers, slouchy pajamas, a huge bucket of Rocky Road ice cream and I'd really be in vacation heaven.

*What seems like a million years ago, when I was working way too many hours as a lawyer in a law firm [Claudia, you know what I'm talking about here], I'd unwind on Sunday mornings by looking through magazines and working on my photo scrapbooks while watching videos like Shall We Dansu? and Clueless from my video collection. Clearly, some things will never change.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Froggy!

Just chillin' on the bookshelf, dude. Ribbit.
[Please, ENLARGE this shot for a better look.]

Details, details: Hand knit toy frog from Phildar's Pitchoun Printemps 2006, using Phildar Tropic + Aviso for the body and Phildar Lambswool for the shorts. The suspenders and feet are felt pieces. The suspenders were sewn onto the shorts at the same time as the buttons, using regular sewing thread. The feet were glued on using non-toxic fabric glue, and I further secured them by embroidering the edges together using needlepoint thread [see closeup] I have in my stash. The red part of the mouth is a crochet chain of slip stitches, and the bulgy eyeballs are actually crochet BOBBLES I decided to make because I didn't like the way the eyeballs came out when knit flat as described in the pattern. Both the mouth and eyeballs were made using leftover cotton yarn from my stash, and it is at times like this that I am glad that I like to save all of my itty bitty leftovers. And that is the end of my blabby project details summary.

Now, what you really wanna know is how Mr. Froggy went over with my Captain Destructo, right? Check it:

Mr. Froggy and Captain Destructo are BFF!
P.S. Don't miss the slideshow of Frog's Day Out.

spring2006_frog_slideshow_thumb.jpgThe Captain and I had some things to do out in the city, and Mr. Froggy came along by hitching a free ride in the Captain's backpack. Shopping, walking, fast food junk eating, train-riding...the flashy-trousers wearing frog got a day out. Of course, I documented it all for you in a slideshow. Come know I was gonna :-)