Shorty Cardigan!

This is what I worked on while I was in Paris:

Why, it's a finished shorty cardi!

This is the stand-still-like-a-mannequin shot.
(Please pretend I don't have a farmer's tan*.)
[Wanna see another view and some CLOSEUPS? Oh, go on!]
[What's that? Whack dance shots? Oh, ALRIGHT.]

Project details: "Shorty Cardigan", otherwise known as "Gilet" pattern 3 from Phildar's "Tout Lin" pattern leaflet 2005, which I bought from my local Phildar boutique. I knit the 34/36 size, and used less than 6 skeins of Phil Lin in Amande. I knit the back piece while I was in Paris, and the rest of the pieces back home in Lyon while reading Helen Fielding's Edge of Reason and Sophie Kinsella's Confessions of a Shopaholic. [Yes, I still like to read while I knit. If you can glue your eyes to the tv while knitting you can read while you knit, believe me.] I also got to watch (again) The Matrix while knitting one of the sleeves, and you know what? I can never get enough Keanu, oh no I can't.

Knitting and finishing notes: I made no changes to the pattern. The cardigan is knit using 2x2 rib and stockinette stitch. I used the tubular cast on for 2x2 rib on all pieces. Shoulders were shaped via short rows and joined using three-needle bind-off. I blocked all pieces using my ever-faithful steam-blocking method. [Slideshow of how I block here.] All pieces were joined using mattress stitch. I knit the neckbands separately (because they are knit on a needle that is a size smaller than the body of the garment) and sewed them on using mattress stitch. The buttonholes are vertical buttonholes and, to be quite frank, I don't like vertical buttonholes because they stretch but on this particular garment the vertical buttonholes looked better than horizontal buttonholes. The buttons I used were obtained at La Mercerie in La Croix Rousse, and they're lightweight wooden buttons that happened to be tinted the same shade as the yarn, which rocks my socks. I was going to use the wooden buttons originally called for in the pattern, but they were too big and heavy for the weight of the yarn and reminded me of buttons one would see on a "Dress Me" doll. (Wanna know how big they are? I tried using them at first and they wouldn't even fit through the buttonholes. Back to the Phildar boutique they went.) What else? Oh yes, I gave the cardigan a final blocking session by throwing the whole thing in the cold gentle cycle of the wash, and I placed it on a flat surface to dry. When my husband saw it on the blocking board drying, he said (jokingly, but still), "Oh! What a cute baby sweater." Funny guy.

All that said, I LOVE this little cardigan! Not only is it lightweight and knit in well-behaving yarn, it's so unlike anything I've ever worn before and I look forward to wearing it with strappy camisoles or sundresses. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to debut it because i) the weather is currently very hot, and ii) I'm waiting for my farmer's tan to go away. So! In lieu of shorty cardigan debut photos, I present you with a couple of slideshows of Paris:

*Or maybe I should call it the "kermesse tan". I got it while sitting in the sun for two hours at my son's school pageant because I was wearing a v-neck with three-quarter sleeves. A v-neck top with three-quarter sleeves at an outdoor school pageant on a sunny (albeit crisp) day! Einstein move, I know.