Bucket hat!

Shall we bucket?
[Click here to zoom on the pretty yarn!]

Bottom's UPWhat is this I see before me? A few skeins of Plassard Grand Large worsted in variegated spring and summer colors, and a Bottom's Up Bucket Hat pattern by Bonne Marie. Looks like the makings of two snappy bucket hats for spring and summer, so it's time to kick off my Bottom's Up Bucket Knitalong for the season. Woot!

Hats are fun; they knit quickly and make for a nice small project when I need a bit of a break from my bigger projects. And they make great gifts! Anybody who would like to knit a hat for spring or summer is welcome to knit along with me and I'd love the company. The roolz of the knitalong are simple: Just knit a hat that can be worn in warm or mid-season weather. I'll list you here and on my sidebar with a link to your finished hat. Finished bucket hat photos for those who don't have blogs will be posted here, if you desire.

Of course, that's not all. I love sharing the yarn goodness, so the one who makes the snazziest warm weather bucket hat and features it in a posed photo that makes me smile will win some fabby French yarn as a prize. Prizes will be awarded on two different occasions: One on July 1 (for hats knit during spring) and another on September 1 (for hats knit during summer). So it's really two contests in one knitalong. Can you stand it? Oui, oui! Que j'adore les laines françaises! Details of the knitalong contest and rules of eligibility are found here.

Let's bucket!

Knitalongers for my Spring/Summer Bottom's Up Bucket Knitalong:

(Those in italics have finished.)
Sarah W.
Wendy - 1, 2 and 3, 4
Nicole - 1, 2
Jenn (Nipper)
Jen's hat
Emily - 1, 2, 3
Sarah S.
Marlena - 1, 2
Katy - 1, 2, 3, 4
Linda W.
Sarah B.
Ann Marie
Liz H
Sarah, Vegan Knitter
Dawn - 1 and 2
Beth S.
Wendy P
Alison M.
Michelle B.
Rhonda - 1, 2
Michelle K.
Judy H.
Kristin F.
Jenn W.
Mindy W.
Allison D.
Emy - 1, 2
Donna B.
Evelyn M.
Eliza B.
Rachel E.
Amanda E.
Knitter Barb
Mai D.
Lisa P. - 1, 2
Kim M.
Natalie B.
Sharon S.
Sara E.
Debbie C
Linh -
Andrea B
Sandra K
Heather M.
Gloria F.
Rossana 's hat: Pictures 1 and 2; description here
Celia McC
Brynne - 1, 2
Michelle D.
Deb W.
April in Kentucky

The Bottom's Up Knitalong CONTESTS.


2 skeins of Grand Large Plassard in the color of the winner's choice or 4 skeins of Phildar Phil Ruban in the color of the winner's choice, depending on availability [amended 06/aug/04...Phil Ruban has just been discontinued and I didn't know this when I posted the prizes]. 2 skeins of Grand Large make a bucket hat, and 4 skeins of Phil Ruban make a sleeveless summer top or halter. Winner gets to choose which yarn prize he/she wants as well as the color.

There will be honorable mention prizes as well: 1 skein of Anny Blatt Victoria ribbon, 1 skein of Anny Blatt Flash ribbon, or 1 skein of Plassard Gioia sequined thread, suitable as a carry-along for a fancy warm-weather necklace or evening scarf. Oh, how FANCY!

The contest is in two parts. One for spring, and one for summer. The prizes apply to both.


In order to be eligible for the prizes (please take note of each rule because each one counts!):

bucket_o_chic2.jpg1) The bucket hat must be knit using the Bottom's UP Bucket Hat pattern or Bucket-o-Chic pattern by Bonne Marie Burns of ChicKnits. You must download the pattern directly and follow it to knit your hat, because it is the pattern I am using for my own.

2) Spring/Summer version only. All cotton, cotton blends, acrylic [gasp!], paper, hemp, etc. as long as it's suitable for warm weather. Plain or embellished, and it can be for anyone you like and in any size.

3) It must be knit between April 5 and June 20 to be eligible for the spring prize or knit between June 21 and August 31 for the summer prize. Hats knit from April 5 to June 20 and winners of the SPRING prize will not be eligible for the SUMMER prize. Hats knit outside of the period from April 5 to June 20 are not eligible in any event. Please sign up before you begin. This is a knitALONG, not knitBEFORE or knitAFTER:-)

Please note: The winners from my Winter Bucket-o-Chic Knitalong are eligible for this particular knitalong's contests! They have to knit a new hat for this season, of course.

4) You must be listed in my knitalong, and participate. If you knit a bucket hat, and then write to me to send me a photo of a finished bucket hat or to send me to a blog entry where you show a finished bucket hat without ever having officially signed up in the first place, I won't consider your photo for the prize. Similarly, interaction is a factor as it's in the spirit of a knitalong; simply sending in a photo isn't enough. For the duration of the knitalong I will post bucket hat entries regularly and welcome feedback, updates and questions, and that will be your chance to share any you have. So please make sure that your name is listed here, and don't be a stranger in the comments of my bucket hat entries because that is going to count, too :-) [Updated to mention: If you have a blog or website, I do not link to it from your name on the list of knitalongers. I link to your finished hat, and only if you lead me to it. Due to the number of people participating, I do not visit all knitalongers' sites in search of bucket hat updates and/or photos.]

5) You must submit a photograph of the bucket hat, either post it on your blog AND point me to it via the comments in my latest bucket hat entry or via e-mail, or send the photo (one only, no larger than 35k) to me directly via e-mail. The bucket hat must be fully photographed on the head of the person for whom the hat was knit. If you feel the need to go incognito, wear shades. But no mannequins or alternate models! I am giving a prize based upon what I deem to be a snappy hat AND photo. Witty captions help, too. Originality is a factor. Frankly, photos that amuse me greatly will get extra points because there's nothing I like more than knitters who are so happy with something they've knit that they let it show in a photo.

Please note: These rules apply to the contests ONLY, not to the knitalong.

The knitalong officially ended on September 1, so sign ups are closed.

Swatches for breakfast.

Time for...bucket hat swatches!

I swatched my yarn potentials for warm-weather bucket hats, and all turned out to be winners. The variegated pink is Plassard Grand Large, the blue is Lion Brand Cotton-Ease, and the light pink is Lily Sugar Babies Cotton. I like 'em all, and I think I'll be using the Grand Large and Cotton Ease for a Bucket-o-Chic, and the Sugar Babies for the Bottom's Up. I went ahead and started the Bottom's Up in Sugar Babies yesterday afternoon, and before I knew it I was ready to play a game of pick up sticks:

Fancy a game of pickup sticks?

WHAT a fun and quick project. Cleverly constructed and from the looks of what I've got so far, I don't think I'll have to exercise the powers of blocking to get the hat into shape. It does it on its own. I can't wait to finish this first hat up and send it to my niece, the very She of All Things Pink.

And we've already got a finished bucket in the knitalong! Wendy has finished up a Bottom's Up Bucket, and added a crocheted flower as a special touch. Snappy! Now, knitalongers, what yarn do you plan on using? Any yarn suggestions to share with others?

Why, it's a Bubble Gum Bucket Hat!

Hello. Please block me.
[Click thumbnail below for wacky model shots.]

Hat número 1 is finished! I used the Bottom's Up version and Sugar Babies 100% cotton in pink. This hat is going to be blocked and then sent overseas to my niece, but my son kindly modeled it before he went to school [hence the pyjamas] so we can see how it looks worn. He is, as always, a ham. As customary, there are extra photos because they make me smile.

I love the Bottom's Up version for children's hats. The garter stitch on the brim reminds me of the stitching on the brim of a denim bucket hat I bought for my son. I like the yarn doubled, it truly creates a stiff brim. However, I've read how some have found knitting the doubled yarn for the brim to be hard on the hands. I personally didn't find it to be hard on my hands, but that might be because the yarn didn't seem stiff or because I used to go mountain climbing when I was in college. Yep, I've got a crusher of a grip. The only thing I didn't like was purling in the round for the garter stitch. Next time, I may just knit the brim flat and then continue in the round for the rest of the hat. As for needles, it's probably a good idea to use aluminum or metal needles (I went with Inox aluminum) because I think that bamboo or wooden needles might not be strong enough for some cotton yarns used doubled.

I'll be doing several bucket hats for the entire duration of the knitalong, so expect more to come. As for the other knitalongers, we've got some more finished bucket hats! Katie has finished a Bottom's Up, Stine has finished a "Bucket of Fireflys" using Firefly by Cleckheaton, and Linda has knit a Bottom's Up using Berroco Cotton in a beautiful coral. Snazzy! I always enjoy seeing how others take the same pattern and personalize it. Now, knitalongers, have you any questions or updates to share? How are you coming along with yarn choices? If you've started, how did you find knitting that doubled brim?

Retro bucket.

From the vintage "celebrity hat" files.
Cheryl Tiegs models a spring bucket in a 60s Sears Catalog.
[Click me for an expanded view.]

While shopping last Saturday I noticed bucket hats (called "bobs" over here) in many a shop window display. Now that I think about it, I see them in shop window displays nearly every year. Clearly, bucket hats will never go out of style. (Something for which I'm grateful, because it's the only style hat that looks good on my noggin.) Please note Cheryl Tiegs's flowered bucket - from Everyday Fashions of the Sixties as Pictured in Sears Catalogs - in the picture above. Cheryl, you are fabulous in that funky flowered bucket hat. I curtsy to you. And if anybody dares to attempt intarsia in order to recreate Cheryl's flowered bucket in a knit hat, I will curtsy to YOU*.

Knitalong news: We've got some finished bucket hats and fun photos by knitalongers! Jenn knit a Bottom's Up using Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora, Marlo models her blue hat, Cathy knit a Peaches 'n' Cream bucket, Christy models her hat knit in Manos Cotton Stria, Beth S. knit a mini bucket for her daughter, Lisa sports a two-tone bucket, Kathy knit a Bottom's Up bucket using two yarns, Linda W. models her purple bucket, Anne knit hers using Rabanne ribbon, Amy knit a blue bucket for her little boy, and Rhonda, who very cleverly knit her hat to resemble the ocean! I'm impressed. Looking very good, knitalongers!

Now, knitalongers, any updates or questions you want to share? Have you started/finished a bucket hat? If so, let us know and give us specs on yarns and details, if you like. And if you've already knit a hat I've mentioned, do you plan on knitting another? I'm knitting hats through summer so the more the merrier, I say!

*I don't expect anyone to take my intarsia dare seriously. But boy oh boy would that be a hat to see!

Every little breeze...

"Bob Hat" styles, 1924
From Everyday Styles of the 1920s as Pictured in Sears Catalogs

Springtime is here, so it's time to lop off my hair back into a BOB hairdo. Oh, bob hairdos, how I love thee! So easy to maintain and keeps the hair off my neck during the warm season. Rendezvous next Thursday, 10:00 a.m., with my fabulous coiffeuse and the many piercings on her face. She does a mean choppy bob haircut. [Sidenote: She was wearing knitted LEGWARMERS over some striped Pippi stockings the last time I saw her. How cool is she?]

Bob hairdos, besides being easy for me to style on my head of straight hair, look cute under a bucket hat. Most of the bucket hats I am knitting this season are gifts for other people, but I may just knit one for myself in a larger size, work the brim in a single strand so it flops down and hello! 1920s-inspired bob hat, version 2004.

Bucket hat knitalong news: More finished buckets! Alison of everyone's favorite blue blog knit double bucket hats for her twin boys, Donna and her magically fast knitting hands whipped together a hat in Flash cotton for her little girl, Marlena models her happy bucket in Daisy Ombre Peaches 'n' Cream, Carrie knit a snappy purple bucket (with the plus of her "schmoo" modeling it for us), Wendy models yet another fab Bottom's Up bucket, a tanned Miss Nikay shows us the hat she knit while in Florida [envy, envy], Rachel E. celebrates [I like her style!] a bucket hat knit in Cascade Sierra, and Dawn models her sunshiney Bottom's Up bucket for us. So many talented knitters! I can't begin to describe how much fun I have looking at everyone's photos and seeing all these stylish hats.

Now, how are you other knitalongers coming along? Any questions, tips, ideas or anything else you want to share? And let's play "search for the photo on another blog" game: Have you spied the photo of Bonne Marie, our bucket hat creatrice extraordinaire, wearing a spring bucket with a green flower on it at the MS&W festival? It's worth looking for :-)

Sung just like Julie Andrews, but tone deaf.

The hills are alive, with the sound of needles clicking...

It's swatch-o-matic chez skinny rabbit! As I'm about to complete my husband's ribbed sweater I have officially declared myself Able to Swatch for New Projects. Above: Phil Ruban and Estelle Young Touch Cotton. Love 'em both. They're very long swatches because I decided to just test out various needle sizes and types at the same time. I worked a purl row on the right side to indicate when I started a new section using a different-sized needle. [Hello! I'm too impatient to bind off and cast on for a new swatch.] Thus far, it looks like Addi circs win the gauge contest on the Phil Ruban, and bamboo circs win on the Estelle Young Touch Cotton. Yep, new projects on the horizon. The very thought makes me want to stand up on this chair and dance a happy little jig in front of the computer.

While I was busy swatching for new projects, some bucket hat knitalongers went off and finished some more fabulous hats! Maggi models her proper topper, Eileen knit a Bottom's Up bucket in luscious brown and adorned it with a flower, Jessica models her sassy blue Bottom's Up hat in Sugar 'n' Cream, and Amisha shows us her very cleverly-embellished Bottom's Up bucket. Snazzy! It's all very inspiring. I'm feeling the itch to start my second bucket hat this weekend. How about you, fellow knitalongers? Anything at all you'd like to share? And don't miss latest bucket hat knit by Bonne Marie (shown on her May 13th entry), along with some useful tips!

More knitalong news: We've got way over 100 people listed in the knitalong now. Wow! In order to keep it all organized I am only signing up people who comment at the entry linked HERE, and no other entry (including this one or any subsequent bucket hat entries). No more email signups because, well, I was getting too many via email and it's easier for me to add people to the list who comment at this entry as I have to republish it in order to get new comments show anyway. Further, I am closing comments on each bucket hat entry after it has been up for a week as I am publishing bucket hat entries weekly, so there is no late commenting on older bucket hat entries. Oh, and one other thing: Once you sign up, and if you have a blog, I will not link to your blog. I am linking to finished bucket hats only. As I am unable to visit everybody who is in the knitalong to search out finished bucket hats, please let me know when you've finished if you would like for me to link to it, and send me the direct link to the photo or entry where the photo is featured. If you don't have a blog and would like for me to link your photo, please send me only one and make sure it is no wider than 450 pixels in width. That way, I don't have to do any editing to it. Thanks, and keep those hats coming. They're looking very good!

Bucket at the beach.

"The fish ain't bitin', Mommy!"
(Don't feel bad. He caught a crab later on.)

We just got back from the beach! We headed down to La Grande Motte for 3 days of fun and sun with Aunt Josephine and Uncle Pierre (where they have an apartment they visit a few times a year), and I - in spite of the glob of sunblock I slapped on my face - got a sunburn on my nose that would scare the red off of a lobster. The kid, protected by his beach bucket hat, did not. I need to knit myself a bucket hat, already.

Speaking of bucket hats, we've got lots of finished bucket hats to share in the Bottom's Up Bucket Hat Knitalong: Clever Allison knit stylish mother and daughter bucket hats! She used solid colors for the body of the hat and variegated yarns for the brim and matching flower. (The hat she knit for her mother was a Mother's Day gift, and she placed the hat in a matching hatbox.) Katy's son models a variegated Bottom's Up bucket hat in his sleep [Awww!]. Kathleen knit a "Bottom's Down" bucket hat, modeled here in a "zooming down the stairs" action shot. Amanda knit a wonderful red Bottom's Up bucket hat with neat contrasting stripes. Mindy knit mother and son bucket hats using Sugar 'n' Cream cotton yarn; hers is a gorgeous red and her son's is cream with flecks of turquoise, purple, red and yellow. Our vegan knitter Bev models her Bottom's Up bucket hat knit using a GGH cotton/acrylic blend. Sarah, also a vegan knitter, knit a fabulous striped bucket hat using Rowan DK Cotton, Jaeger cotton and Linen Print. Donna has knit three bucket hats; her latest bucket hat was knit using Blue Berry Cottontots, and her adorable daughter models the hat for us while wearing a matching ballerina tutu and dancing. Can you stand it? WOW. People, my socks are officially rocked.

I am now very much inspired to start another bucket hat. Tomorrow I head off to Paris to meet with some fellow knitters and online buds, and I think I'll take some Plassard variegated and some circs so I can cast on while riding the train. Woot!

How about you? Any updates, questions, tips, or anything at all you'd like to share with me and your fellow knitalongers?

Wool/Cotton blends, how I love thee!

The other day I browsed the yarns at Bergère de France and decided to bring home some Bergereine, a 50/50 wool and cotton blend that called out to me, "Hey! Look at my gauge! 21 sts and 28 rows! Just about right for a Bottom's Up bucket hat. And don't I feel so soft and lovely? Oh, yes I do. Wool makes me stretchy, and the cotton gives me body. Now, take me home and knit me into a Bottom's Up bucket hat. Because I say so."

So I did. Yesterday evening I cast on for the brim and before I knew it, I was past the band:

I'm about to switch to double points.
Care for a game of pickup sticks?
[Click to zoom out.]

This yarn is nice to knit. The way it feels and the fabric it creates reminds me a bit of Cotton Fleece.

Speaking of bucket hats, there are lots of finished bucket hats in the Bottom's Up Knitalong to share! Barb knit two buckets; one for her boyfriend, and one for his mom. (His bucket sports a Canadian Maple leaf emblem in chenille!). Natalie's adorable daughter models a beautiful bucket hat (entitled "Rosebucket") with some embroidered rosebuds around the band. Michele models her Bucket-o-Chic knit using Plymouth Fantasy Naturale in a GORGEOUS color. Heather knit a cotton Bottom's Up bucket for her little girl with lace hearts [wow!] around the band (and this photo really cracks me up). Sarah S knit a Bottom's Up bucket for her son using Rowan DK, and here he is modeling it for us (awwww!). Sarah B knit a Bucket-o-Chic using Bernat Cotton Tots and models it in some wonderful dancing [!] shots. Thuy knit a Bottom's Up bucket hat for her mom using Lion Brand Cotton Ease in pink, and her mom looks SO CUTE wearing it! Jenny knit her bucket hat using hemp yarn and added some beautiful embroidered flowers using Euroflax linen. Lisa P has completed two Bottom's Up bucket hats; one for her daughter (look at that smile...awww!) knit using Sugar 'n' Cream and one for herself (isn't that a great knitting photo?!?) using Cotton Ease. Evelyn models her Bottom's Up bucket hat, knit using Paton's Grace in two different colors (and how cute is Evelyn in her bucket?!?). Don't miss Jackie Blue's fabulous striped beachy hat in sophisticated colors. Wow! All of these bucket hats, and the photos, are GREAT. I am having so much fun looking at them all. Very inspirational!


Bottom's Up Bucket with a flower!
(I just had to do one, too.)
[Click thumbnail below for wacky model shots.]

Hat número 2 is finished! I used the Bottom's Up version and Bergere de France Bergereine 50% wool and 50% cotton in violet. After seeing all the cute bucket hats with flowers on them (a big SHOUT OUT to Wendy, whose hat was the first I spied with a crocheted flower on it), I just had to be a big copycat and add one, too. I have a straw bowler's hat with a flower on the side of the brim that I bought in Coyoacan, Mexico City, and I wanted to do something similar. So I did! (Putting a little detail on the hat makes all the difference, I've discovered.) This particular hat is going to be sent overseas to my niece, but my son kindly modeled it so we can see how it looks worn. As always, he likes to make wacky faces because it gives him a kick to see them in the camera viewer. Hehe.

The flower was fun to knit. I came up with it myself, and didn't follow any instructions or pattern. It's easy: I knit each petal individually and then used the ends to tie them together. I pulled the yarns through a stitch in the hat and knotted. In the middle I placed a crocheted bobble. The petals are small so the whole thing went very quickly. (Instructions below.)

Skinny Rabbit's Knitted Flower

I'll be doing a few bucket hats for the summer portion of the knitalong, so expect more to come. As for the other knitalongers, we've got some more finished bucket hats! Crissy has finished a Bottom's Up for her little girl. Jaz knit a Bottom's Up and models it in a great shot with the Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge in the background [!]. Jillian models her bucket hat (knit in a beautiful peach color and decorated it with a flower from La Droguerie) in a great picture with her dog Boo. Emy has two wonderful hats: a Bottom's Up using GGH Samoa and another Bottom's Up using GGH Samoa and Muench String of Pearls. Eva's brother shows us how a bucket hat can work as a sailor hat. Julia looks like a rock star in wonderful beach BUP. Wow! I like looking at all these hats knit in different yarns and colors.

Today is June 20, so this brings the spring portion of my Bottom's Up Bucket Knitalong to a close. Now's the fun but difficult part: Picking a photo + hat that will get some fabby French yarn as a prize. In the meantime, sign-ups for the summer portion of the knitalong have been re-opened and you can sign up here. Yeah!

For my knitted flower: You can use scraps. I used Rowan Cotton Glace in white for the petals (size 3mm needles) and Rowan Cotton Glace in yellow, DOUBLED, for the bobble (size 5mm crochet hook). You can use yarns in other weights and you'll basically get the same results. Play around with different yarns to obtain wider petals, etc. If you're using a heavier yarn for the bobble, you might want to use the yarn singled.

Petals: Cast on 1 st. Turn work. Knit the stitch. Turn work. Increase by knitting in the stitch twice. Turn work. Knit across. Turn work. Increase by knitting in the first stitch twice; k remaining stitch. Knit 5 rows even. Knit 2 sts together at the beginning of the next row. Turn work. Knit across. Knit 2 sts together at the beginning of the next row. Turn work. Knit remaining stitch. Bind off, then cut yarn and pull through. (Knit as many petals as you want; I knit six for the hat. You can knit more and overlap them.)

Crocheted bobble: Chain 3. Work double crochet three times in first loop on chain. Pull yarn through all loops. Chain one and then bind off. Use ends to sew onto the middle of the flower.

Small print: This flower pattern is © copyrighted to me. Reproduction of the text and/or paraphrasing it for reproduction is not authorized. Further, modifications to the instructions and publication thereof is not authorized. If you make a flower following my instructions and post a photo of it on a website, printed form or anywhere else, please credit the source by linking to this entry (if on a website) or mentioning the URL "skinnyrabbit.com" (if in printed form or anywhere else).

Kicking off the summer bucket portion!

Tan in a bottle - check.
Cute summer bucket - check.
(From a vintage magazine ad for tanning lotion.)
[Click here to see the whole ad. It's priceless.]

Are you ready start your summer bucket hat for the Bottom's Up Bucket Knitalong? (Fake tan in a bottle that looks like lighter fluid is optional.) Summer buckets and related bucket hat entries will now be posted over on this page, so follow me there.

Wait! Before we go, let's share some yarn goodness, shall we? It's hard to pick a favorite among the spring bucket hats when there are so many fun photos and cool bucket hats to see, but in the end I kept coming back to the same ones:

Donna from Random Knits and her daughter's blue bucket.

Every time I see those photos of that happy girl with her perfect blue bucket hat and matching tutu, I could just die from how wonderful it all is. I'm sending the first prize yarn to Donna, with an extra present especially picked out for her daughter. She deserves it. Look at how she works that hat!

Honorable mentions for both fabulous bucket and cool photo go to:

Amisha's sunny multi-colored hat.

Knittingirl Rhonda's sand and sea bucket.

But that's not all. In addition to the prizes of the spring and summer contests, I will be giving other prizes for various reasons at the end of the entire knitalong, but those are going to be a secret and a surprise until then. You'll just have to stay tuned. And aren't I just terrible with all this suspense?

Still, there's even more. Outside of all the prizes mentioned above, Julia had an interesting idea. Why not have a "reader's prize" for best bucket photo, sponsored by the readers? I won't be sponsoring any of these prizes, but I'll be hosting the vote and following up with the sponsors. If you'd like to be a sponsor, let me know. If there are people interested in sponsoring, I'll list them here and at the end of the knitalong we'll have a vote on the reader's favorite. [Update: No cash donations. Goods, only. And they will be sent by the sponsors directly to the prize recipient. Plus, the sponsors are ALL ELIGIBLE for the reader's prize. Donating something won't put you out of the running.]

Have a good weekend, and many congratulations to the winners. Thank you to everyone who participated and for making this knitalong so fun!