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Moooooom...she's knitting in the car again!

You bet your circs I am, slappy. And lovin' it.

The other day we drove out of Lyon into the country to visit a friend. Almost an hour in the car, which means uninterrupted knitting time on my Silk Top with singing along to the radio accompaniment. Good thing I don't get car sick, so I can knit [and sing, off-key] away. And of course, you knew I'd have riding in the car snapshots* for you, right? Click here to see the slideshow.

I'm making serious progress on my Silk Top. You can't really tell with the knitting sitting on my lap in the shot above, so here's another photo for you:

I see a seaming party on the horizon. Let's get the cocktails ready, friends. Dancing on table with lampshade on head is optional.

In other non-knitting news, who wants to be my 20th sale at my etsy shop before the end of July? Because I like round numbers, I'd like to close the month of July with a nice 2-OH at etsy, so I'm offering my buyer who makes my 20th sale at etsy 10 percent off any item over 30 dollars. No conditions other than you have to be my 20th sale at etsy, and it has to be made before August 1. So be quick, because if you're the 21st sale or if it's after the end of today you'll be too late! And that's the end of my blabby paragraph. Thanks to J. for helping me reach my goal! [Does happy dance in front of computer.] And remember, my dear blog pals and readers for whom I am always grateful, there will always be regular promos just for you. Thanks for supporting my work :-)

*Rules of my car knitting snapshots are as follows: All snapshots must be taken while knitting, or with knitting on one's lap, IN THE CAR. Further, the car must be in motion, temporarily stopped at a traffic light, intersection, in traffic or similar with engine always running. In no event may the car be parked, halted for more than 30 seconds or deliberately stopped for purposes of taking a photo. The seatbelt must remain on at all times, but the hand may be carefully stuck out of the window in order to obtain a good shot provided it doesn't cause any traffic accidents and even though it makes one look like a wacky camera-happy tourist.

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