September 30, 2002

Thou shalt knit in public.

I kipped! I'm a "kipper"! Should I be proud? Oh, yes.

Okay, I've knit in public before but it's usually at my son's playgroup, and it's always a very small project that I can carry around easily and pull out inconspicuously, such as a stuffed toy. On Sunday, however, I hauled my current sweater project to a crowded playground, sat on a bench and ignored curious stares while I knit the back of the sweater on a pair of circs and my husband played with my son on the jungle gym. After about ten minutes a little girl, accompanied by her mother, sat on the bench next to me.

Little Girl (in a loud whisper): "Mom...see that? She's knitting!"

Mother: "Yes, I know. I saw."

Little Girl: "C'est chouette (it's cool). How come you don't knit?"

Mother: "I do knit."

Little Girl: "How come I never see you knit?"

Mother: [Hesitates.] "Well...I don't have time to knit."

Little Girl: "You should bring your knitting to the playground and knit while I play. Like she's doing." [Motions her head towards me as she says this.]

Haha! You tell your mother, little girl.

On a somewhat related note, I've finished the back of the sweater. I had started a few days ago, got halfway through the back, but when I measured my knitting I discovered that I had knitted too tightly. My gauge had been on spot when I swatched, but when I actually started knitting my tension had changed. I frogged the whole thing and restarted, but about 1/4 through noticed that I was still knitting too tightly. So I ripped it back again and restarted on Saturday afternoon, this time with a glass of wine in tow and much chatting with my husband. On Sunday morning I got some enjoyable knitting done after a very nice breakfast, and had some more fun knitting time while at the playground. Last night, while watching a so-so movie starring Eddie Murphy called Le Flic de San Francisco, I completed the back and the piece measures as it should. Voilá. All the ingredients for more relaxed knitting.

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ha ha ha - I love that story. Children are great at saying what they think aren't they? And yes, you should be proud to be a kipper (I've never heard of that phrase before but I like it!) I knit everywhere that I can in public, knitter with no shame - that's me! Wine, TV and gossip are crucial ingredients for relaxed knitting!
Ha! I watched that, too. I should have just stuck in a DVD, it was so bad .
we should have like, an english-speaking frenchy knitter convention or something. I am so jealous of those swiss-living stitch n bitchers. sniffsniff. my friends prefer to make granny and/or pregnant jokes when they see me knitting. I guess I need to hang out with more lil' kids or something.
Good story about the little girl. The ladies at my stitch and bitch are pretty awesome and we all seem to be doing it in public these days *lol*. Though it helps when people like Kelly Rippa from the talk show Regis and Kelly knits on the show!! There is this really cool bag that you put around your hips like a fanny sac that holds your knitting. I just don't remember the website ... am tempted to get one *hehe* though i do take my knitting with me everywhere. The one time I won't, that is when I'll have all the time in the world to do it!!

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