September 29, 2006

This is what I have to show for now:

Wow! A coupla inches! Like, WOW! (Just humor me here.)

Dear Knitter Friends Who Visit My Blog,

The above photo reflects a few measly inches worked on the sleeve of the Cabled Jacket since we last chatted. While this may seem to be far from amazing, let it be known that my personal socks are officially rocked by those measly inches because I am, quite frankly, surprised that I even have any knitting to show you. Know why? Because from Monday to Thursday morning there was no knitting done AT ALL chez Skinny Rabbit. Zero, zilch, nada. All my free time was spent working on the fashion illustration project I mentioned the other day, and the only reason my knitting basket didn't gather dust is because I'm 99% sure that my dog Lucy has taken to sleeping in my knitting basket when I'm not home. The little dickens. [Bonus: Popup picture of Lucy chilling outdoors.] Anyway, the project has been turned in but before I assembled it I took a quick shot of a few of the female fashion figures I drew. (There's a lot more; the whole project is 15 pages, size A3 bristol paper, and includes children and male fashion figures and croquis.)

Hello. I am a small part of the Time Hog Fashion Illustration Project.
(Figures worked in different techniques. Paint, marker, etc.)

So! Fashion illustration project is turned in and other than a toile to prepare (we're constructing a jacket pattern in pattern-drafting) and a pair of bra and panties to customize (they're not mine, and yes, they are brand new; they are donated by a lingerie company) for fashion design I've got the whole weekend to take a breather and do some knitting! Woo hoo! I'd love to get some work done on my shexy Ultra Femme top, finish up a CeCe Cardi sleeve, and (I'm being optimistic here) maybe sew the Short Jacket. Plus, I've also got a Linen Jacket to stick on the Captain, so expect another finished object on the blog very soon. Hurrah.

That's all for now. Off to see what there is for dinner. Have a good weekend!


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Your dog is so cute! I think animals view knitting bags/baskets and piles of yarn as special beds and toys made specifically for them. My cat doesn't sleep on my yarn, but she is very fond of taking balls of yarn out of bags and carrying them around the house (or moving a ball of yarn from one bag into another). Have a relaxing, knitting-filled weekend!
Those figures are amazing! How do cope with hands (I can't draw for toffee and hands are my bete noire)?
Wow, your fashion illustration project sure looks impressive, hope you get credit for the hard work. Is there any knitwear design in there?? Lucy is soooo sweet ;-)
Your drawings are great! And Lucy is adorable - how could you kick such a cute little stinker out of your knitting basket? Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend. I look forward to the FO's - whenever we see them!
I love how whenever I get some free time I think I can do 50 things during it--I'm usually lucky to get one done! But I hope you are more successful and have lots of FO pics soon!
Woohoo! Have a great weekend. You clearly deserve some good knitting/relaxing time.
Lucy is lovely! How old is she now? You drawings look great. I'm also curious, any knitwear in the collections? A good and productive weekend to you too!
You're such a busy girl! Hopefully you're able to kick back a bit this weekend and get some knitting in!
Lucy is adorable! cute little fluffy puppy :) Totally know how you feel with the "only gaining a few inches on my knitted project since the last time I blogged" thing. Right there with ya. Love seeing your fashion creations, tho!
Lucy is adorable!! Hope you have some FO's soon. I really feel out of kilter when I don't get some knitting time. Hope you have a good weekend!
Whew! I bet you're glad to have turned that in. Now for some knitting time! Yay!
wow! those sketches are fabulous! i can't wait to see the finished linen jacket, you've made us wait for that one a long time. is that ultra femme pretty simple? i'd like to get that book, and i'm looking for a simplish first project for myself that i will like. have a great knittingful weekend!
wow, your illustrations are fabulous. love it.
I think a couple of inches is great progress considering your work load right now. Enjoy your breather this weekend Becky!
First of all, Lucy is adorable!! The Cabled Jacket is going to be beautiful Becky, but then you definitely have the figure for it. Have I mentioned you are quite the little illustrator?? So what did you find for dinner?? Have a fabulous weekend!!
Those drawings are awesome. You are so talented!!! I hope you are having a great time in school, and yet, a great time relaxing this weekend as well. Side note: I just discovered PORTS 1961. Are you familiar with the collection? I think it is awesome!!!!! Kisses to Lucy and Captain Destructo too!!!
I used to add stuff to underwire bras and wear rhem under sheer shirts, a la Madonna. One was black with gold coins and metallic gold trim (which scratched my underarms something awful!). One was white with pearly sequin trim sewn to the cup in a spiral fashion ending right at the nip (trying not to get your blog a hundred hits for the full word) with white ruffled trim edging the cup. Those were the days, the 20-something days. Not at all the 45-something days.
I hate it when life interferes with fun time! (otherwise known as knitting time)
Lucy got fluffy! (and looks happy)
You're amazing. I will say I knew you when (pre-Divas days ;-))
I really like the way the cables pops. Those illustrations looks really professional.. If you change your mind about being a fashion designer (Hah.) you can be an artist. ;)
We missed ya girl! And I have to say I'm not particularly a dog person, but your Lucy is ADORABLE!!! She could very well change my mind...maybe :) Well you go on and do your thing 'cause I want to see some more of your knitting. I'm still clacking away on my beginner scarf, but it's so relaxing.
Those fashion drawings look amazing! No wonder there was no knitting - but that cables jacket is sure to be spiffing! Also Lucy is adoreable!
Ok, Becky, fess-up. How many more hours in a day are you allotted than us? I seem to only be able to squeek out about 24. Seriously, some days I think I might get about 26 but you have to be averaging around 30. ;)
*ooohs and ahhhhs* Looks great so far :) Your project looks amazing! I love your drawings. Seeing the process is really interesting :)
hope you have a lovely and crafty weekend! the slice o' fashion design life is fascinating... i wonder if you're tempted to make the sketches look like you or people you know? i'm thinking the model you showed had your haircut :)
I love following your school projects. Your project looks like it turned out great. I know from experience it is hard to fit the knitting into a work (and school is definitely work) schedule.
Your illos are faaaaaabulous!
Those illustrations look really cool!
Thanks so much for all the kind comments about my illustrations! It makes me feel better for not having as much knitting as I'd like like to share with you all. You guys rock. [Group hug all around :-)]
however, with the speed you need a weekend should be all you your work.

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