September 29, 2004

It's a total scarf-o-mania, I tell you!

Whoa! The weather here went from pleasant to chilly with no transition. Must knit scarf quick! Plus, I got really bored with knitting gorilla arm sleeves in black 2x2 ribbing and need a small break.

So...what did I choose as a break? A scarf. In black yarn. Stockinette stitch. How clever of me! (I wrote that sarcastically.) Going from gorilla arm sleeves in black ribbing to long scarf in black stockinette stitch may not seem very Einstein-y, I know. But the scarf yarn is a funky yarn, so it provides quick entertainment when I need a break from knitting sleeves. It's variegated black/white/gray and very, very LOOPY: Phildar Tourbillons that I bought during a frenzied shopping expedition a few months ago. I'm not working the yarn alone, though. I'm working it doubled with Phildar Steppe, a fluffy variegated black and gray yarn. It's like Clash of the Novelty Yarns! Here's what I have so far:

I'm thinking shag carpet...I'm thinking pimp scarf...
[Zoom in, zoom out.]

I've been working a few rows of the scarf every time I get a little tired of working on the Manly Jacket sleeve, so I'm really alternating between the two. I can't wait to see how the finished scarf looks wrapped around my neck. It's gonna be funk-ay! [Click here to see the ultra-shagginess that is this yarn knitted up.] People will think I decided to wear a shag rug in lieu of a scarf. Or a couple of tribbles? Maybe even a toupee. [Stop thinking "Shatner", okay?] Oh, I'm kidding. Truth is, I like it. I've been wanting something loopy like this to jazz up my black turtlenecks.

To me, most scarves are like extra-long swatches. My very first project was a scarf, and it's how I taught myself to knit. There's no need for a pattern if it's a simple one. Just find your yarn, decide on a stitch, cast-on, and giddy-ap! Ribbing is good for yarns that curl. Or, do it in another stitch and work a border around it. If you've got a yarn that isn't a curler, you can use straight stockinette. Garter stitch scarves are nice, but garter is shorter (and wider) than stockinette stitch so it'll take longer to finish the scarf. That's why I like bulky yarns in garter stitch scarves; they work up quicky and look cute, to boot. If you've got a one or two skeins of a soft fine-gauge yarn, knit a scarf using a lace pattern you've never tried before. In short, scarves are good. Now that the cold weather has begun and I've got all these oddballs of flashy yarn in the stash, I feel a bit of a scarf kick coming on.

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I too was wishing I had been more organised and already knitted a scarf for me. In the summer I knitted a few for gifts, who knew we would go from summer to winter in the space of a week!!
Good plan! I like having two projects on the go so I can put one down and work on the other without acknowledging any sort of frustration or road block with the first. As a friend once said, just leave in the corner to sulk for a couple of days and then it'll be fine. It's not a coping skill - it's a hobby :) What's a tribble? Hate to say our weather is exactly the same as yours (sun? what's a sun?).
I hear ya! Weather got too cold, too fast. I've been putting last year's sweaters on my son, and his wrists are poking out of the sleeves like a mini Herman Munster. I need to whip out a sweater for the little guy soon. And this is a tribble:
Hi Becky, Thanks for the scarf inclusion on your website...I so love scarves and have done quite a few of them. I love how the novelty yarns make such wonderful looking scarves and it really is a great break from the more difficult projects. I think I need me a fuzzy scarf soon too...LOL
do you like knitting scarves with circular needles? Isnt it easier with straights>?
I don't like knitting with straights unless it's dpns and the pattern requires it. Knitting with straights is not easier or more convenient for me. I knit everything with circulars, even though I'm not knitting in the round. Not only do I knit more quickly, it's easier to carry projects around and my knitting doesn't slide off the needles. (Whatever works for the knitter, I always say!)
Scarf-o-mania in my world requires gluttonous eating. Just sayin'. I'm with you on no straights....circulars all the way!
very cool texture. i prefer circs too. unless i need them to get gauge. sometimes my gauge is slightly off and switching to straights works it out for me.
Yeah...straights are only for decorating the house with...Childmade coffeecan vases filled with all different kinds of needles...oh yes...right next to my 32 buddhas. :) I am finding my wardrobe lacking scarves as well. I made one last year and have one languishing...I'll be including aforementioned scarf in the finishing fiesta coming up soon.. I LOOVE the shaggy scarf...I was thinking instead of about the ex-senator now felon... Mr. J.Trafficant...heehee.
My love of the scarf is evidenced by my bursting closet and dresser drawers. Every year I seem to knit plenty of "gifts" but alas, some of them never make it to the once intended recipient. Some of them are just too difficult to part with. It's a great way to experiment. And I love your yarn comibination - it's fun and will go with everything!!
now that is a rug... *erm* scarf that I could go for! I am all about novelty scarves, only kind I make :)
What a fun scarf! It's turned unseasonably chilly here too. I started a lacy angora scarf on tiny needles. I love the look of tiny little stitches but it's such a time sucker! Maybe for Christmas I'll make chunky scarves and hats as and satisfying!
Scarfy scarfy scarf scarf! You've sparked an urge! Now I need me a scarf project to balance the baby cables!
Love the mix of black, grey, and white. I think the chunky scarf is fabulous. It's really nice to see someone who tackles some the most difficult projects also knitting simple scarves.
Ohhh - how I love a funky scarf! As you know I just adore something cozy with a bit of hip adorning my bland consultant black wardrobe. Hail to all you scarf knitters!! Let your personality shine through! We love the funky scarfs!!
Great texture on your scarf. I like scarfs too. They are good for inbetween projects. Or when you are horrendously bored with another. Good luck finishing off the gorilla arms. :)
Scarves - yes - I see, I see. I could knit one for a fox, I could knit one instead of socks. I could knit one on the boat, I would hope that it could float.. I think it might become a habit, to steal cool ideas from the rabbit! I've been playing around with lace swatches - I feel a summer cotton tape lace scarf coming on!
I have the opposite problem... I *love* scarves, and it's 95 degrees here 10 months out of the year. :) Like today, for example.. although I'm feeling the first little cool breezes in the morning, and I'm hoping fall will arrive in time for Halloween, at least. Louisiana is always a bit behind the rest of the world... Pretty scarf, by the way! I love your yarn & color combinations.
Scarf-along! Scarf-along! Please? :)
Ooooh...a scarf-along sounds like fun!
Aw hell, Becky, I just did a garter stitch scarf myself. Weirdly satisfying, don't you think? Reminds a person about how easy knitting really is. Love that flurfy deal you've got going there.
What on earth is a pimp scarf ?? The scarf looks good tho' it does have carpet like qualities.Multi-purpose projects - ain't they great ?!
Oh, Gracias Becky!! No sabés cuánto te agradezco que estés dispuesta a ayudarme... Sabés que esos $80 que me querían cobrar eran precisamente no declarando nada como mercadería, mandando sólo la cartera, declarándola como obsequio... Así que imagínate si encima declaraba que lo demás era mercadería. Quién sabe cuénto me hubieran pedido!... Te cuento que compré unos libros por Amazon para mi "mimada". Le compré 2 de tejido (muy bonitos!) y uno para trabajar con canutillos. Espero que le gusten. Así que el regalo ya está en marcha igual. Planeo hacerle una tarjeta y mandársela, para que reciba al menos algo hecho por mí. Muchas gracias igual Becky... PS: Recibís los mails que te escribo a la dirección de abajo? fluffy...etc.?
I have made several fluffy scarves, and they keep ending up in my daughter's wardrobe. Good thing they knit up fast, it's getting chilly!
A co-worker of mine just finished a Tourbillons/Steppe scarf as a sample for the LYS that we work at. I don't much care for the Tourbillons on its own, mostly because it's a little scratchy. But adding the Steppe to it makes it amazingly soft and cushy. I want to make one for myself! (New commenter, longtime reader, btw. Hello! )
I'm making a scarf now. For a friend in MA as a xmas present. I figured I should start early. I was inspired by Karen from Beatknits and I'm making the Diagonal Block Scarf (basket weave) using the same kind of type of yarn she did, Noro Silk Garden #87 but the color range is different. This yarn is so fan to knit as I keep on knitting wanting to see which color comes next, within two days I finished a whole I need to order two more as the patterns calls for 3 and I only had 1.

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