September 29, 2003

Why, it's a bobbly jacket!

Why, it's a bobbly jacket!
[Click me and I will give you another view.]

Finally! My pretty cotton jacket is finished! I've already worn it twice this week and I really like it. Knitting it was fun, too. Usually when I follow patterns I have to make modifications or rework them, but I didn't have to revise this pattern in any way and I didn't stumble upon any errors. There is a different chart for every size, and the shapings are calculated so as not to interrupt the pattern. The right and left front pieces are mirror images of each other, as are the left and right sleeves. And when I seamed the jacket, I saw just how nicely the pieces all fit together. Big thumbs up here, so there are lots of pictures today. Above are some "action" shots my husband took today at noon (we're having nice weather today and I was wearing the jacket when he came home for lunch), and here is an obligatory stand-still-like-a-mannequin shot taken yesterday afternoon. Of course, there are the customary whack dancing rabbit shots, taken with the spycam for no reason other than it's fun:

As one can see, I really am happy with this jacket! I think I'll get a good amount of wear out of it. I like it because it's a less casual alternative to my denim jacket and the bobbles at the sleeve cuffs create a neat little flare. Plus, I like how the front edges look with no visible closure. But! There were a few miniscule things I didn't really like about finishing this jacket:

1) Sewing on 12 hook-and-eye fasteners* to the fronts of the jacket is a long and tedious process that requires a glass of wine and good long movie on television.

2) Throwing the jacket in the cold rinse cycle in order to wet block it means that it's going to take, oh, about 50 hours for the jacket to dry.

*I was wary about using hook-and-eye fasteners, but I did it because I personally don't think that a zipper really goes with this jacket. However, I have no problem with the fasteners when I wear the jacket, and I didn't have any problems when I put it in the washing machine. Before putting the jacket in the washing machine I closed the fasteners and placed it in a pillowcase in order to keep the fasteners from getting caught on the jacket.

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WOW!!!!! it looks so great! you are such the pro! i'm in complete and utter awe (shock and awe? ha ha). *i'm not worthy, i'm not worthy.* you KNOW girls are going to be walking up to you on the street asking "where did you buy that!?!?!?!" BEEE-YOOOO-TIIII-FULLLL.
Wow - I love it, love it, love it! Did I mention that I love it?
It's lovely! Just lovely!
IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it.
Oh my. It is so, so lovely. You did such a great job on this jacket. I am awestruck. Now my sis is going to look and say, "The one you knit me better look like that!!!" :) I'm scared!
The knitting is impressive, the pattern divine, but the perfect, perfect finishing is going to drive Ann crazy. I'm sure it will make her put 600 pins into her next blocking project instead of a mere 300. Meanwhile, I'm choosing to regress even further into garter-stitch, totally rectilinear knitting. The nice thing about Rowan Denim is that the 'blocking' method is to machine-wash and DRY the thing before sewing it up. And not for nothing but you and your fotog did a great job showing us the jacket. Swooning in NYC (and I generally don't even LIKE bobbles!), Kay
Gorgeous! I'm not worthy either!!! :D
wow! it's really fabulous!
miss becky!! beyond fabulous!! i love it, love it, love. i want to make it!! i want this to be my becky wanna be sweater!!!
OMG! Gorgeous! I just got this issue of Tendances in English. Yours looks even better than Phildar's. Now I HAVE to do make it too!
Oui la la!!!! It is so beautiful..... What a wonderful job.... (Think to self: Hm.... must bag all other projects and make this FABULOUS sweater.... Make this sweater, make this sweater......) Did I mention FABULOUS!?!?! You rock girlfriend!!!!
That has to be one of the most beautiful sweaters I have seen. You are my knitting idol.
becky, you continue to amaze me. i'm about to venture into my first long-sleeved adult-sized project and i'm so excited! but nothing could ever be as pretty as your bobbly jacket! :)
what a completely faboo jacket! so chic and I love how it begins the closure at the waist! it is truly beautiful!!
Well heck woman, yours looks better than the demo in the pattern book! They should hire you. Those Phildar patterns are great, it makes me wonder why they're not available in the US? The patterns are written very clearly and well charted and as we can see from your work, GORGEOUS!
Oh, no! Now, I want one just like that. I think I can't come here anymore... It hurts too much. ;) BEAU-TI-FUL!!!
BEAUTIFUL!!!! wowee!!! awesome awesome awesome!!! gotta make one! *lol*
Holy ceeerap! I canNOT believe how awesome that turned out! I thought it was lovely before, in pieces.... but that's totally amazing. Absolutely smashing. We all stand amazed. (Actually, I did have to sit....)
OhmyGod! OhmyGod! Totally fabulous. What stunning work!
WOW! Absolutely fabulicious!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing jacket, Becky. Excellent choice and excellent execution, as usual. It looks great on you. Enjoy it! PS - I'm glad to hear that you like the hook & eye closures, since I've got some of those in my future! ;0)
I risk sounding like a broken record, but it is SO wonderful! I liked it when I saw it in the mag, but I am now totally in love. must. have. one.
i think i speak for many of the newer knitters out are a knitting goddess to us and this is just further evidence. I will not knit tonight as I will building a skinny-rabbit-becky-knitting shrine in my house! the jacket is UNBELIEVABLE
You all are so kind! Muchas gracias! This is the first time I've sewn on fasteners (it took me f-o-r-e-v-e-r; I think I spent less time sewing the pieces together than sewing on those blasted fasteners, ensuring they were evenly spaced and didn't show when closed) and done bobbles on a project for myself, so reading such nice comments is motivating. For Carrie and everyone who's thinking about knitting this: I neglected to mention the sleeves. Despite my 5'4" stature (5'8"-5'9" when I cheat by wearing high heels ;-)), I have long ape arms. I usually lengthen sleeves or keep them at the pattern's measurements if I see that the pattern editor was generous with sleeve length. Those bobbles at the cuff are heavy, and the sleeves are already long as it is because they're jacket length. I noticed that the sleeves grew lengthwise about an inch after I had been wearing the jacket for a few hours. You might want to measure your arms from the top of your shoulder to wrist, and if you think the sleeves are going to be too long (don't count the saddle strap) you can work less rows of bobbles at the cuffs. Have fun knitting, and I can't wait to see how yours comes out :-)
Becky, everyone else already said how wonderful the jacket is. It was worth waiting all summer for! And you look marvelous with your flippy cute hair and skinny low-cut jeans. You go girl!!
Oh my! I am so so impressed! It's beautiful and I just love the fit. I love the subtle flare of the sleeves! It's really perfect!
That's cute. And I'm even a bobble-hater. The flared sleeves really make the jacket, and the neck pick-up-job looks awesome!
Bee-U-Ti-Ful!!!! This sweater looks better on you than it does in the magazine. You worked so hard on this sweater and it shows. I love bobbles, these look so delicate, not like the big bobbles I'm used to seeing. Just one more "Wow"! Okay, I'm done :).
So, uh, if you ever feel like knitting another one, you know where I live. And if I'm not there, I'll be at Kay's place indulging in some Becky-knitting worship. Bloody marvellous!
FAB-U-LOUS! You are the ultimate knitting goddess!!!!
My jaw dropped. Will close it now. Absolutely positively gorgeous!
I know it's been said many times before me but what an BEAUTIFUL jacket. You did a great job knitting and the finishing is so professional looking...INSPIRATIONAL!!!
Great job! Definately one to wear with pride!
That is just fabulous! Bobbles are not my cup of bubbly, but I could almost be convinced. Wow! There just aren't enough good superlatives to use for your jacket. C'est formidable! (To use some of my weak French).
Your work is absolutely amazing. Bravo!!!
Fabuloso! I love it. What else can I say. You've done an amazing job... and it's such a lovely pattern... I think I may need to knit one too!!!
It's beautiful, beautiful, beautiful (echo...)! I'm in love :o)
Nothing different to add, just: AWESOME! I love this sweater/jacket! I love the flared sleeves in all their bobbleness. Is it possible that you've outdone even yourself, Ms. Becky? Congratulations!
Just beautiful! I'm inspired, encouraged and impressed. Lose the magazines, you're the source!
Jonny come late here...but is that an echo I hear, no, just me saying I LOVE IT!!! Ohmygod. What is the pattern. I need it, want it, have to have it, it looks divine on you!!!!!
and to echo everyone else - what a fabulous jacket. It look fabulous and so stylish on. Wow I want one too!!
My goodness that is the most beautiful jacket!!! Enjoy wearing it!
Fantastic jacket! Your finishing ability is so amazing.
Crikey! A whole lot of well deserved praise for your jacket. A long time coming and well worth the wait. Beautiful!
Becky, that is absolutely amazing!!!
Tres jolie! Je l'aime!
Love it!!!!
Oh-My-Gawd!! You are my knitting hero. I absolutely love it, enjoy wearing it.
I think what you have here is a knit blog equivalent of a very long standing ovation. Brava! Brava!
Wow wee wowie wow wow !!! Good work and it really shows off your petite model - like figure very well.
I love it Becky .... it looks fantastic on you
Wow. That jacket is just SO awesome! It makes me want to venture out of the "plain stockinette" and simple yarn over patterns.
Becky, after I posted "where is that from" I thought, hmmm, that looks familiar....and realized I have that Phildar book. But GOD, it looks SO MUCH BETTER on you! Blew right by it in the mag!
Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it. I am sure that you mentioned it, but what mag was this from. I HAVE to make one. It looks great on you!
Hi I love the jacket and I second everyone else's complements... I've also got some hook and eye closures I'm planning to put on... do you have any practical advice for putting them on? thanks!
Hi Becky That's lovely, well done.
The sweater is to die for...and your modelling photographability is incredible too! I thought fur sure that shot was from the pattern company.
Am drooling and exclaiming at the same time! Absolutely stunning! So glad I stopped by! Truly gorgeous!
Oh my Gosh!!! Becky, your jacket is divine, it's so beautiful - you did a great job as usual. You are such a fantastic & stylish knitter! I am so jealous, I want one too, shame about my knitting skills. :-(
I'm late! I'm late! Finally had a chance to comment. How do you do it? I am totally impressed! I've just started a well-patterned vest and you put me to shame. You REALLY can crank them out! Fab darling, fab! I've only started a few days ago and the cables and seed stitches are driving me CRAZY. How DO you do it?
Très chic!
That is absolutely beautiful! I'm a beginning knitter, so I know that stitch pattern is waaaay beyond me, but I'd love to find something with similar lines. I need to knit a cotton jacket.
I am drooling. Becky, I cannot hint enough how much I love LOVE LOVE this jacket.
this is the bestest knittiest thing i've ever seen i'm in total awe and want one for myself but i can't seem to get my hand on the pattern anywhere (i'm in SF), any advice?
i've come back to this page twice ogle this sweater...and I finally found a place that sells that catalog! emily!....they still have 'em at if you hit the Phildar link on that front page....the 3rd page of Phildar things....has the Spring 2003 Tendances English! dude....thanks for giving us a heads up....right on with your right how to get me to finish this masterpiece by NEXT winter :) -AL
Well...I am late to the party...but I still have to add my comment...because you are such a talented knitter and such a fun gal! You are truly The Amazing Fluffa! Broken Record, Donna

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