September 25, 2008

New member of the family!

Her name is Leeloo. [Multipass!]
She is a Bichon Frise.
She was born on June 25, 2008.
She is the Cutest. Thing. Eveeeeerrrrr.
P.S. She loves yarn.

Leeloo, our new family member as of September 6, 2008! She was a birthday present for the Captain, who hasn't stopped asking for a dog since our dear Lucy passed away. We didn't plan on getting one, or any dog for that matter. Getting a dog in this country isn't as easy as driving to your local Pet Smart; you won't find shops like that over here. You need to go to a friend who breeds their pet, the animal rescue or a licensed dog breeder if you want a puppy or a kitty. What you can find in some shops here is small pets, like fish, gerbils and sometimes turtles. And that is the kind of pet that we told the Captain we'd get him!

So on the day before the Captain's birthday, we went out for pizza (his choice) and then drove to our local Botanic plant shop and pet supply with the intention of looking at the fish, gerbils and (hopefully) turtles so the Captain could pick one out as a pet.

Before we could even get inside the Botanic, fate smiled on the Captain because - for that weekend only - a breeders puppy and kitty exhibition was going on in the salon right next door. Breeders from all over Rhone had come in just to sell their puppies and kitties, for those two days only.

Yes, we bought tickets.

"Just to look around. Promise!" (That's what I told Monsieur Le Hubby.)

We ambled around, casually looking at Siamese kittens and Terrier pups. Then we saw the Bichon Frise breeder with her small litter of pups. I stuck my hand inside the open pen and Leeloo immediately came stumbling over to me. [Heart tightens up at the cuteness.]

A happy boy and his dog.

In other news, I have two things to share because people have been asking:

Yes, I finished my design school studies (among the best in the class; why yes, I'm bragging) and am happy to have some fantastic new knowledge under my belt. Even though I've finished school I'm still really busy because I'm working away, and a few of the things I design and make *independently* are available online. I talk about them at, and if you're interested in learning about them you can drop in there as I like to keep for other things. Similarly, I have a photoblog at my trusty old where I occasionally post photos of places I've visited and things that interest me. I'm mentioning this because if you see me being quiet here, you can go there if you'd like to know what else I'm looking at besides my sewing machine and knitting needles.

What else? I've been on ravelry for a while. Username "skinnyrabbit". I am very bad about logging in there, though. I do try to do it at least once a month.

Okay, next entry I'll chat a little bit about my trip to Austin. I looooved Austin. I'd love to go live there. For reals.

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leeloo! she is so cute (and named after one of my favorite characters in a movie ever)! :) The Captain looks so happy holding her. :) ========================================== Note by Becky: Thank you! I love that movie and the character :-) She really is so much cuter in person. I wish everyone could pet her.
Welcome, Leeloo! What a cutie. Glad to hear you have a dog in the family again!
Love the dog! And the name is just perfect. Great movie!
Oh Leeloo is so cute I can't stand it. The last picture with the captain is my favorite. I guess the double dose of adorable + seeing just how itty bitty Leeloo is, put me over the cuteness edge. I never knew that getting a dog in France was so difficult, but I'm glad it all worked out, because, honestly, I think dogs are more awesomer than turtles.
What a sweetheart! *heart melts*
Hello! I just caught up on the new posts. So nice to see you again too. And the Captain and his new puppy!!!!! There aren't enough exclamation points to capture the cuteness. Welcome to Leeloo!
Leeloo is so cute! Thumbs up on The Fifth Element reference too.
Peepole-eye (peephole hi) I love that movie. And Leeloo is adorable! Adorable. Can't say it enough. Adorable....
So very cute! And many congratulations on the grand school finish. I feel like you just started!
Awwwwww, puppy! What an adorable little girl she is! Yes, you can walk into a big pet shop in the U.S. and purchase a pup or a kitten, but the French way is the responsible way. Too many of those animals come from giant breeding factories where the parents are not given the care and attention they deserve, to put it mildly. Looking forward to more pictures of Leeloo (and the Captain, of course)!
Multipass! You're funny. She's so cute! It was meant to be!
Leeloo is so cute! I didn't know you were done with school. Congratulations with doing so well!
Ha! I just watched that movie again this weekend. I love it to pieces. Perfect name for a Bichon, Leeloo.
Hello there my friend. It's a blast from the past. I don't know if you remember me or not, but when you get back on ravelry, I certainly hope you will add me to your friends. Cute addition to the family!
Oh! Oh! Oh! The CUTENESS! Congratulations on your fuzzy little bundle of joy. I can practically feel the puppy wiggles from here. (Squeeeeee!)
So CUTE! And, while I will restrain myself from giving unwanted puppy advice, I feel required to give you one, important tip: TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES. They only stay that little, cute and PUPPYISH for a very short time. After that, they're adorable, cute grown-up dogs, but they pretty much look the same for the rest of their lives. But the first 6 months? Take as many pictures as you possibly can. Oh, and, enjoy every minute. (Okay, that was two bits of unsolicited advice. Sue me.)
That puppy is so cute, that its hurting me. Oh. my. gosh.
OMG she is cuuuuuute. My bichons send your bichon doggie kisses!
Oh, Leeloo is too cute. And of course, the Capt looks very happy with her. Congrats on finishing design school! Now, what's next?
oh, Leeloo! You are a schmooo! And awww, the Captain looks so happy in that last pic. It definitely was meant to be.
Omg Leeloo is absolutely adorable! Cute name, too! And another congrats on finishing your classes!
miss reading your blog, glad you had a enjoyable vacation and now we can read all the goodies you have finish.
Becky, oh, Becky. Leeloo is v. cute and a wonderful addition to the family. And the Captian? OMG?!! Where did that little boy with the v. short haircut go? So. Handsome.
Oh, she's so pretty! ~x~
Leeloo is so beautiful! I'm partial to Bichon Fris - they're so cute!
Best dog name EVAR.
What a sweet pup! I love Bichon Frises! : )
Such a cute little doggie! I've been crossing my fingers for a house large enough to have a cute doggie in (I'm still torn between a dog that prefer to run than to walk and a dog that prefers to walk than to run, but they are all adorable!). Leeloo is a cute little ball of fluff!
Oh, the canine charm! So cute! Want to kiss furry little head!!
Love the Leeloo--too cute. It was just meant to be. :-) I lived in Austin for 5 years, it was definitely a very cool place to live.
Leeloo is the most adorable little thing I've seen in some time!!
Actually I do not likethose little dogs - I more like the big ones like the German shepherds or Labrador. But your dog is sooooo cute - I wanne cuddle him =)

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