September 25, 2006

Sleeve Island.

'Cause that's all I'm knitting right now. Here's one that's getting a lot of attention during pockets of free time:

Yep. Still playing pick-up-sticks.

It's the first CeCe Cardi sleeve, still stuck on those double-pointed needles. I'm doing the 3/4 sleeve version, so I've still got a few inches to go before I get ready to pull this bit of knitting off these double points. Looking forward to that, because quite frankly my dear, these double points are beginning to get on my nerves.

I've also got some sleevage on my Buttoned Cabled Jacket:

Ah. So love those wee cables.

I tell you, I've only been working on sleeves. It's totally Sleeve Island, dude! Remember Fantasy Island? If Mr. Roarke were hosting this place I'd ask for my own little personal robot to do all my double-pointed needle knitting for me.

That's pretty much all the knitting I've done lately because my second year at fashion school started off with a bang and I've got an illustration project to turn in on Thursday morning. This is the way my table looks right now, and the way it's going to look tomorrow:

(These are my drawings and sketches.)

Further stylized fashion figures for children, men and women with accompanying visuals, and the figures are to be highly individualistic with unique styling. Croquis as well as figures fully rendered in color (both nude and dressed), and the color rendering is supposed be done very quickly with the best results. It's fun. Plus, I get to watch Memoirs of a Geisha on DVD while I work today. Woo hoo.

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21 comments to this entry:

Fun, fun, fun! I'm very envious of your drawing ability!
Sending sleeve finishing vibes your way! I'm excited to see your 3/4 sleeve CeCe. So those figure drawings are yours? Is it a prerequisite to be good at drawing before you start fashion school? Because my fashion sketches always look like a nine year old drew them. ================================= Note by Becky: Those are my drawings; they're pencil sketches that I quickly filled in with color to get an idea of the final effect.
loving those cables! so, are you going to frame your sketches or what?
I like that pic of your desk. Busy, busy!
Ah the croquis. I remember them so well. I'd always mess us some last bit of the illustration and some croquis would end up with flowers in their hair while wearing a business suit.
My desk looks like that, but I don't have an excuse - I'm just a slob rather than a busy genius fashion student. Love the sleeves, but as someone who just got off sleeve island, I don't envy you a bit.
Sleeves aren't so bad. I think it helps a lot, since you ARE using long circulars to do 2 sleeves at a time. I know that short rows back and forth are DRAINING.. especially when I keep stopping to admire.. so I know that if I'm getting 2 sleeves done while admiring, I won't be too spent after the first one to do the second. ^_^ They look great though! I could never be a fashion-artist-person. I can draw things right once, maybe. I don't have technique or any sense of proportions. I just like to doodle. I DOOOOO have the snazziest doodles ever though! ^_^;; In other words, YOUR DRAWINGS ARE REAL SPIFFY.
Love the jacket! If only my magazine would arrive!! Your illustrations are amazing - very professional.
Sounds like sleeve island is an ok place to be! Memoirs of a Geisha is such a lovely looking movie. The set and art direction are fantastic.
Sleeves, sleeves everywhere ad not a straight stitch to knit. Hmm, bad para-phrasing there, eh? Great drawings! I need a ruler to draw stick figures!
I love those sketches! YOu are one talented rabbit. I am glad you're having fun in school!
Thanks, everyone! And I appreciate all the kind comments about my school work. I'll show more fashion figures - clothed, tee hee! - later on. Okay, I'm off to school now (7 a.m. zzzzzzzzz).
You don't believe in using two circs in place of the dpns, hmm? There's nothing like being punctured for your art, I guess! ;) Beautiful drawings, by the by.
Your knitting is as nice as your drawing! Good luck with the project & holy cow! That's alot of cables, really nice.
My desk is always trashed and I don't have an excuse like school for it either. Have fun on sleeve island...I hear the weather is rather nice there this time of year. :)
Love your sketches if only we all looked like that. I saw Memoirs of a Geisha a while back, it's pretty good if slow moving, gorgeous looking girl. Love the cables. I'm on sleeve island my self, working on a baby cardi...
saucy drawings! :) good luck with the sleeves... i also feel like they drag on, and on, and on. i've started knitting them before the fronts, which makes me feel rebellious and gives me what i think is a psychological edge on finishing :)
I can't wait to see your CeCe - I am going to knit the 3/4 sleeve version too, but not for a few months - I'm thinking for next spring. Yours is going to be yummmy in that chocolate-colored Calmer.
I think of you every time I watch project runway. And whenever I knit sleeves, now that I think of it....
Your drawings are excellent! Does your school expect you to know how to draw basic figures, and then teach how to style them? Or do they offer some classes in illustration to help you improve technique? I've always wondered about that. Are you using watercolor to color them, or something else? I hope your stay on sleeve island isn't too long. I don't mind them, but working on sleeves for two sweaters at the same time sounds daunting, like you need to find a plain scarf to knit just for a break once in a while, LOL. :)
I was admiring that same jacket. I can't wait to see finished. PS: I think you were an artist in another life.

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