September 24, 2002


Fall's here! So it's time to close out my summer knitting and start in on cold weather knitting. Here's my last garment for the summer - my retro striped pink and orange sweater in stretchy cotton. Can I just say that I love this sweater? I love this sweater! I wore it all day on Sunday and not only is it incredibly comfortable and perfect for mid-season weather, but after just a short while the sweater had molded itself into a real custom fit. I noticed the same thing with the striped turquoise sweater I knit for my son a couple of months ago. What fun this yarn is; I can't wait to knit with it again.

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this shirt is definitely on the list of things I daydream about making. unfortunately, the list just keeps growing and growing. we'll see if it makes the cut.
Good grief, becky, it's beeoooteeeful! I am so glad to see it modeled in such clear photos. Maybe next summer, weak lol!!
Absolutely smashing! Is it hard to get started knitting? I believe I'll have a lot of free time next school year.. I think I'd like to knit.
Sweater looks great, as always. But, I am especially impressed with the way you've laid out this website. This is really top notch site architecture and design (both from a navigational and graphics perspective). It hangs together quite nicely. Bravo.
Patricia, remember how you foresaw this sweater in this yarn and these colors before I even mentioned I was going to knit it? I definitely think you should knit it, too. Lynn, if you watch television for at least 15 to 30 minutes a day you can knit - that's usually when I do my knitting. It's easy. Give it a try! Janet, thanks for such motivating comments! I wish you could see the first website I ever built, back in 1998. I cringe at the memory. Tee hee.
You've sold me on the Falaise yarn. It looks fabulous in both projects! Do you happen to have any idea where Americans could get their hands on it? Maybe an internet store that ships outside of France to other European countries or beyond?
You have a wonderful style! I never would have put those two colors together but they look fantastic (maybe I will now!) and the stripes and shaping are fab!
That is one fabulous looking sweater! Dance, Becky, Dance! ;O)
That is one fabulous looking sweater! Dance, Becky, Dance! ;O)
I'm sorry, Alison, but I haven't a clue. I do know that there are a few Canadian distributors and a couple of boutiques in the U.S. who sell Phildar yarns, but Falaise was just debuted by Phildar this spring so they might not be carrying them yet. I'll check with my local Phildar stores to see if they have any idea.
The sweater looks fantastic!!!
Yes, becky, I originally was wandering around a LYS and saw lots of both colours in many different yarns, and the combo just popped into my head.....maybe it will look good with my very red hair, LOL!
Isn't it just the greatest thing when a project turns out even better than you expected? The sweater fits you fantastically and the colors worked so well together....good work!
I am a beginning knitter with an urgent question. I figured this would be a good place to find people who could help. I am knitting a sweater (which looks nowhere near as perfect as anything on this site) and the Rowan pattern tells me this: "Inc 1 st at end of 2nd row and every foll 16th row until there are 93." Does this mean that I increase on the 16th row, or on the 16th row after the 2nd row, which would be the 18th row? Please advise so I can continue knitting. Thanks.
kristin - i think it means on the 18th -- or the 16th after the 2nd since it says "foll" every following 16th becky - i love your website and i particularly love this sweater. anyway i could convince you to send me a copy of the phildar mag it's from? i could send you $$ or perhaps interest you in a US magazine in trade?
I love this sweater!!!!

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