September 22, 2008

What's a big trip...

...without having at least one (maybe two, and probably three) little thing(s) go awry?

When we flew into the States we missed our connecting flight to our final destination and had to stay the night in the city where we had our layover. The next morning we discovered that a huge chunk of people had missed or delayed flights, so the airport was kind of a big mess. Still, I managed to get us out of there in the late afternoon. It's a shame that all we got to see was the inside of the airport, because I bet the city is really neat and I'm sure there are people there I could have seen. Guess where we missed our connecting flight. (And it's super easy, as there's a glaring clue in the photo.)

Of course, the Captain still had fun.
He has fun wherever he goes.

While we're having fun playing guessing games, I'll give you another teaser photo showing some yarn that I got. I'll tell you where I got it afterwards. I know ! I'm so bad.

I love the colors. I love that it's chunky.

I know that all you clever knitters know what this yarn is, or at least those who shop for yarn in the States know it. Come on. Tell us what it is.

Thanks for checking in, and "see" you tomorrow!

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Maybe you should take away my knitters card, but I can't place that gorgeous yarn. . . I'll have to think about it. As for O'Hare - I have spent many a night curled up in its 'comfy' benches on my way home (or back to) college for winter break. Looking forward to more adventures
I have never, ever made it through O'Hare without problems. It's to the point that I call my friends in Chicago to make dinner plans because, odds on, I'll be seeing one of them. Sorry it happened to you, too!
Yep, I was going to say Chicago too. And I don't know what that yarn is either, although it looks squishy and wonderful!
The yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky. I like. :-D I've never used it but I've lovingly cuddled it many times. Oh yes, and I have also experienced missing a connecting flight through O'Hare :( Very stressful.
Great to have you back! Captain D looks so grownup.
no clue about the yarn, but I can't believe you were so close! I'd have been happy to come up to ORD and say hello. We've had a lot of strange weather lately and it hasn't helped the airport any.....
I'm about to travel to Texas (Austin), and have a four hour layover on the way over and the way back. I wish that it was possible to take an adventure during that time, but I'm pretty sure I'll spend it reading and knitting! (That's still better than the six hour layover I endured in Frankfurt on my way to and from India. After twelve hours on a plane and eight more plane hours in front of you, the last thing you want to do is try to catch a nap on an iron bench in an airport.) The yarn looks like that new Berocco yarn... not Peruvia... the name escapes me. But it looks so soft and squishy and lush!
Too bad abut the layover in Chicago. I didn't know the yarn, but it looks like it's been identified already by others.
Hmm, it looks like Twinkle's Soft Chunky to me.
Oh yeah, I think everyone who flies into or out of O'Hare gets the pleasure of staying there for longer than they anticipate. Chicago just wants to keep you FOREVER! The yarn looks yummylicious. My guess is Malabrigo Chunky. Mmmmm, Malabrigo.... :)
I have never made a flight on time in Chicago. My back hurts just thinking of the night I spent on the bench there in March. Looks like Blue Sky Alpaca Naturals to me.
Whoo hoo! Gorgeous yarn. Sorry about your flight delay. That has got to be especially trying, given the long flight before hand.
Blue Sky Bulky from Purl?
Chicago is a fabulous city. If I could afford to live there, I would so do it. It really is too bad you couldn't see the city itself! Is that Malabrigo Chunky? Or Blue Sky Alpacas Chunky? Something like that?
Layovers like that are the pits. at leat you got there and back safe. And with yarnz!
Chicago! I have never been there myself. I can't place the yarn, either. It looks lovely, though!
My ex is an air traffic controller. At O'Hare, they say they don't control the planes, they just try to keep them separated. Scary thought.
A bit late to be commenting, but I live in Chicagoland. The city is definitely worth a few days of sightseeing - plan on it the next time you fly in! The trick to O'Hare is to make it your destination, not a connecting place. ;)

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