September 22, 2003

Starting new projects makes me go, "Oh yeah!"

Is this a new project I see before me?
[Click here for a closeup of the fabric.]
P.S. Someone received her new camera!*

As my son has just started school for the first time, I think a preppy little sweater is in order. Fall weather is almost here, and he needs a sweater in cotton that I can layer with other clothes for those cool yet sunny days. Helllooooooooo, adorable v-necked striped sweater knit using three different colors of Bouton d'Or Balzane ribbon cotton. Oh, how extravagant! And just look at how pretty this yarn is. Think Rowan Cotton Tape with small amount of polyamide for elasticity. And it knits up so nicely! But remind me not to let my son eat ice cream while he wears this sweater and don't worry: I'm making the 6-year-old size, ferpetesake. I broke out into a sweat when the good lady at the store happily rang this one up, so I need to aim for maximum wearability here.

Other news: The swatchy project is nearly on its way to being a blanket! Nearly all the swatches are sewn into strips (here's a sneak peek for you) and after that, it's only a matter of sewing those together. I do need to knit up a few swatches in simple stockinette or garter stitch, using neutral yarn such as cream or white. I need to fill in a few spaces in those strips. After I knit up those additional squares I'll sew the strips together and show more progress shots.

That's all for today!

You ask: But where is your pretty cotton jacket?!?

I reply: Oh, it's here. All seamed up, complete with neckband. But it's ETERNALLY blocking, thankyouverymuch, and seems to be taking its sweet time to dry. Clearly, putting Aviso cotton knit up into bobbles and cables through the cold rinse cycle for blocking purposes requires a lot of patience. Wish it would hurry up and dry so I can wear it, already. (Pictures later this week, promise.)

*After two months waiting for new stock to arrive, an expired credit card while I was on vacation, a rushed check, a typo in the delivery address and much nail-biting from frustration, my long awaited Nikon Coolpix 3100 FINALLY came in. I actually danced a happy jig and sang out repeatedly, "C'est mon appareil photo! It's my camera! It's my camera!" when it was handed to me. I've been playing with it all weekend and am still learning how to use it, but thus far I give it a great, big round of applause. (I still love my Aiptek, though, so "still" shots will be taken with the Nikon and dancing shots will be taken with the Aiptek.)

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18 comments to this entry:

STOP! STOP! STOP! That yarn looks so luxurious and soft and I bet it just glides right through your hands.... I've renamed your blog in my Favorites - it now says: Temptation Central! Just when I thought I had enough yarn (is there such a state of being in the universe?) I read your blog and my mouth starts chanting "want, want, want" ;) I know, I know, if I can't run with the big dogs, I should just stay under the porch. But how's a girl to learn how to see so many wonderful projects and still keep her bankbook in the black - is there a helpgroup for this? Hello, my name is Kathleen and I like yarn, a lot. I can't wait to see the finished sweater - he'll be on a row team in no time! :)
what a cute little sweater for your boy. can't wait to see him model it! and I can't wait to see you dancin' in that jacket! Oh my goodness I got the Phildar catalogs this weekend and they are SO SO FUN!! J'adore le Phildar! :)
little dance for the pretty sweater and the cotton sweater for your boy!! i have the same camera. i love it...but one warning, it takes a while for the rechargeable batteries to get up to speed.
Congrats Becky! The Nikon Coolpix is the Official Appareil photo of Mason-Dixon Knitting AND CurlsandPurlsNYC! Be careful, though, and don't jump into the Seine with it or it will die. Immediately. Use it with joy. Soon you will be photographing your swatches in subatomic closeups. If you haven't already, check out the 'small picture' feature. Great for blog-destined pix. (Look at me--giving YOU tips.) Love, Kay
CD will be quite the little prepster in that trendy striped V! :) i am a slacker but did go through to realize i have no cream yarn (or not enough for even a whole square) so will stop by le yarn shop today mon amie. so excited to hear you finished the jacket. now THAT is a tour de force! :D
I am insanely jealous of your camera's ability to get such close detail shots (ie your yarn stitches close-up). I try that and I get a blur (and our camera isn't that old!). hmmph. and I hope that cotton jacket gets its butt into shape, pronto. must. see. pictures.
I want, I want that yarn! I wonder if it would be too warm for tropical weather? BTW, that kid's sweater looks oh-so-preppy :o)
I've been reading about this camera all summer, I can't wait to see some knitting photos taken with it! Oh and yeah, I'm so sure that yarn is luxurious to knit's beautiful (drool),
I was thinking about making this striped v-neck for my son, so I'll look forward to seeing yours. Can't wait to see the Pretty Cotton Jacket :)
The Nikon Coolpix is my camera of choice as well! Lucky me that my hubster picked out a good one when he bought it. We've had the same camera for almost two years now -- almost unheard of in the house of every possible tech toy where most have a life span of 6 months or less. That sweater reminds me of the Lands End rugby shirts that I used to covet so much. I'm looking forward to hearing about the yarn you're using. It looks lovely in your photos!
Woo hoo for a new sweater for Captain Destructo, for your cotton jacket, for the swatchy project and for the new camera! Wow, what a day.
I am a Coolpix chic too! Isn't it awesome? It is also the official camera of Digital Yarn, besides CurlsanPurls and Mason-Dixon..... Ps--it does VIDEO clips! Perhaps a dancing Becky in our future....?
Oooh. Congrads on the camera. I keep thinking how I'd like to upgrade my Coolpix (nevermind that it's just a year and a half old - the model is actually older), but alas...
Those pictures come across beautifully on the blog. This little techno-phobe is quite happy with her low-end Fuji Finepix....I reserve envy for yarn. That sweater is *wicked* preppy....coming from a former devotee of the Official Preppy Handbook (you so remember that, don't you) this is a stamp of approval. I've gotten over the preppiness, don't worry.
Hey everyone!! I CANNOT stop playing with my new camera. I love new toys! I've been going out looking for photo ops [Nik, I know you'll appreciate this] JUST so I can try out all the features. Hehe. I've tried the photo resizing feature but I noticed that the photos compress better when I resize them in Photoshop instead of directly in the camera. Still, it looks like this feature will come in handy when I'm away from my graphics program and want to update with a few quick shots. ...and preppy sweaters. My wardrobe at university and during my active lawyering years. I was such an ultra preppy geek. [My sister is now laughing at me as she remembers this.] I hope you all don't mind if I knit a few preppy but not too stuffy things for the kid every once in a while. The need for it still comes upon me now and then :-)
per your request...i will gladly send you a dancing photo when the becky is complete. would you like my - tango? or 70s disco moves?
Love your site! It's a nice break at work when I'd rather be knitting...which is always! i was wondering about your selvadge (sp?) edge...Mine always turns out bumpy because I don't do anything special. Then it's impossible to make a nice seam! My friend says she alternates 1 K 1P and slipping 2 to make a chain edge. I noticed that yours looks like a garter edge beside the ribbing and then stockinette above. Do you use garter beside ribbing for a reason? curious and still learning, jodi
I just love that sweater! And the ribbon yarn looks gorgeous... Of course a little bit of preppy knitting doesn't hurt anyone from time to time! And I'm so glad you love your new toy. Like Claudia I'm a Fuji Finepix girl whose happy with what she's got. But I do sometimes stand in front of the digital camera display in our local store and dream. Sad I know!

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