September 21, 2002

Remind me to epilate.

Don't I owe you a picture of the tube top I knitted this summer? Why, I believe I do. So I took advantage of my husband being home on vacation and despite the not-so-hot weather, pulled on the top and had him snap a picture of me (albeit sans head and legs) wearing it. Doesn't this top just scream, "Wear me in 100 degree weather"? I think so.

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very beautiful on the very beautiful Becky, even sans tete. (must find those keystrokes for special keys.) What are the straps? I-cord? Crocheted chain?
The spaghetti style straps are actually one long chain of single crochet. The top part of the halter is folded inside and sewn using a hidden seam, and the chain of single crochet is in there along with an elastic band to hold the top up. Both ends of the chain go over the shoulders, then back inside to exit at the same point in the front to form the little bow at the center.
Wow, well, how cool is that?
Love it! The straps are so clever.
Love it! The straps are so clever.
tres jolie! very very pretty!
looks fantastic!!

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