September 20, 2006

Mystery Project REVEALed*!

Fresh off the seaming table, I have a finished Mystery Knit on a mannequin for you!

(I like to call this "The Matrix Sweater")

"Reveal" from Rowan 34, using Cork in shade "Mouse". Design is by Leah Sutton, and it is fabulous! Forget about whether or not it's wearable and how a knitted sweater is supposed to look; I didn't take any of that into consideration when I slapped eyes on this design and decided to knit it. It's an inspired piece and I knit it because everything about it is "off": the reverse stockinette stitch, the asymmetrical neck, the cable twists sewn haphazardly to the neckline...knitting all the pieces and putting them together was like creating a knitted sculpture inspired by a science fiction post-apocalyptic film where people need to scrap together and recycle old clothing. For some reason [coughKeanucough] The Matrix films come to mind, so I hereby christian this piece "The Matrix Sweater".

Other details: I knit the size small, going down one needle size to get stitch gauge. My row gauge was smaller than that called for in the pattern, so I knit extra rows to make up the difference. The result is a sweater that was knit to the proper dimensions with the consequence of a shortage of yarn. [You knit more rows, you use more yarn. Oh oh!] Thankfully, my new friend Ling quickly came to the rescue and sent over some Cork in the same shade, and ALL the cable twists sewn to the neckline were knit using a skein of Ling's yarn. And because the yarn gods love us, one can't even tell that the cable twists were knit using a skein in the different dye lot. (Although a difference wouldn't have bothered me. Heck, it might have even added to the character of the sweater.) Not even in person, in the brightest of light. Thank you, yarn gods! I shall eat much chocolate today to honor you.

And that's about it. All that's lacking now is the sweater's debut! And as soon as the weather gets cold and I find a hip, edgy blouse to wear underneath, this sweater shall have it.

*I know: That was a really bad pun. I couldn't help myself, though. Tee hee!

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Wow. That is a really cool sweater. I love the color and the way the sleeves drape. You did a fantastic job, can't wait to see the photos of you actually wearing it!
Thanks! I don't know if that'll be soon, though, which is why I'm showing a finished photo now...
Second that WOW! I've not seen a garment like that before - it truly looks unique. I love Rowan Cork and am seriously bummed that it's discontinued.
I don't know if I've ever seen this pattern before, or would have paid much attention if I had, but now I love it! Very stylish!!
very fun! lets all eat some chocolate today to honor the yarn gods!
Wow, that's one stange piece of knitting :) It would be real fun to see how you plan on wearing it!
Whee! Definitely a cool knitted sweater, almost more sculpture-like than wearable, but will be cool to wear. Very nice!
Hey Becky, I remember seeing this pattern. I LOVE that you knitted this up, and can't wait to see it "on" you. Very cool.
What a fascinating sweater! I'm looking forward to see the modelled pictures! It's so truely different.
Gee - I have the purple Cork stashed for that one and now I'm all jazzed to make it again! How many balls did you end up using - 9 or so? It will look great on you. =============================== Note by Becky: I ended up using 7 and a half skeins. (Ling sent me two, but I only used half of one. I'm sending her back what I didn't use.)
Wow! Love the way it looks. I love that you were inspired by the garment and the design, wearableness be damned. I'm really curious to see what you'll put underneath it... you'll turn heads, I'm sure!
Very cutting edge, and you did a beautiful job, as usual, on it.
Very fun! I love the color wrapping about like that. It'll look great on the little fluffy bunny. It'll be cold soon enough.
Great Sweater! So unique! Can't wait to see the wacky dancing photos :o)
very avant garde...where are the wack dancing rabbit shots?... :) If you vogue I'll send you chocolates. ============================== Note by Becky: you just know that I'm going to totally Vogue, right?
Very cutting edge and I love it! I would wear it!
Awesome. I love it and know it will look great on you.
Good choice of design! That is really unusual, stylish, DIFFERENT. You will look fabulous in it.
Oh my goodness!!! Girl, you have created a gorgeous sweater. I'm very new to knitting...I'm still working on my first scarf. I've been lurking on your site for a while though just looking and drooling over all your beautiful creations. Thank you so much for your inspiration!!
Becky, what a fab sweater! You did an outstanding job constructing it. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I am adding you to my bloglines so that I can stop back and say hey!
Oh Becky it's awesome! I love too that you liked it for it's design and not for it's wearable-ness. It makes me think of Issey Miyake, whose patterns I have always found interesting, whether I could actually wear them or not....
All I can say is Wow. WOW.
aahhhh! I can't believe you made that! It's wonderful and I just noticed it in my rowan 34 (just got it monday). I love that you made it longer, please wear and dance. thank you :)
Wow. That's more than just a knit top, it's a work of art! Despite all the heckling about your neutrals, I must admit that this is the perfect color for this pattern. It just wouldn't be the same in an, ahem, butt-ugly variegated yarn. I finally realize how you finished it so fast! 7mm needles. I imagine that something so interestingly crafted would make the knitter want it to be finished faster... ^_^ Again, great knit. I just don't understand why it was a mystery knit. Just to keep us in suspense? You sneaky bunny, you!
It looks just fabulous. I was thinking about a sweater that I love which has no practical aspects to it at all just today and thinking that I may tweak it (to make it all the more impractical my deary) and work it up stat. I think this post of yours was fated to give me the final push. I can't wait to see what you put under it!
that is completely and utterly wonderful!
Wow...very different! I bet it is going to look fabulous on you.
I love it! Great name too.
Hmm... seems like either way it goes with those knitting godesses, we end up eating chocolate. I'm sure you'll wear that sweater with pizazz. Will you wear it to school?
Leah Sutton has created some fabulous designs. I have always been intrigued and attracted by them, thinking at the same time that they are not for me... your Mystery Project has turned out to be a great surprise. It looks really great close up and hope you'll show a picture of you wearing it sometime.
Wow!! It's gorgeous. Love it, love it, love it. Can't wait to see you in it. A definite "Matrix" sweater - but then again, I could always reference everything to Keanu! ;)
I know I'm going to love whatever outfit you think up to showcase this great piece -- I also know it'll be something I never could have thought of myself! I like that you knit it in such an extremely neutral color. "Mouse" was a great choice, even if it gave you fits to find enough yarn to finish.
Wild sweater, very sexy (especially worn with the right lingerie - or none, he he).
I love it! I shall be eating chocolate in celebration with you! Much chocolate. Celebreation! Chocolate...Mmmmmm...
How interesting. I agree with you--it's like sculpture, really. I can't wait to see you wear it...If anyone can pull it off, it'll be you!
gorgeous, I love it!
This is a totally awesome sweater! And, now you are back to school, you can design the perfect blouse for it, too! Have you tried it with some type of Tshirt yet? What is the fiber content of the cork yarn? I usually just buy wools of various types so I've never given a skein of cork the touch and feel test.
That looks like so much fun! Awesome job.
Fantastic!! I. want. it. It looks like something Tina Turner would have worn in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, you could spike your hair and wear with some pointy ankle boots and fishnets. lol. I wonder what you'll wear underneath. If I wore it, I wouldn't wear anything. ; )
That's a really interesting sweater and it looks great!
Hahaha! Je l'avais deviné! Dès que j'avais vu ce début de tricot, je m'étais dis "ça ne peut être que lui, ce petit pull dont je rêve depuis si longtemps". Héhé, dans ma tête j'ai gagné... ;) Très beau tricot au fait!
It really is a "Matrix" sweater! Mouse was even, ironicaly, a character in the first movie. I love yours and now I want one too. Gotta go by Rowan 34 now! I wonder what an appropriat substitute yarn would be?
My heart missed a beat when I saw the holes. ;) Upon checking it out, I think it looks kinda cool. Very 'runway', in fact. I can imagine it.
WOW...i guess i'm gobsmacked. Do you think a plain tee would work?
I have that same issue of Rowan, and hadn't really noticed that pattern in the book, but I like yours so much I may consider it now. Nice work!!!!
mmmKeanu ^_^ What a gorgeous sweater - it looks so different to your "average knitted sweater". Excellent! And I love the way you write your posts, they do make me chuckle! x
I love it!
that is so freakin gorgeous it's making my brain vibrate! excellent work! can't wait to see the dancing pics!
Cool sweater. Very cutting edge. Best wishes for your second year at fashion school. Sounds like a lot of fun as well as hard work. Wish I had more spare time to spend on textile-related activity!
i am in awe. it is *beautiful*!! i haven't seen this design before... i absolutely love it. different, sexy, modern... and you'll make it wearable because you're stylin' like that :) can't wait to see what you layer it with!
WOW! I think that is a great sweater and beautifully done as always. I can't wait to see you model it. I think it will be really fun to wear!
What a stunner of a design of Leah Sutton's! I love it and it is definitely Matrix-y in the "Mouse" colorway and reverse stockinette. I loved being kept in suspense!
The sweater looks great. It's moved off and on my list of potential projects over the last couple of years--I love it, but will I wear it? It's great to see a real-world version finished. I might end up putting it back in the queue.
OMG! The wait was WORTH IT! BRAVA! I have always wanted to see this in the *flesh* and there you go! Thanks for getting the weekend party started...
mystery indeed!! This is so not something that I would have pictured your knitting, but it is RIDICULOUSLY cool! I cannot wait to see how it looks on you.
That is such an interesting design! What a good lookin' sweater. When will we see this sweater on the Skinny Rabbit?
This is wild. It seems different to the other garments i have seen you knit. Amazing. Mia
Wowie! Very edgy. You make me want to knit that one. How dare you! :)
Wow, wow and even more wow - oh, did i say wow yet? What an incredible sweater!
I love it! I've always been drawn to that design, but never got round to making it myself. It's one of a kind! I'm looking forward to seeing it modelled too.
Wow! That's an amazing sweater. Constructing it must've been very interesting!

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