September 20, 2004

And the knitting blab resumes.

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1) First, I must share a wonderful surprise gift package I received from the talented Emma: Stitch markers hand-made using some very posh glass beads and two pairs of hand-knit socks in beautiful yarns! [Click here to see it all.] Oh my goodness. I'm so terrifically spoiled by my knitting buds. Wearing gorgeous socks hand-knit especially for one's narrow rabbit feet by a friend makes one feel like dancing and kicking around like The Lord of the Dance. I have the best-socked feet in the region! Thank you, Emma. [P.S. I wore the blue picot-edged ones over the weekend, and I'm now wearing the striped ones. Lovely, lovely!]

2) Now, on to my own (rather fruitless) knitting. I present to you: The sweater that will never be. Last week I worked on the sleeve of a wrap cardigan with a shawl collar from the latest Phildar Automne using Cecilia in Poudre, and I was so NOT enjoying it. I'd find myself knitting a row or two, and then putting it down so I could do something else. The yarn is very fluffy and very pretty, and the design is nice and feminine, but it just wasn't clicking with me. So I stopped working on it altogether, and discovered that I was relieved to do so. That means one thing: I'm not gonna knit it if it doesn't click with me. So, who wants it? 10 skeins of Cecilia in Poudre. [Click here to see the yarn.] With the exception of 2, all skeins are intact. The remaining 2 skeins are in the sleeve I knit, but will be carefully unravelled and rolled back into skeins. No swap this time. All 10 skeins in exchange for the price I paid + shipping, and I will include the receipt in the package and maybe some candy if you are a sweet tooth like me. Write me if you are interested in this yarn. [Edited to mention that the yarn is going to Carol in the US. Enjoy the yarn, Carol!]

3) Now, your opinion, por favor: I haven't seen the latest issue of Rebecca in person, but the previews shown at the Rebecca site look good. I'm tempted to get it. How excellent (or not) is the latest issue?

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what an awesome gift from emma. her markers are incredible and the socks, WOW! bummer about the cardigan, but that yarn will scooped up by some lucky reader and then you'll be on to some other fabulous sweater! and as far as the rebecca goes (just my opinion) it was not what i expected. i have loved just about all the issues i have picked up in the past, but this one left me feeling like something was missing. i got the feeling they have new designers or something. i posted larger pics of my favorites if you are interested. i have only had a first glance of the mag, but it did seemed a little lacking in the umph department.
Emma is just the best, isn't she? Your lucky, lucky feet! Too bad about the cardigan but sometimes it doesn't just click - I've made this discovery recently as well. Better to stop sooner rather than later. Life's too short to be spent knitting items you 'sort of like' rather than 'love to pieces'.
I love those stitch markers, I wish I knew how to make them. With all the pretty beads at la drougerie... there would be a new problem in my flat :) Do you know if we can get Rebecca here? I have been interested in this one and the last one (can I be a Jacke en Apricot/black copy cat?)
Go for Rebecca. I think I might have to track that issue down myself.
Some knitting weekends are like that...lots of knitting but not much to show for it. I'll bet there is something fabulous waiting for you in the Rabbit Stash.
I have the new Rebecca mag and love it. There are quite a few patterns that intrigue me. I especially like a fuzzy bolero and the cover sweater.
The new Rebecca...Lots of cables, lots of collars, lots of 'fizzy' (I don't know why but that's the word mohair-like yarns make me think of) pieces using the new Amelia yarn or Soft Kid. When I received the magazine, I felt the previews contained the best patterns. That being said, if I can find 2 or 3 patterns I'd consider making, I'm happy, and I've already dogeared all the pages ;)
The new Rebecca isn't as great as last year's issues in my opinion, but there are a few sweet patterns that are definately worth the purchase. The yars they choose are fab though, very soft and fun to work with.-
What a lucky rabbit to receive such wonderful socks! As to ripping -- well, at least it is only a sleeve, and you figured out you didn't want to do it before you got too far. I am looking back at the Banff I made last winter and thinking that the Manos was a poor choice and that I want to rip the whole thing out and use it for something else...
Hi Becky! As some other bloggers, I like the new Rebecca, even if I have the feeling it is not so crowded of patterns I absolutely want to think. But on my opinion a magazine with just two/three patterns I really like is worth buying and Rebecca is not as expensive as Rowan magazines.
I am all in favor of cutting one's losses, knitting-wise. Especially considering all the projects you knit, no point in spending time with one you don't like. And Emma--how fun to see who got the sox! LOVE the picot edged ones. Perfect for jazzing up sneakers and capri-length jeans. The Adorable Mommy look.........xoxox Kay it's a dancing rabbit in stocking feet! Very lush to get a gift like that! I love that you, being a badass knitter, can decide when enough is enough and to move on. It is supposed to be fun after all, eh? YEAH! Who is the Boss?!
As you've said many times, it's all about the knitting love. That goes for you, too! Absolutely the right decision to pull the plug, pretty as the yarn may be. Haven't seen the new Rebecca yet but it's on its way to me. Your glorious "Jacke" from the spring issue (which I had previously looked at and decided not to buy -- that has now been remedied) led me to conclude that sometimes I scan the pictures too fast (could it be the impatient children standing next to me saying "Mom, aren't you done YET?") and don't really appreciate what I'm seeing. And as Marta pointed out, Rebecca isn't a huge investment as pattern mags go. I'll let you know if I'm singing a different tune when it arrives!
Now that's a "REAL" lucky rabbit's foot! I am devastated that you're not making the wrap vintage jacket. I love that pattern and have filed it away in my peabrain. Perhaps the stockinette marathon was just too dull?
Oooh, you have narrow feet, too? Aren't they a pain? I can't stand going to the shoe store and seeing all the cute shoes that I can't wear because they are too wide! (why oh WHY can't BORN make narrows? Why?) Errrgh. :) Your gifties are so pretty! Too bad about the cardi, that's a bummer. But better stop than suffer through the whole thang, after all.
Lucky lucky Rabbit ! I LOVE the blue socks especially !
The new Rebecca features lots of patterns for big needles. I prefer to knit with needles size 5mm or smaller, and this issue was not made for me.
I am just waiting for the new Rebecca to arrive....any day any day now! I've looked at the previews and there are a few items which I am sure will be hitting my to do list in the near future.
You are one lucky rabbit...not only do you get gifts you can also undo a wrong purchase...I took a look at the link for the new Rebecca, and Naaa I don't think this one is for you, it just does not spell rabbit style. =)
Wow, what a stash! Those socks are absolutely gorgeous. I *must* pick up my sock knitting again -- I have narrow feet too, and what better way to get perfectly fitted socks than to knit them! Good for you for putting away a not-clicking-with-ya project. It's all about the knitting love!!
I was really disappointed with the new Rebecca, I like fitted sweaters with interesting details and found that a lot of the patterns were very similar, plain and boring. I also got the Rowan Ribbon Twist book and I'm knitting Nancy. The yarn is incredibly lush and so fast to knit, I finished the back in one night. Knitting with those big needles is a pain though.
You look very beautiful in your Carla. I think it wouldn't look good on anybody: it fits you perfectly because you are slim. It's a big yarn! I love the phildar "cache-coeur" pattern, so I hope I'll enjoy it if I knit it!I've never knit with Cecilia yet...hope I'll like it!
Thanks for your input re the Rebecca! Everybody's input has got me thinking. Maybe I should get the German edition (only 5 euros!) from Germany and take a closer look at the designs. If one sincerely calls to me, I'll invest in the English version from overseas. I do like collecting magazines so the German edition will be fun to have even if I don't knit anything from it. Re my abandoned knitting project: Silvia pinpointed what made the project not click for me. I knew it wasn't the yarn, because I've swatched and used this yarn before. But once I got a few cms past the ribbing, I had no further interest in knitting the sweater in spite of the fabulousness of that shawl collar and wrap around closure. Now I realize that all those rows of stockinette st in the pale color must have made me lose interest. I'd do it in another color, but somehow this sweater seemed to work best in a pale color. Still, I might go back to the store and take another look at all the colors again.

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