September 19, 2002

Janet rocks, people.

When going away for the weekend with friends always take your knitting with you. Because that weekend might unexpectedly stretch out to four or five days, like my own weekend did. But! I had my knitting with me, and was able to finish my pink and orange sweater. As the fabric is so stretchy, I decided to seam it using the backstitch, which I find to be stronger than the mattress stitch but sometimes causes the seams to require blocking because they are so thick. Today I blocked the seams and then decided to throw the sweater in the gentle rinse cycle because it had been hauled all over the place so much it could have pretty much stood up by itself from all the dust it had accumulated. (When it dries I'll post pictures of it.)

In other great news, when I got back from my long weekend I found a wonderful present waiting for me in my mailbox: Two Rebecca magazines, numbers 22 and 24! All bright and shiny and screaming at me to pull out the needles right now. Yes, two Rebecca's! Sent to me by my pal, the very fabulous Janet. I am touched by such a thoughtful gift. Thank you so much, Janet!

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Is that Giboulees wool, becky? It looks like fun!
It is! I haven't swatched yet, but I can't wait to do it. This yarn is so soft and bumpy, and very thick. Looks like it's going to be fun knitting :-)

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