September 18, 2006

New project alert!

I've got two projects well on their way to finishdom: Captain Destructo's Linen Jacket (I'm picking up the zipper tomorrow during my lunch hour and as soon as I get it I'm sewing it IN) and my Mystery Project (which is all knit up and ready for seaming, thanks to Ling), so I figured that I could get away with casting on for a new project:

Oh! Wee cables!
[Click here to ZOOM OUT.]

It's the beginnings of a sleeve of what I call the Buttoned Cabled Jacket from Phildar's Collections Automne, and I just started it so I'd have some knitting to take with me to school. This sleeve is small and fits safely in my bag; the CeCe Cardi sleeve with its double pointed needles and the Ultra Femme with its circular knitting are just not portable for me in consideration of the kind of stuff I carry. (If you saw all the tools I have to take with me to school you'd wonder how I even manage to carry any knitting at all, no matter how small.) I wish I had more to show on this sleeve, but I've been sneaking in just one or two rows here and there in between breaks. I'm not working on this project at home yet - my Mystery Project and my CeCe Cardi are the projects that are getting the attention during my evening knitting.

Speaking of school, I've got a BIG and BUSY year ahead of me - much busier than last year. In addition to the courses for Fashion Illustration/Design and Pattern Making (the dual degree I'm taking), I've got advanced levels of other courses I started taking last year, including Modèle Vivant (Life Drawing [with nude model]), Marketing, Textiles, Photoshop, Illustrator, Modaris (pattern design software) and Produit Mode (Fashion Product). I've also got courses to follow in Art and Fashion History at the Musée des Tissus, not to mention all the contests and competitions that we are invited to participate in. And as for designing and drafting, we are focusing on tailleurs (tailored suits), sportswear (jeans, jackets, skiwear, etc.), coats and trench coats, all which require detail and planning. I leave for school 7:15 a.m., and am in school all day - every day - and get out in time to pick up my Captain Destructo. (My son goes to a private school that lets out very late in the afternoon, like many other schools in France.) I'm still going to be knitting because I NEED MY KNITTING (it's cathartic, bay-bee), but there will be times when I won't be able to knit very much or will only do so sporadically. But even if I've got just a few centimeters of progress to show, I'll try to keep the blog updated frequently for all my blog friends who I know come by often to see what I'm up to. Love the blog friends!

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Super cute cardigan. Can't wait to see the progress! Sounds like you are in for some busy days. Have fun at school:)
Soooo....when do you sleep? ================================ Note by Becky: Sometimes, I don't. (Worked as a lawyer in a big firm for nearly ten years. Doing that can make you immune to sleeping.)
When I was in college, I had a figure drawing class and one day while I was at work, I saw this guy who looked really familiar and I couldn't place him. I couldn't figure it out until our next class, where I realized I had been seeing him nude for a few weeks.
Wow. When will you find time to sleep? Have a great time and I'll be checking in for the knitting and sewing progress.
Cables, cables, cables!!! Love it! School!?! Sounds like an exciting semester for you. I took life drawing much fun...especially the model whose legs were two different lengths. :)
Reading about your classes made me a little dizzier, and dizzier still when I realized that, bien sur, all of your classes must be en francais! I have exhausted most of my French writing this comment, and commend you on your multilinguisity. (I just made that up... it's my OWN LANGUAGE!) =============================== Note by Becky: You're right! All of my courses are in French. The only class we have in English is, well, English and I'm exempt from that class. Woo hoo!
Good luck in your classes! You're like our own Project Runway contestant, what with all the sketches and the fashioning.
Oh Becky, it sounds so exciting. Your classes sound great, and we will all look forward to your updates, with or even without knitting to show for it!!
Love the deep grey as well as both 2006 Phildar Automne mags (just received mine)! Much admiration for your design sense and your stamina.
Gotta love the manic rabbit! Thank goodness you have to knit, cause we gotta see the knitting!!
I wish you the best of luck, Becky!
I'm a little afraid we may lose you to a couture house! :) Keep up the blogging when you can. I love the fashion blogging as well.
I agree with Julia - I enjoy the fashion blogging almost as much as the knitting! As for portable projects - it's hard to beat socks! (I'm not giving up.) :o)
ahhh, my fave type of peeps are those like me who don't sleep. When it gets bad...g-d gives us Ambien. Can't wait to see the Haute Couture from the Rabbit...for the Winter season. :)x/o
Your schedule makes me sleepy just reading about it. I love the newest project you started. Phildar has some really wonderful patterns. I wish I could read French!
Well it does sound like alot of work, but heck - those classes sound SO FUN! If only it didn't take me forever to pay those student loans off for my fashion degree, I'd be right there with you. Well after a stop at Berlitz to learn French of course...
You are an inspiration to all! Reading your blog is starting to unclog my fabric-based fear of failure!
Good luck with your classes and workload! You will do great. The cardigan is going to be really cute.
Now, I really need you to let out your secrets on keeping awake for long hours so that I can knit more!
I'm in cable mania too...Celtic is addictive! I suppose it's a good thing we've had a brief return of warm weather, because it definitely makes you put down the felted tweed and do a little more work on some of those languishing summer projects... First blustery day though? Back to my cables!
I think that it's good that you prioritize.. Meaning that I dooooo recognize the subtle hint that you won't be as postyposty for a whiiiiile. That's okay. I think it's good for all of us to remember that you ARE a busy lady, with lots of things to do...and have more to do than knitknitknit and show the world. ^_^ Your new projects look great, really. I think they're all turning out great. I can't wait to see what you're gonna be doing with the cork!
Don't cha love finishing things so you can start more things!! Can't wait to see them. Your course sure sounds busy, but also very interesting!!! To echo Elizabeth, socks are a very portable knit!!
Oh my goodness, you are going to be even busier this year? Make sure you carve out time to sleep.
I wish you the best of luck in your classes! They sound busy, but fun, too. You seem like such a natural at Fashion design :).
Thanks for the good wishes. I'm really looking forward to this year. Lots of things to learn!
oh figure drawing. I loved it in art school. I wish I could still do it sometimes...but then I think yeah right! I haven't been able to draw in years, I have probably forgotten how!! Hope you have a fabulous year in school!!!!
It sounds like you will be very busy for school, but also very exciting. It's good that school lets out in time for you to pick up the Capt. I know I love seeing and hearing what you're up to. Blog when you can and enjoy your new year of school!
I love this new project of yours! Your school program for this year looks heavy indeed... Hope you find some (spare) time to keep us informed of what you're up to knitting wise and otherwise... even school work!
Wow, Becky, I'm tired from just looking at your course list! Love the cabled jacket, and of course we stop by frequently just to check in on you :)
I'm tired just reading that!
Wow, busier than last year?? Here's a title for your memiors, "Hop Rabbit Hop" Can't wait to see the school projects along with knitting. I wish you the best this year!
Woo baby! You are one busy woman! Have fun with the classes, and knitting , and running around....etc...etc...
can't wait to see the wonderful projects that come out of this busy year at school! it sounds very intense but very rewarding... funny how busy-ness is so much better when you're doing something you love. the new project looks great too... love the way those cables pop!
Wow! Everything's already been said above, so I'll just add my well-wishes to the heap and request sewing/pattern/etc. updates when you're interested in sharing. I love seeing what you come up with!
sounds like a crazy, but awesome year! i know you'll have a great time -- holla for refreshments!
Wow Becky! What a schedule! And, it so cool to think you used to be a lawyer and now you are doing the really cool stuff. I often wonder what it would be like to ditch my job and do the stuff I really love full time; it sure seems like that's what you've done! OK, I do like my job most of the time, and it certainly is allowing me to support a a major, major stash habit. I enjoyed your comment about knitting being cathartic - - my theory is that whatever I spend on yarn and books has to be cheaper than therapy. The new sweater looks fabulous and I can't wait to see your school projects. Good luck and keep us posted on it all!
And we love you! Best of luck with your busy school year ahead!
I love that cabled jacket, looks like the perfect thing for fall. I envy your stamina too, mine flew the coup a several years ago. Can't wait to see what your new school year brings to the land of blog. Good luck, Becky!
I wish Phildar would make their patterns in English too. They would be at the top of my list. This so pretty the chunky cables. Really like seeing this. Such a cool days you get to have. Way cool!
Good luck in the upcoming school year. I remember being overworked in fourth year and suddenly thinking, "I'm paying them to do this to me?!" But getting a degree was well worth the effort.
It's funny how quickly knitting becomes a necessity. A need. The cables look lovely. Perfect transportable knitting
Wow! I'm exhausted just reading your schedule. And on top of that you knit and are a mom and wife. Zowie. I think the title of your bio would more properly be Run, Rabbit, Run, but I guess that's a little too close to Updike, huh? Love the cardigan and can't wait to see it in three or fours years when it's finished. (Who am I kidding? You'll probably have it done before the cold weather sets in.) Study hard and be a star!
if not knitting, show whatever you do super rabbit! you are always another inspiration to me..
You're going to be really busy this year!!! Bon courage!
It does sound busy but very very exciting. I remember art school too - lots of work but one of the best times of my life. Sending good wishes to you from Brooklyn!
Would love to see anything and everything you are working on in school. Probably because I am biased more towards sewing these days. Your sewing and design projects are very inspiring. Please keep those posts coming (when you can, of course!)
oooo, le frou-frou! The new sweater's going to be so pretty. Although how you're going to have time to knit all those frills is beyond me. Do show us all your work, whether it's knitting or not - you're the biggest rock star in KnitBlogLand!
Your year will be a busy one! Post when you can, you know we love to see your knitting projects!
Hello there again, I see that you have this peice on circular needles. I just bought my first circulars today and I really like knitting with them. I'm a very new knitter and I find them to be less awkward than regular needles. I adore your site, by the way!

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