September 18, 2005

Direct from Lyon:

The Wrappy, Jacket.
(Oops! Please pardon my workout clothes.)

Skinny Rabbit Runway Review for Fall: Enormous boxy sleeveless Wrappy Jacket with giant gaping armholes worn over workout pants and t-shirt for casual look. Half-skein of yarn hanging from one end and live stitches on one side are left on super-long bamboo circular needle for edgy touch.

Just kidding.

That's the progress on my Wrappy Jacket as of today, and as you can see: Night Knitter Rabbit is still knittin'! And doesn't the Wrappy Jacket as shown above kind of look like a coat one would find on the cover of a 1970s knitting mag? We think so, too.

In sewing news, look at the buffet of sewing patterns Miss Silvia sent to me! Those Vogue patterns are fabulous, and I think I'd like to make some trousers in lightly pinstriped gray wool for winter using one of them. Yep...looks like next weekend is slotted for some fabric shopping and a date with the sewing machine. (A home date with my own sewing machine, that is. We've started playing around with industrial machines and sergers in pattern-drafting at fashion school. We're going to create our own designs soon, so we've already started learning how to do fashion drawing and I'll get my own dress form at school. Ahhhhhhhh! How I wish I could bring the dress form home with me on the metro!)

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definitely 70s magazine cover material. you are really making progress! ooh, a dress form! man, there are three classes being offered this fall that i've had to pass on -- knitting techniques with shirley paden, sewing pattern drafting and making your own duct tape dress form. i'll have to live vicariously through you!
There is nothing like a knitting needle hanging around your upper body area...that is a nice touch, real cutting edge fashion! :) Glad to see you still are able to fit in some night knitting!
Oooo!! I've used a serger before. I love them. The ends are so nicely bound off...
careful with the industrial machines. i managed to sew through my finger with one. on the plus side for me when i went to the er in shock it didn't hurt, but everone else there was grossed out. (and you're keeping thrilled. after studying abroad in tours now i'm moving to germany. can't wait to see if the german patterns/kits live up to the french one's you've shown here. hope the do!) good luck with all your sewing, and school. yeaaaaa! :) (sorry, i'm a bit um. excited today)
YIKES. Don't worry, everyone: There are finger guards on the industrial machines at the school I attend in order to keep everyone's digits intact. I can't imagine using one of those machines without one!
LOL! your funny :)
So chic, rabbit! You and your Wrappy Jacket are runway material for sure.. but perhaps in that case you should call it le jacket wrappee (my computer won't make the accent mark.) hee. And um, couldn't you put a hat and a long trench on that dress form, and walk it right on out with you like a very sick friend who needs your support? Said friend would then give up their seat to a very tired or older person on the Metro, preferring in it's non-bendy-ness to stand, of course. :) exciting! A dress form! How are you finding school? Are you loving it? Do you go to class/lectures, then "labs"??? Is there alot of homework??? How in the world are you fitting in your knitting?? You're such an inspiration!
Hee hee! Kathy's idea is a riot :-) School is great so far. We have lectures on several different subjects on Mondays and class/"labs" all other days. It's pretty intensive, but I'm really enjoying it; the day goes by so quickly when I'm there.
Seriously, after you get your slopper made for your own body you should make your own dress form for home use. It will save you countless hours in the future for late night homework for class. There is nothing worse than cramming for your final project and wishing you could just stitch it by hand on a dress form other than yourself.
Ooh, I'm very intrigued by the idea of industrial machines and sergers. I haven't even tested a serger at a store yet. I just bought a brand new dress form last week! It was on major sale, and should arrive this week. I can't wait. I also can't wait to hear more about your adventures at school and see what you come up with for designs.
Ooh hooray for dress forms! i am so jealous - fashion drawing! how exciting. Not that you need it, you're built like a fashion drawing anyway, you could just hand in photos of yourself.
Silvia is just setting you up so that you lose all interest in yarn and send her your stash. Trust me on this one. ;-)
Woo Hoo! I start classes tomorrow! EEEKKK. Glad you're having fun at school.
I think you should absolutely bring your dress form home on the Metro. I've seen far stranger things on the New York subway, I assure you! :)
Oh the dress form. How many times I've passed on getting one! (That is in the days I sewed regularly). And keeping up with knitting! I'm impressed!
Oh! Your own dress form! Sorry, I'm back. I was wishing I had one too... ;-) "Edgy touch." You're FUNNY, rabbit.
Oh how exciting! I went to FIT in NY (and FIDM in SF) and when I had "homework"--which was all the time btw--I was sewing and drawing and drafting. It didn't look like homework to my tradtionally minded friends, but homework none the less. We also have industrial machines at work and when I have to use them I'm always scared of pressing too hard and slicing though my finger. Have you found out about the pearl eding machine? I love that one...
You are doing AMAZING things! I, too, am a "Born-Again Freshman" ( ;-) and spend time studying courses in liberal arts at a local college. You're efforts are wonderfully beautiful!
The needles add that touch of edge...and the armholes give me that just watched Bladerunner feeling. ;) ooo can't wait to see you unveil your first design!
Dress form. *sigh* How fun is that? How fun is FASHION SCHOOL?!?! I'm so excited for you. And the wrappy jacket looks just smashing.
I like the edgy look - it works great for you. :-) You're making me want to get some patterns and sew myself some clothes. Sigh. I don't know if I can handle the stress!
And here I thought the dangling needle was there for self-defense... Nope, still not tempted to sew...but looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
You should make a papier mache head for the dress form... maybe then it would pass off as a person in the metro! hehe ;)
So B, what are we lifting (besides needles and pens) these days - those are some fabulously TONED ARMS, mama... Glad to hear School Days are trippin' the light fantastic!
hehe Sound like you are really having fun. Maybe you'd find a way to sneak your dress form out after a while. My 1st experiment failed, wrong tape. I'll post only if my second one works. LOL
You have the most stunning site. I can't believe, (well, of course I can...) that somebody can both write and knit so wonderfully. This from a novice knitter but a writer of some experience. And on top of it you look gorgeous in the things you knit. Wow!!!
You are doing such a beautiful job on the Wrappy Jacket. Can't wait to see the finished project. I've always wanted a dress form. Put a slinky 1920's dress on it, maybe a hat for compliment and use it as a decoration in the boudoir.
I meant to write before, the Maestro does not always let me. I think Fashion school is "right up your sleeve" =) sounds like lots of fun and I can't wait for you to have your own buisness. Consider me your first customer :-D

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