September 15, 2004

I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my...

Finally, a finished Carla!

This is the still-stand-like-a-mannequin shot.
[Click here for the BIG "Look, Ma! No hands!" shot.]
[And here are your silly dancing shots, pally.]

Of all the things I knit this summer, Carla is my husband's favorite. (Hm...could that peek-a-boo lace have anything to do with it? [Wriggles eyebrows.]) I like it, too. It's not the sort of top I'm used to wearing, and that is one of the reasons why I wanted to knit it. Now that I've finished Carla, I think it's going to be my favorite thing to wear for breezy evenings and crisp summer days.

The sleeves are worked with embroidery, which adds interest. [Wanna see a closeup of the sleeves? Sure you do. Click here.] The instructions read to "pull yarn tightly", but pulling too tightly will shorten the sleeves up to above your wrists in the manner favored by Herman Munster. Pull tightly to create the little "x's", and then gently pull on the sleeves lengthwise to recover some ease.

[Don't forget the BIG CLOSEUP of the finished sleeve.]

Project details: Carla from Rowan's It's a Tape Thing. XS size. Rowan Cotton Tape in Glint, 7 skeins. Bamboo needles for better grip. No blocking of the pieces before seaming. Pieces were joined using mattress stitch. (Tight edge stitches are a must!) Garment was blocked after all pieces were joined by rinsing in cold water and running through gentle spin cycle, then placed on a flat surface to dry. Wait for it to dry sitting down, because drying takes a loooooong time. Why I like it: Cool yarn. Nice pattern. Quick knit. Interesting sleeves. Sweater makes the husband wriggle his eyebrows when he sees it on. Over and out.

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i'm breathless...carla is beautiful...just awesome. the color, the details...i'm green with envy. it looks great on you!
Carla looks very sexy on you ! Love all the photos,especially the fab disco hair. :0)
Gorgeous! I'm guessing you never need to buy clothes, except for pants? Your wardrobe has got to be to die for.
Nice. I especially like the neckline on you, and the sleeve detail is genius. I would love to know which of your many projects you actually end up wearing, and which you don't. For example, Carla might be seriously useful as a summer coverup, and then might not. For myself, I'm seriously considering ripping out a project or two that I just don't wear.
Carla is amazing! You did a beautiful job!
That is a gorgeous sweater, but I am getting a little suspicious, because everything looks better on you than it does in the magazines. I think you just wear them all extremely well!
Freakin' gorgeous. That's all I have to say.
Very cute! As always I love your detailed information about the pattern, the knitting, the yarn and your close-up photos.
Oooh la la, another winner from the wee rabbit! Everything you make is so perfectly and meticulously executed. It's rather sickening, really. Hee hee.
Ooh la la! I love love love it!! Those sleeves are too cool and so are you. :)
Tres soignee, all over again!
Another great success! Carla is loverly, and your closeups and explanations are wonderful tutorials for the less knittingly gifted of us. I'm with Claudia -- I want to know: Do you ever finish things that you just don't wear? What makes you dissatisfied with them? And what do you do with them?
The embroidery work on the sleeves is beautiful. Wonderful job as usual :)
carla is lovely! your knitting is beautifully done--when are you going to start designing knitwear for the rest of us?
Hubba hubba, indeed! Carla looks awesome. Much better on you than in the magazine. That is definitely going on my to-knit list. (which seems to be growing, and growing, and growing....)
Hi Becky, I am soo becoming a fan of yours. I love everything you knit, even the chicken, lol! I love the sweater and the website, keep up the good work. BTW, I'm curious too, do you wear all of your knitted clothes? And how does Caption Destructo like school? My son had a fight on the third day. :(
I love Carla. It's not a model I would have singled out, and yet on you it looks stunning - as does everything you knit.
looks great! what i like about your finished projects is that they fit you so well. you a genius!
Hi Becky, Carla is just gorgeous and also gorgeous on you! Well done! Roxanne.
I hve a confession to make, I haven't really understood what all the fuss was about with carla - until now. WOW. Makes me want to knit it, but, um, way to scary for me at this point. I too would like to know how much of your output you wear and what you do with those that never get worn...
Awesome Carla Becky!!! You're making me want to knit that now... think it would be that flattering on a preggo bump?? heeheehee
OH MY! That is just GORGEOUS!! I love it!! It looks wonderful on you too! Man I would love to have that sweater! You did a fantastic job making that. I love patterns with eyelets! It looks like it would be a fun project to make and wear!!! Congrats!
Methinks you should be a knitwear designer and you can model the clothes to boot! I even have the boyfriend asking "what did that woman in France make this week?" Ha, gotta love that!
Wow - of all the things you've knitted this summer, Carla is my favourite too. It looks so professional, and in it you look like you've just stepped off the catwalk! Also, thanks for the instructions - not only do you entertain, but you teach as well!
its gorgeous! once more you inspire me to want to start another project that I "copy" from your list...
Someday I want to comment here first..before everyone else says what I want to say! :) Beautiful knit... if I knit half as well as you someday I will be a happy woman.
I am amazed!!! I look at the in progress pictures and can not imagine how the sweaters will turn out. But I tune in today to another beautiful sweater! You are so gifted! Donna
beautiful, marvelous, fabulous! you never disappoint, Becky. :)
Tres chic, Becky! The sleeve details are simply superb!
Hi Beaky, Great lacy sweater ! It looks better than in the pattern book. I have a cotton tape sweater in Glint colour too, It is so comfortable to work with the yarn and so as to wear it.
I'm in with those saying you wear the sweaters you knit better than the models in the pattern books - Carla is one more example in the row. Very neat sweater, the fitted size looks oh so good, and the colour is fabulous.
Honey, you look FABULOUS. Love it. Looks light and airy and something in which to drink sweet, sparkly drinks....
oh! Très sexy, la Carla! I want one for my husband too. Uh... Let me rephrase that...
Becky, Carla has turned out so gorgeous! it's the perfect summer sweater. Congratulations! (I love your 80s disco hair :-))
Blimey.. that sweater is LOVELY! I'm really going to have to rethink my opinion of the tape-y stuff now... and possibly purchase another pattern book... and even more yarn... I'm blaming you!
Lovely Becky ! In the words of Rod Stewart "You wear it well !"
Fabulous, really nice :)
amazing! wonderful details. and thanks for the tips!
Carla looks fabulous on you.
Got the pattern, got the yarn, just need the time to knit Carla! Because yours looks so fab! Thanks for the sleeve close-up -- very cool!
[static] [beep] Carla is truly breathtaking. Over. Can't believe how awesome those sleeves turned out. Over. [static] Yarn budget firmly in place re:new house. But. Must knit Carla. We have a problem. I repeat, Houston, we have a problem. ;) HEK Out.
Sí!!!!!!!! Otro comentario más diciéndote cuánto te envidiamos por esa belleza que te hiciste. Es uno de los suéteres más sexies que vi hasta ahora en los blogs. No entiendo cómo lográs que los calados te queden tan perfectos... Si vieras los míos!!! Felicitaciones Becky!!! Cariños de Joji
C'est vraiment très joli!
yeah yeah, what Mariko said! Fabulouso!
HUBBA HUBBA! Carla est très sexy. Vous regardez très bon le portant!
Carla looks great! It makes me want to rush out and buy some cotton tap.
Yowza!! Carla is fantastic!
Oooo! Magnificent, Becky! Love it and you look divine! (as usual). What's up next? I can't wait. :) o pearl o
Wow - lucky for me your blog was the first one I stumbled on (via the SnB book). My eyes have been opened to the wonderful world of "online knitting". Thank you for being such an inspiration! Your knitting is FABULOUS, your teaching is generous and your personality seems to jump off the monitor. What a treat!
Wow! (have you heard that before...? ;)) Carla suits you so well. Very flattering! I almost feel bad for the rest of your sweaters that are getting the hip-check in favour of Carla on those breezy evenings and crisp summer days! Another job well done. Did you get the sweater for the Captain's best friend's baby brother done in time? It must be really cute!
Ooooh la la!!!
that is hot!! i'm still develping my knitting skills but i am definitely going to give carla a try! have to say i love your site and watching your projects in action. you go girl!
bada bing! What an attractive sweater...very cool. Best of all...dancing. *humming stayin alive* :) add me to the throngs of devoted rabbit fans. beautiful as always. :)
Sexy sexy hot mama you! I think this is one of MY favorite sweaters as well. If I could get a great deal on yarn, I'd be up for making more sweaters but they are just so expensive. Ten balls some times (I want to make a coat). But you get the idea. Bella!
Reiterating what everyone has already said, this is just gorgeous, as usual! I love checking here every so often to see what new beautiful object hath sprung from the Rabbit Needles.
Thank you, everyone! Merci! It motivates me when I read your comments, and it's always a bonus to hear from people who comment for the first time. Welcome, and thanks for visiting! Joji: Mil gracias, amiga. Si te das una vuelta por mi página de consejos, verás que no todo me sale bien. Jiji! What have I been wearing the most? My Rebecca jacket and my ribbon cardi because they can be pulled on and off easily, like a lightweight jacket. Audrey is more difficult, because if the temps suddenly go up during the day I can't just pull it off. Hehe. Carla is easier than Audrey, because I can wear a cotton tank underneath, so if I get warm I can take off Carla and just wear the tank. But now that the weather is cooler and stays that way all day, I'll be able to wear Audrey. (My Carla is slotted for early spring at the beach. I went to the beach in May, and even though it was sunny the weather was chilly. Carla would have been the perfect thing to wear because it looks so summery.) The things I knit this spring and summer are getting more wear than what I knit last spring and summer. Other than my pretty cotton jacket, I don't wear anything else I knit last year. I've got a bunch of tanks that rarely get worn, probably because I favor t-shirts to them. I hadn't considered ripping them out because it seems like a lot of work, but it does seem a shame that they're just sitting there. P.S. Re the Captain and school: School started off well as he is in the same class as a few of his friends, and he had been introduced to his new teacher last year when school let out. He is enjoying school right now, thankfully.
That is one. seriously. rockin. sweater. I must make one! Can't wait to see what you churn out next.
I love Carla! Fantastic and very well done. :) It looks better on you than on the model. Sadly, law school does not leave much time for knitting...
Carla looks scrummy - no wonder your husband loves it! I'm definitely going to try some tape this summer. I always think the start of school is harder for the Mum than the child! My big boy is off to borading school next year - it's only Mon-Fri but I sure will miss him.
G-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! I love it and can't wait to finish mine. Your sleeve detail is beautiful! I hope mine looks half as great as yours!
I must knit this!! It is so awesome, Becky, and you totally look fabulous wearing it. It's a little rockstar, I think! You go from classic to modern to rockstar so are a versatile knitter and model! GO SKINNY RABBIT!
Your Carla looks great!! It was fun to knit, don't you think?? I wish my sleeves were as long as yours! I look like I have gorilla arms when I wear mine.
once again, truly inspiring. This top is fantastic. Well done!
HOT-CHA-CHA! i love carla!! wow, you're really good, you! sprinkle some of that magic dust on me, pleasepleaseplease! :P
ACK! Where have I been?! That's gorgeous!! I've got a lot of catching up to do, I see. :p
Wow, looks great! That yarn looks fun, almost like shoelaces for knitting. You've got the perfect figure for modeling all your gorgeous knits.
I want the same for my boyfriend ;-). Carla is beautiful and the sleeves are perfect. Your knitting notes about Carla are beathtaking ... more than a thriller book... Chapeau !
You are so inspiring! Every time I come to your site, it makes me want to pick up my needles and try knitting again. I love that sweater! Fantastic job!
Becky! It's beautimous! You know that icy blue is on my Shade Hall of Fame. Way to work it! Ever inspiredly yours, A. (still jetlagged from the trip to New York--that hour's time difference is just SO CONFUSING)
Wosh ! I think this is the sexiest sweater you've ever knit ! Does your husband let you go shopping in Presqu'Ile wearing it ?
carla is awesome! you did beautiful work! thanks for posting the pics!
BEYOND FABULOUS! Another stunning FO from the ever fabulous Fluffa! Really, Becky, it is just gorgeous. You outdid yourself this season!
Just lovely! ya know you are one of the few people I know that can wear white trousers and still look slim =)
Wow. Very nice indeed.
Wow, that sweater is gorgeous, Becky!
Stunning!!!! That is the most beautiful sweater! What a clever rabbit you are!
Becky, I've never commented before, but I've been checking on your website regularly after stumbling upon it during endless websurfing for knitting. Anyway, you looked so fabulous in Carla, I just had to send a comment. Just beautiful! I also loved the Rebecca cardi - both of these are now going on my extremely long to knit list. Keep up the excellent and inspiring work - I will definitely keep checking back for more!
Becky, Why you are miss popular. You get more comments than all of us put together. LOL. I love, love, love Clara. You wear her very,very well. Sexy!!! Beautiful job as always! ;-)
I think this is my favorite garment on your site. Is the pattern available in the US? Is it easy enough for an intermediate/beginner like moi?
Well, I'm *way* behind the times since you finished this ages ago, but I just stumbled on your site yesterday (can't even remember how I got here, to be honest) and have now spent HOURS reading all about your fabulous projects, so I thought it was time to say "hello". I *love* Carla, and it looks fabulous on you. One of these days my knitting skills will enable me to tackle something so lovely! In the meantime, I'm going to live vicariously through you and work away on my very first pair of socks (I've been stalled since I hit the first heel)...thanks!
I am finally delurking. I have read your blog for a year and a half and bought the yarn for Carla because of your pictures. I was having a horrible time with the sleeve ambroidery and your close-up gave me the ah-ha moment I needed! You are an inspiring knitter!

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