September 14, 2006

Fancy a game of pick up sticks*?

Take out a red marker and circle this day on your calendar, friends. I finally decided to give in to my inner sock knitter and for the first time ever, have cast on for - get ready for this - a SOCK.

Just kidding. Me no knit socks. Actually, what you see on my needles there is the wee beginnings of the first SLEEVE of my CeCe Cardi. Such a jokester, I am. Hee hee!

*Double points always make me feel like I'm playing a game of pick up sticks.

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I can never decide if double pointed needles are like pick up sticks or evil octopuses with pointy tentacles... especially when you get to the top of a hat or something and only have a few stitches on each needle. But despite all that I love knitting in the round.
That was a cruel joke. ;-) But I think deep in my innermost being I knew you were kidding!
Oh, that wasn't even right! I thought you were about to cast on for a pair of socks! Oh well, such is life.
Heehee! Maybe I'd really knit a sock if I could get away with not knitting the pair AND I used Calmer.
But.... you always knit things flat. What happened...???
Ah, correction: I don't always knit things flat. While I prefer to knit things flat, I'll knit something in the round if it'll work better for the garment or pattern. I've knit several things in the round, and poking around my gallery will show them. But again, I prefer to knit things flat.
Hehee... I already started guessing which socks you have chosen, and the first ones that came to mind were the knee highs from the latest Rowan. They would suit you. :-)
Actually, I'd be lying if I said that I didn't fall in love with those when I saw them. I would seriously get in touch with my inner knitter by starting with those stockings. They. Are. FAB.
Joker, I already believed you, and started think about all the fabby socks you would knit in the future. But good to see that Cece is advancing. I'm longing for Calmer, but it is not on my to-knit-list for a while, I think. The good thing with lists is that you can reschedule them.
You had me going there! I was about to chalk one up for the sock knitters! I don't know what size your DPNs are, but knitting with US 1s is definitely like pick-up sticks!
Silly Rabbit! Tricks are for kids! (pun intended) You should so try those knee highs. I could definitely see the rabbit in knee highs. :)
You had me going there for a minute... Still, you should totally try socks. You'll never go back once you do!
I'll admit...I fell for it. I couldn't wait to see what kind of socks you were knitting!
Tee hee! Funny one! Sock yarn is fun ought to try it...LOL! I haven't knit a lot of socks in my "knitting life" either but I do enjoy the DPNs.
Very sneaky of you! DPN's are fiddly things aren't they?
You silly silly rabbit! I couldn't believe you were going to knit socks!! When I used to watch my MIL knitting with double points, I thought "I will never be able to do that!" Now I can knit better than her!
Oh, I think you would make a fabulous sock knitter! And you could always use 2 circs. It's so much nicer, for lots of reasons.
When I saw it I thought, "Ha, yeah, right." They could've been the slouchy socks from the Calmer Collection (, but I just didn't think so. I just finished a pair of socks, though I use Magic Loop, not dpns. (I abuse my circulars.) I don't like playing pick-up sticks.
I so didn't fall for it. Those socks would be tiny and THICK. Not the thing for a bunny.
Aww - you almost had me then!
ah! you got me :( sneaky rabbit. plus, you are partially responsbile for me getting into knitting again. *sigh* i couldn't stay away for very long i guess :)
One day you'll cave. Those knee-highs will have the last laugh.
I had to check twice to see if I was indeed at chez skinny rabbit. Then I checked to see if someone hacked into your site! Phew! I am so relieved there are no socks here. It would have been just too much for me!
No, Becky has far more important things to knit than socks. Keep up with the BIG knits, please. There are enough sock knitters out there :) And OF COURSE, you can come and play with the dolls any time, only remember to share with Lilja...
I was about to say..."EW, SOCKS?'
Be still my heart! The page popped up, I saw the dpn's, I thought: FINALLY, she has relented! She even said she relented. Cruel, cruel rabbit!!
ooh, but socks in calmer would be *yummy*! so soft and indulgent. i've been tempted by those socks in the calmer book. and hey, there's always the magic loop... i always seem to sit on a dpn.
The joy of dpns...the sticking of them into various tender parts of the anatomy, the chasing of the stick across the floor, down the side of the couch, attempting to take them away from the cat...ah yeas the joy of pick up sticks. What? That's not joy? That's frustration and irritation? Damn. I thought I was having fun.....
Um, why don't you knit socks Becky? It's fun! I'm, sure Captain Destructo would love a pair as well as the hubster!
I'll admit it; you had me fooled. Knitting with DPNs is sort of like wrestling with a porcupine. I understand the lack of allure with socks, but there's nothing more fun (well, some things are more fun - like seaming. yay!) than a short row heels and toes.
Hee. Those wickedie DPNs... I'm stickin' to my extra-long circs and going magic loop style - I did break down and buy a package of double points but I can't bear to open them. LOVE Calmer -
oh very funny, and I took the bait completely... no socks for you!!! Don't you have homework or somthing?????
Ok, but I think I am pretty good at pick up sticks:) That game was one of my favorites as a kid! The pattern Cece is so pretty!
I can avoid dpn's for the most part since I have a major cheap plastic gizmo manufactured by Clover to use instead. It is essentially the world's shortest circular needle, and is a length of plastic with two points on either end. I've made wrist warmers and sleeve endings with it. Love it!
You're a funny little rabbit. I love a nice sleeve knit in the round.
Wow! I love your blogging lately. All this posting from you is such a refreshing change to sitting here in the student council room, wishing I felt like doing homework. You enjoy playing with those pick up sticks! In the meantime, go to your LYS and buy some butt-ugly variegated yarn, some fluorescent orange, and some Bird Bird novelty yarn. Mwahahaha. Neutrals! Suis.Es.Est.Sommes.E^tes.Sont. !!!!!!! ^_^
Hahahahaha! I literally sat up, and said to HE John, "OMG, Becky's going to knit SOCKS!" I didn't really think you would. Or did I...?
You had me there! Socks are addictive and fun . . .
I thought it was a sock, too! :) Funny, I was always scared of DPNs and was convinced that I wouldn't be able to get the hang of them. Now, I think they're becoming my favourites! *gasp* hehe
LOL. I finally found a sock pattern I approve of...Toe up...and Knitty even has one for two needles. That cotton sure looks scumptious.
That was a clever joke but, you know, the inner sock knitter is in everyone, just like the inner child. There is no use resisting. The sock gods will have you! =)
You are such a tease, you silly wabbit!

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