September 13, 2005

Back to school cache-coeur:

Mystery cardigan, unveiled!

This is the stand still like a mannequin shot.
[Here's a BIGGER VIEW for those who like the popups:-)]
[BONUS: Click here for some other views!]

Project details: Cache-coeur cardigan (pattern 13) from Phildar's "l'été" 2005 pattern book, substituting Phildar Aviso for Rowan's All Season's Cotton in dusky. The row gauge between the two yarns is different so I had to do quite a bit of tinkering with the pattern by changing the number of rows over which ALL the shapings were worked, including the sleeve cap shaping. Fun! [Thank heavens for calculators.] I knit the smallest size and used less than 8 skeins of ASC for the whole thing. Yes! Including the ties. The pattern calls for the use of a "tricotin", or French wooden knitter, for making the ties, but I didn't use one. I used a lucet to make some cords, bay-bee!

Double points? We don't need no stinkin' double points.

[FOOTNOTE: I would have never learned what a lucet was in the first place if it weren't for Ms. C herself. Much obliged. My "I don't really enjoy making i-cord" self thanks you.]

What else? Oh, yes. The silly whack dance rabbit shots, of course. Photography by Monsieur Le Hubby. Music of the 80s. (It was a fun Sunday morning, let me tell you.)


I'm really happy with this cache-coeur. Despite the pattern adapting and all the other projects I had going on at the same time, I churned it out pretty quickly because it's a straightforward knit. It's a basic casual piece that should go with a lot of things in my wardrobe, and makes a nice alternative to a denim jacket. I can't wait to wear it out! And as it turns out, we are having perfect cotton cardigan weather right now, but I haven't given this cardigan its debut yet. I'm saving it so I can wear it when I haul myself BACK TO SCHOOL. That's right: It's off to school I go again! I've decided that I'm going to give being a lawyer a break so I can be a designer. I'll be studying fashion design, pattern-drafting and merchandising for three years, and I start TOMORROW. [I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Ahhh!] I shall take an apple for the teacher and I promise not to put tacks on anybody's chair.

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Congratulations on going back to school! With your awesome sense of style, you'll blow them away :) The wrap cardi looks wonderful.
your cardi looks fabulous! and those photos are so fun! and fashion exciting. just perfect for a stylish design wiz like you. good luck and enjoy (like i have to say that considering you WILL have fun and that's a given). what a great move. you're totally cut out for that (pun intented, lol).
Lovely cache-coeur - and a great hair cut! Are you going to study all this in Lyon? Please, a couple of details, please! (It's my dream to do something like this. Still just a dream, but maybe one day...).
Hi Becky, I cannot comment on your last entry so I write here instead. Your back to school is GREAT!! I am sure you will have a lot of fun and I can't wait to read more about it! and the blue cardi is so pretty!
Your "cache-coeur" looks great. I love your site, your projects always turn out beautifully. And congratulations on your choice of career move, what a great idea! Bonne rentrée...
I've been visiting your blog on a regular basis for quite a while and I enjoy it immensely. Congratulations on the decision of going back to school! it is terribly exciting, yes... and the cardigan is lovely.
Congrats ! For the cache-coeur and the school. I've tried 2 years agot to go back to school and that's why I find your decision very impressive Do you think you'll find enough time to knit ?
That sweater looks wonderful. I love the shape! Congrats on following your dream! I'm sure you'll wow your teachers and fellow etudiants with your natural fashion sense and ability.
fantastic news about going back to school. i always admire anyone who commits to a career change. love the cardi! it really suits you.
I love the way the sweater looks--the perfect light fall cover-up. So happy for you to go back to school. I hope you'll be designing knitted items!
Becky, congrats on going to school! That is so exciting!! You will make one heck of a designer, definitely. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow on your first day. And your sweater is fabulous!
Becky, Your new venture sounds so exciting! I can't wait to hear about it as you go along. Great cardi!
The cardi looks fantastic! It really suits you. Congrats on going back to school, and best of luck on your first day.
Back to school! That is great! I am sure you are a fantastic lawyer, but I KNOW you are a great designer! Keep us updated on what it's like to be back...
cache coeur! Love it! Looks outstanding. very nice for making a first impression on your first day of school! Yay! Lucets! Dance Rabbit Dance!
Great cardi, great haircut, and great idea about going back to school! Here's hoping you'll have lots of knitting for homework. :)
Again, Beautiful! Great job. Ah the Lucet, one of my favorite toys!
Congartulations on your new studies! How exciting it must be! And a very stylish wrap cardigan!
Wow, that's an adorable sweater! Congrats on going back to school, too -- how exciting!
What a lovely cardigan. I have been looking at similar patterns--cardigans that cross over in the front, but have not yet made one. You seem to have made one or two of that variety. You have a great sense of colour too. You always choose good colours for your projects. You inspire me to work a bit harder on my knits. I attemped a wrap cardigan. It is still in progress. I was a little discouraged when I discovered that mine wrapped the wrong way. Left over right! It took me a while to figure out what was wrong and still I am not sure if I should accept it or redo it. By the way, what is wack dancing? I have looked at the photos, but ... it is something good, no? Max
First of all: the sweater is great. It looks so comfy. Second: Girl, you could make a potato sack look fabulous. Finally: I look forward to seeing what you learn in school. I have a feeling you are going to do great.
what a cute wrap! and congrats on your new career path
Very pretty! It looks great (as always)! Good luck in school - I know you'll have a great time and it seems like the perfect arena for you. I hope you keep us updated with your school projects!
Beautiful cardi and fab hair. And congrats on going back to school! I bet you will be awesome! And I'll be able to say I knew her when she was a whack-dancing rabbit. ;-)
Love the cardi! That looks like something I'd like to wear. I like that drawstring cord and the ribbing. I need to remember to try knitting with ASC-- looks comfy! And congrats on going back to school! Fashion design seems like it would be right up your alley. Good luck!
that is sooo beautiful Becky, you've done the nicest job (as always). Congrats on the back to school!! You obviously have the eye and talent for the design, you're going to wow your lecturers completely!
That's a great sweater/jacket. Very wearable. And, as always, looking so professionally done. And thumbs up to your going back to school! That's so exciting and I think fashion design is going to right up your alley. Of course, I am now worried that there will be less Fluffa and I'll have to find some other blog to fill my days. Sigh. passing notes.
Hi there, Miss Jack(rabbit) of all trades! Pretty cardi! And I'm so excited about your going back to school to be a fashion designer! I can't wait to knit some of your patterns. I know they will be fun, hip, gorgeous! Have a fantastic time!
with the time difference, you're probably just finishing your first class right now. Congrats!! That's an awesome step to take, and it's readily apparent you'll be such a good fit for it too. I am in school now too (mid 30's career change) and totally understand. I hope you'll find more time to knit than I do! However, you're so lightening-fast, I'm sure you'll snaek in entire cardis on your lunch breaks! The cardi is very cute! (So is that lucet thingamabob; never saw one before!) WTG Rabbit!!!
how divine is that wrap - and the color...meine Güte! best wishes heading back to school - you'll be at the top of your class for sure. hopefully no demerits, on the first day at least. enjoy!
Nice lucet work there, wrabbit! I foresee great success for the fluffa fashion line.
Becky ton cache-coeur te va à ravir ! Comme tout ce que tu tricotes d'ailleurs ;o)
WOW! Congratulations on back to school. And Fashion Design - great choice - you have excellent style. I've been thinking of doing the same thing myself, only part-time while working as a librarian. Keep us posted on how it goes!
As a lawyer who wishes she'd studied design - bravo on your decision! Good luck at school and your cardi is fabulous. It looks great on you - so fashionable.
Lovely cache-coeur! It seems that you are a natural for design school. You've already got so many tricks up your sleeve! :) Have fun at school!
Love the new sweater. The color is great! And congrats on making the career change. Based on your knits, you will do extremely well. So exciting! Tanya
cardi is really lovely! i like the color and the whole outfit you had showcased. great haircut, too. good luck with school, that sounds like a dream!
Congrats on going back to school! Isn't it exciting? I'm sure you will do well. I can't wait for the Skinny Rabbit line! ;)
That is one gorgeous sweater, I must keep my eye out for that pattern. Congratulations on going back to school!
That is an awesome, awesome cardi, and congrats about going back to school! It sounds like you'll be having a blast- I'm officially jealous. :-D
Congratulations on going back to school, indeed! That's just great. Exciting! You're going to knock 'em dead! (Hey, I know the perfect cardigan you can wear for the first day of school to impress all the other kids with how cool you are . . . )
I love the cardigan! So cute!! Congrats on going back to school. It sounds very fun and interesting! I wish I could go back sometimes and learn more. I don't know if I'd be up for all the projects, tests, and papers again though.
Good luck back in school! Just wear any of your selection of hand knits (including that one!) and you'll blow them away.
Yay! You will LOVE design school. It was very tough for me, but I loved every minute of it. I am sure you will love doing all your homework... it's like doing crafts for a grade! Just remember to design what you want and don't worry what your professors say or what other students are doing. Just be creative- you'll learn a whole lot more... Good luck!
Oh, Becky, I'm so thrilled for you. That will be a wonderful thing for you to do; you are a natural talent. And the cache-coeur is fantastic, of course, you little thing, you. Nice colour! Yes, very denim-y.
Congratulations on going back to school! You've got great fashion sense and I know you'll do great. I love it when someone decides to do something they love and enjoy! Does this mean homework + studying = less knitting? BTW your Cache-coeur looks great too!
Wow, congratulations on your decision to go back to school! I can't wait to read about the journey- how fantastic...
Yay! Back to school... promise us that you'll post your first design final, okay?! And the wrap cardi looks fabulous!
oh my oh my! It looks fantastic on you! I've been drooling over something similar for quite a while. I'm hooked! Fashion school? What fun! Enjoy yourself and tell us your exploits!
OMG!!! I'm going back to school too!!! It's THE thing to do this fall. Your like the 5th friend of mine I know who's going back to school this fall. I'm getting a linguistics degree with a major in French!! WooHoo!!! School Girls should stick together. You should consider a school blog...(now that I think of it, maybe I should too)
Look at your teeny-tiny waist! This little blue number looks awesome on you. And I love the little cord! Is the lucet hard to work? I've never seen one before....but it looks like the cord is actually round! Back to school - good luck! I love back to school shopping - gotta get me some cool pens and notebooks (yes, I love stationary!).
The sweater is absolutely adorable on you! And school! Congratulations! You and your son can work on homework together. I wish you much success in your new career!
Becky, you did it again! Another beautiful knit and this wrap looks fantastic on you :-) Love the shade too!
You'll be a fabulous designer! Though this is my first comment, I've been reading your blog for a long time. So long, in fact, that in my web surfing only minutes before seeing your update, I saw Phildar's L'été 2005 and thought when I saw this particular design, "I bet the Skinny Rabbit would make that." And lo and behold... I hope you don't think it's stalker-ish of me. ;-)
wow! congratulations and good luck! we can now trade patterndrafting tips and tricks!
Don't you love wrap sweaters? They are so flattering. The make even the Skinniest Rabbit look more svelte. I love wraps, I should put one into my line-up.
Oh! 1) That cardigan is sooooo cute! With your chic hair and classy handknits you'll be perfect for ... 2) ... fashion school! I get really happy when I hear about someone trading in careers to pursue something they're in love with. I'm so excited for you!
Oh yeah! Go fashion maven.
I love your wrap cardi - I could wear nothing but wrap cardis everyday of my life and be a happy girl. Gorgeous! I've got to hunt down a lucet for myself (I dislike making I-cord too). Good luck on the return to school - designer sounds much more like the rabbit we know than lawyer - yes, I can definitely see that working out beautifully. Love the hair too.
great cardi becky! and congrats on the decision to go back to school :O)
That looks beautiful on you! The color is also great :)
Wow! Back to School will be such fun for you. I hope you do not need to travel for this. Are you studying in French? You'll need to design a new skin for the blog. (Wait-you are already a designer of so many things!) (Do you ever sleep?)
Wow! Your sweater looks amazing! Going back to school for design is wonderful! I love the things you knit and look forward to seeing more.
So much to congratulate you on!! First and foremost - YAY for you and going back to school!! I think that is amazing and exciting and you will be a fabulous design whiz of a rabbit!! Next - perfect back to school cache-coeur, only made better by cheesy 80's background music. And last - because you always save the best for last - GREAT HAIR!!
Becky, that is fantastic about going back to school. I am a firm believer in following your heart if at all possible...I think you will be a natural, you fashion diva!! Great cardy, too!
The cardigan is awesome, I wish I could get Phildar books here. And congratulations on going back to school!
Cute Sweater!!!! Good luck with school! Can't wait to see all the amazing designs you come up with.
Fabby cardi, Ms. B! And how exciting to be going to fashion school. Way to follow your bliss. I've finally found the perfect lawyer job, where I can work for the "good guys" and have time left over to design, but it wasn't easy to come by. Given the choice, I think it would be hard to turn down the chance to study fashion in France. Ooooo La La!
Wow! That is very exciting! In my current stage, it's hard to imagine going back to school, but it sounds like so much fun!
Well done, Rabbit! I'm so proud of you! You will absolutely ace the course, I'm sure. What subjects will you be doing (besides the ones mentioned), and will knit-wear design be included in them? I loved doing my fashion design course. Hard work, but worth every minute of it! PS Fabby jacket!
Hurray for you, with your brave change of careers. The only way to fail would have been to not try it. Brave old You, and best wishes.
What wonderful news about school - I am SO excited to hear you'll be going back and I am doubly excited about what you'll be studying!!
Wow. That is exciting! Congratulations.
Congratulations! Pack your lunch. Play nice with the other kids. oh, and knockem dead. xoxoxox e btw....v jealous! v.v.v.v.v jealous!
Fits you nicely. Good job recalculating the gauge!
Fluffa!! Oh lalalala!! Love the new sweater and I wish you all the best for SCHOOL!! You have the talent and I know you will just be fantastic!! I'm so happy for you!! Good luck and enjoy!!!
Another fabulous FO! great job becky.
You start tomorrow! It probably already IS tomorrow in France!!!! Ack!!!! Good luck. Don't be nervous. Take your lunch. Wear your cardi. Be sure you have change. Just be yourself. Etc. ;-) Can't wait to hear all about it. P.S. The hair is so cute!!
Simple and classy. Fab. Enjoy school! Yippee! I can see you conquering all....
Great post, Becky! I can't say what I am more excited about: that fab cardi or you going back to school for design! They are both GREAT! ;)
Cute (as always) new sweater, exciting return to school...ahh, this is the kind of autumn I like! I can't wait to read more...
Wow! It looks fantastic! And congrats on going back to school! you will be so good in that field :)
Whooopeee! Happy to see you're pursuing your dreams - is this happening in Lyon (wonderful textile area of France no less!)? Be sure to let us know periodically how it's going. Very nice work on the cardi - you inspire me to do the same. Happy, happy school days to you!
Wow, I was going to state based on your making the wrap cardigan how you have great fashion sense and always ahead of trends. Of course this makes perfect sense as you're going back to school, to fashion school that is! Congratulations Skinny Rabbit! That is so neat. I wish nothing but the best of luck. You will do well and we can all say we knew you when!
Love the cardi, I need to put one of those in my knitting lineup. Also good luck at are a natural and will do great!
Love the cardi! Very elegant. good luck with your classes. I look forward to hearing about them.
This is exciting news! Happy rentree! (sorry about lack of accent). xox Kay
Beautiful cache-couer, black makes it so elegant. And congratulations on the career change! Looking forward to reading about your adventures in school!
Love that cardi...must knit one for moi. I have some Phildar mags, how do decide what to knit?? They have so many great patterns, and then add in everyone else's: Rebecca, IK, Kim, etc. Too hard for me to decide sometimes. Anyway it turned out great. Hope you had a good first day of school. You will do great-you are a natural, it is all right up your alley!!!
Congrats on going back to school! What a blessing to have something you love and be able to have a career doing it? In a few years, I'll be in Bloomingdales or Barney's and see your designs and I'll say- I knew her when, lol. Much success to you! Love the sweater!
Will this slow your production of knitted items or increase more creative ones? Congrats on pursuing a new direction! Best of luck and hope to hear it all here (at least the good bits). Funny, I was thinking of going back to school as well but not this fall (spring maybe). What's in the air now? Hmmm.
oh my goodness! that is wonderful! i'm so happy for you....and that stylish cardi is a perfect back to school item -- you are going to ROCK as a designer. you already do, you know. woo hoo! i'm so excited for you, hope you had a great first day!!!!!
Cardi looks great!!! It really accentuates your figure. WTG on pursuing your dreams! I am sure you will be cranking out some fantastic designs.
Bon chance with school. I admire your courage in starting over, and going in such a different direction. I think you will make an excellent designer. I think you have a natural talent in figuring out how to make a garment fit well, and look good. I have read your blog from the beginning, and have always admired your boldness in taking on a project, and modifying it to suit your needs. Your attention to detail astounds me, as well. Oh yeah, cute haircut, too.
All of those heathery, deep, dusky shades work so well with the patterns you choose. What a gorgeous cardi--and congratulations.
Wow, that cardigan looks great on you. How exciting you are going back to school! Hope the first day went well.
I'm pretty late to this party but have to say the cardi looks FAB! I bet it's lovely to wear too with the ASC. Hope school is going well!
Going back to school must be your dream! Congrats!
So excited to hear about school! We'll be waiting out here to hear every detail!! You go girl, OUR Rabbit - Go Knock Em Dead!
I knew it! Congrats! I think the cardigan is a lovely way to start the year off!
Wow! You will be a dynamite fashion designer. I can't wait to see your future creations. I am sure you will excel in your new endeavors, because you definitely have the passion for it and you have a keen sense of fashion. I love your choices and admire the impeccable finishing you do on all FO's knitted or sewn. Good Luck!
The cache coeur looks great! All the best on going back to school.
I noticed the haircut immediately and was looking at it just as much as the sweater. It's so cute and tres chic. Congrat on school! It sounds like you're following every knitter's dream. You'll have to let us know how it goes , I know I'll be interested in what you learn.
WOW. Thank you all SO MUCH for all the wonderful words of encouragement and compliments on my cache-coeur (and short hair :-))! I am truly touched by all the kind words; they keep me motivated. Thanks again, and I promise to keep you updated on what goes on at school! xoxo, Becky
Wow - how awesome - you going back to school - I'm so excited for you, I think it's a perfect decision. I love the sweater - and seriously have to check out that Lucet thingo - never heard of one before - Me hates making I-cord myself, too. Yay and congrats to you!!
I read your most recent entry and backtracked to this one because I hadn't read that you were going back to school. I just thought by the title you meant the Capt. I am so impressed and awfully excited for you. I was planning on doing the same, but figured I should take the Bar and try to practice before I even attempt a second career. I wish you luck and hope that you can update us on how school is going; especially for those of us who sew. Good luck ! Buena Suerte! et Bon Chance!
That sweater is so great! I love it! Good luck at school and I can't wait to see what they teach you about pattern drafting!! Fluffa patterns on the way??
Holy. Crap. This is the most darling knit ever, that is until the next thing you knit of course! I just love it and it looks so so so cute on, perfect for back to school, good luck by the way... I sometimes think it would be fun to go back to school some day, perhaps when the girls are older, I'd love to study more art history and clothing design, ooooh that would be fun! Oh and the lucet, I've gotta find me one of those, I'm not a huge fan of knitting i-cords either. , what a wonderful little tool.
Hi there! I found your blog through Fig & Plum. That cache coeur is darling! Just curious, are you following the Phildar patterns to the tee or modifying them and knitting in the round when you can?
Your wrap sweater is just beautiful and loving the Dusk colored yarn. I also really like the other wrap sweaters you knitted as well. Great style taste you have.

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