September 13, 2004

It's Prize Time!

Let's start off our Monday with a BANG! Lots of Bottom's Up Bucket Knitalong fun for you in this entry. First, prizes to my favorite hats and photos for the summer portion of the knitalong:

Phildar Phil Ruban to Rossana, for her cute flowerpot hat and oh-so-smiley and shining photo.

Anny Blatt Libertine ribbon to Laura for her bucket hat marathon complete with smiling child photos.

Anny Blatt Flash and Libertine ribbons to Wendy and Katy, both who kept constant company by knitting fabulous buckets throughout the entire knitalong and shared photos and commentary on them all.

I had such a hard time choosing from all the fabulous photos and buckets. Thanks to everyone for knitting along!

Now comes the really fun part. Readers, it's time for YOU to choose your favorite bucket hat from the entire knitalong! The winner that YOU choose will get:

Bonne Marie, our designer of the bucket hat: 2 balls of Rowan ASC, one hank Lamb's Pride, 3 pairs of circular needles AND a free copy of her latest Aran Gauge Bucket Hat Pattern.

Whoever comes in second will get from Bonne Marie: One hank Lamb's Pride and a free copy of her Aran Gauge Bucket Hat Pattern.

As mentioned before, the winner you choose will also get:

From Julia: a hank of Cascade 220.
From Wendy: a crochet necklace kit.
From Jenny: 2 skeins of Fortissima Colori and 1 skein of Trekking sock yarn.
From Alison: 1 skein of Calmer in shade 463 for a lace cap.
From Kathi: Beaded ring kit.
From Eileene: Set of custom-made stitch markers made in the color of the winner's choice.
From Katy: 1 skein of Cherry Hill Tree Windsong with a scarf pattern.
From Marlena: 1 hank of Artful Yarns Fable in Goldilocks colorway.

Here are the nominees as selected by prize sponsors:

Wendy's second hat
Sarah W.
Katy's first hat
Brynne's second hat
Debbie C
Celia McC
Rossana 's hat - Pictures here: 1 and 2
Sarah B.
Beth S.
Alison M.
Rachel E.
Emily's third hat
Natalie B.
Katy's third hat
Heather M.

Vote for your favorite in the comments! Voting will close on Friday, September 17 at 10:00 a.m. CET so you've got time to browse the bucket hat lovelies listed above.

Update: VOTING IS CLOSED. Congratulations to the winners!

First prize: Debbie C. for her watermelon hat.
Second prize: Sara for her pink hat with flower petals.

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115 comments to this entry:

It was really very very hard to choose the winner for the BH runway. It took me many time to watch all the bucket hats, one by one... Then now, I will give my preference for the podium : 1 - Amisha for her funny "China" looking Bucket Hat. Did she do it for the purpose of the 2008 Olympic Games ? (;-)) 2 - Kathy' 3 Bucket Hat : Very cute, very "estival", It make me dreaming of a lot of swimming pools !! 3 - Heather M. : a very nice picnicker Bucket Hat. Bravo, mesdames, vous avez toutes bien travaillé !!! (Translate from french : Well done, ladies, cute work !!!)
Debbie C's Watermelon Hat
My vote goes to Jaz. I really like her watery-colored Bucket Hat.
My vote goes to Sara for her lovely pink hat with the flower. Looks Awesome!
Rachel E. Love the good fun!
Rhonda's Seashore bucket is my fav.
My top three are Celia McC, Amisha, and Sara. Number 1 goes to Sara, love love love the embellishments!
My favorite is Debbie C's watermelon hat on such an adorable little model!
I vote for Sara's hat... and for my own dear little Jenna in her hat. She wears that that thing a that she found it again. All of these hats have pizzazz and style!
Debbie C.'s adorable watermelon BUP. (Second choice would be Rhonda)
Beth S! Both buckets on that adorable fairy princess get my vote!
Katy's hat!
I vote for Maggi's hat. It is just perfect in fit, style and workmanship. But I have to say I love all those bucket hats on babies and toddlers. I really wanted to vote for cutest kid in a bucket hat! But who would I pick? They are all adorable.
Love Sara's sweet hat!
Debbie C's watermelon hat!!! It was a hard choice, so many great entries and the photos of kids give them an added edge, but that one is the most memorable. (as runner up, for an adult hat, I would vote for Julia -- great brim)
Carrie's pink hat!
Carrie's purple-y pinky wonderland of goodness hat!
I vote for Natalie B.'s hat -- those rosebuds are too cute!
In this day and age, gotta say that I give thumbs up to Celia McC! (Second choice would be Sara) Great job all of you. I came out of lurking to give my vote!
Katy's 3rd hat
Loved looking at all the colorful buckets. Thanks for the treat! My vote goes to Amisha for great use of color and embellishments.
Debbie C.'s watermelon hat! Sooooo adorable.
I think Sara's is just the most adorable.
I vote for Natalie B. TOO CUTE!
Wow, did I put way too much time into this! Quite a bit of fun however. I have to go with Sara because of the flowers.
Debbie C's watermelon hat.
Carrie's hat rules! She's super cute :)
Debbie C ~ I love watermelons!
Debbie C.'s watermelon hat...ADORABLE!!!
I vote for Natalie B's hat!
Love Sara's hat!
I vote for Laura and her amazing smiling 3 year old. NEVER did my kids wake up happy until they were -- well, never happened yet, and they're both over 6 feet tall!
Amisha - so cute with that contrast color embroidery!!! ;) Looks great!
I vote for Natalie B. and her rosebucket hat. Emily is so cute in it!
I vote for Rhonda's hat! Adorable!
Too many amazing hats! Rhonda's beautiful and oh-so-flattering sea shore hat provided my inspiration to get some cotton classic and join this knit-a-long a few months back. Even now, with summer in the past tense, it's still my favorite.
Debbie C's beautiful watermelon hat! (Though it was definitely hard to pick as there were many beautiful and creative entries)
I adore the Bucket o' Peace. It gets my vote. Great contest!
Oh, they're all so dang cute! I love Amisha's the best, but what a tough choice.
I vote for Celia McC's Bucket"O Peace!
carrie's hat is my favorite!
I vote for Laura A.
Can I vote for me? ;) Em's ballerina bucket!!! Go on!
Sara's "Blossom" bucket is the cutest one I've seen!
My vote is for Sara's :)
I vote for Amisha but they are all wonderful specimens of some fine knitting and creativity. Bravo to all!
Okay, the delicious yarn prizes are making me want to stuff the ballot box ... but I won't. :) I vote for Froggy's! Absolutely adorable!
Froggy, all the way!
I vote for Jaz. :)
Bucket o' Peace
LauraA, just edging by a nose Beth S. and Julie
Debbie C! That is the cutest hat ever.
I vote for LauraA
Bucket O' Peace!
debbie the watermelon!
Alison M.'s bucket made with GGH Samoa in white and Filatura Di Crosa Giardino in orange.
hands down celia's bucket o'peace!!
I should vote for myself so I don't get nil points! But actually I really like Rhonda's sea shore one best of all so my vote goes there.
Amisha's hat - great colours, great finishing, looks cool!
Heather B.
Katy's third hat
Bucket o' Peace!
Sara's Hat, for sure!
I love the rosebuds on Natalie B.'s hat!
My vote is for Beth S. 's adorable Amy in her hat. I've been a lurker up 'til now, so may I just say now that I love your blog?! There, I guess I just did ;)
Debbie C's watermelon hat
I vote for Sara's hat with the flower. (Although, if I could I'd vote for all the kids photos including the beautiful blue ballerina plus Rhonda's cute beach hat. Are you sure we can only vote for one? :)
I vote for Sara's adorable blossom hat. :)
Tough, tough choice! I'm going with Sara's BOC-it was just so eyecatching and pretty. (But props to everyone on the many creative knitters out there!)
I like Iko's hat. It's the one I'd most likely wear. It has sort of a vintage appeal. I love the flower.
I love Debbie C.'s watermelon hat. It's just too cute!
go go Celia -- knitting for peace!
Sara. That color is just so awesome!
give peace a chance-- bucket o' peace!
Sara's adorable pink hat!
If I only get one vote, I vote for Sara's hat. If I were to get a second vote, I would give it to Rachel E. Thanks for posting all the photos Becky--was fun to see everyone's different take on the hats.
Sara's bright pink hat with the flowers! Tough decision, whew!
My vote goes to Carrie. Good work!
Carrie of Carrioke!
I like Iko.
I'm for Carrie's hat - looks like it's moulded to her head!
I vote for Sara! I love the flower and the colors look great.
Debbie C
My vote goes to Celia McC's "Bucket o' Peace" hat. Adding the pattern was unique AND it made a she looked so cute in it!
Natalie B.'s hat
I vote for Iko's. Love the color with the flower!
It's all about Alison M. - love the fluff!
I like Carrie's hat! Cool color!
Katy' 3 Bucket Hat
1. alyson M for the white hat with the orange brim. 2. Heather M. and... 3. Rhonda All get my vote (in that order). Super jobs everyone!
Celia Mac really cool hat
I vote for Maggie's felted hat. Beautiful colors and fits perfectly!
what a tough choice! I vote for Sara.
Debbie C's adorable watermelon hat. It's so refreshing...
I vote for Laura A's great bucket variant and wip documentary photo essay.
I vote for Amisha! :-) What a a hard task to choose among all those great hats!
I vote for Carrie's (carrieoke) hat. I like the color.
Debbie Cs watermelon hat - and the cutie that is wearing it!
I vote for Celia with her bucket'o'peace hat. All the hats were great and it was NOT easy to vote for just one. Congrats to whoever wins the voting!
Debbie C., second choice Maggi
Rhonda's Beach BUP, lurve it. Next on the lis is Debbie C's watermelon hat. It is so adorable (for kids and for the wacky) Good luck to all!
Debbie C's hat - I've been inspired to go start my own....
I vote for Julia. She wears hers with attitude!
Debbie C.'s watermelon hat!
Of all the hats, the one by Celia McC has got to be my favorite.
I vote for Amisha's aztec lookalike hat! very creative
my vote goes to Natalie B.'s hat those rose buds are the cutest.
Froggy....because that little girl is sooo stinkin' cute!!!
Rosanna's flower power hat
I vote for Celia McC's hat
I vote for Celia McC's hat.
Place my vote for celia McC's, gotts love that piece sign.
VOTING IS CLOSED. Congratulations to the winners! First prize: Debbie C. for her watermelon hat. Second prize: Sara for her pink hat with flower petals.