September 12, 2006

Hey hey hey!

Here's a little multiple choice for you today. Let's just pretend that you don't know what I'm knitting, and I show you this photo:

Now here's the multiple choice part. Would you say that I'm knitting:

1) A lampshade?
2) A mini skirt?
3) A top with a ribbed waist and a peek-a-boo bra area?
4) An extra long hat, like the one that Dumb Donald from "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids" wears?

Be honest.

(I would probably choose 2. To me, it really looks like a skirt with a frilly hem.)

Incidentally, for those who really don't know what I'm knitting, it's a top with a ribbed hem and peek-a-boo bra area. (But I'd understand if you picked any of the other options. Really, I would. Especially number 4, because Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids was one of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid.) And before anyone has a little shock seizure at the idea of my wearing this top with its peek-a-boo area, let's not forget that I live in a city in France where people don't think anything of a peek-a-boo bra top. So heck YEAH I'm gonna wear it. Vive la France!

P.S. Again, I'm using GGH Samoa for this top. I'm definitely liking it so far. It's soft and, unlike some other worsted cottons I've knit, it's easy on the knitting hands and it doesn't play games with my tension. I'm gonna have to use it again for future projects.

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25 comments to this entry:

You are on a posting roll! Trying to spoil us before you're deep in homework ;-). Miniskirt would have been my guess. Are you soon finished with the ribbing?
I think your sweater is going to be fabulous. I can't wait to see it in the black (or is that blue?).
i say #4...a hat!
LOL! I think it's going to be a great top, but when I saw option #4, I couldn't get the visual out of my head.
The color is definitely black! I took the photo early in the morning before I left for school so the lighting may make the color look dark blue or even gray on some browsers. This photo probably shows the color more like it really is...
hahahahaha! Dumb Donald! John and I talk like him at least once a week! You are funny. Don't start school. Just blog to us all the time. ;-)
Be cosmopolitan, skip the bra and just go peek-a-boo!
I was also thinking it could be a really deep cowl.
Before I even saw your choices, I thought the Fat Albert guy. You (or your son) should model it that way!
Hmmm...I'll go with the lampshade. This is the matching one to the one you already knit, right? ;)
I definitely would have said 2 too. No, I didn't mean tu-tu, I meant 2 also.
It did remind me of the hat from Fat Albert!?!?! That's pretty funny. There's nothing wrong with a peek-a-boo top, besides, with the top sheer and a pretty lacy black bra, it will be hard to discern much, but pretty sexy! I love it.
Wow, that's some mindless ribbing going on! You'll be finished with this project soon. I thought it looked like a wig for Halloween.
Hmm . . . 2 or 4, but since who would wear a hat like #4 . . . I'll say skirt! (It's much too dark to be a lampshade)
Before I saw the question, like Nancy, I thought of Fat Albert. So sorry! It's just the in-progress shape, I'm sure!
Love that little skirt, Becky!
I always sort of wondered if Dumb Donald had a huge coffee filter on his head. Weird, I know. I would have voted miniskirt, but I knew what it was. Good ol' Fat Albert. Hey, hey, hey!
Yay, a miniskirt! ...oh wait. :) Yay, a peek-a-boo top! Yay, skinnyrabbit posts!
Hmmm...looks like a cute skirt for Poppy Sassypants, the wonder girl. ; )
I've always loved that pattern but didn't think it would look good on me. Now I can knit vicariously through you!
heyheyHEY! hhehe I just got that. :) wow! You sure are working on a lot of things! I can toooootally relate to the knitting satisfaction idea.. those of us that have it just, like, relate so well. *curls hair with finger* What color ribbon do you plan on using with it? OOOOOR! Are you planning to 'pull a crinkle' and get a couple of 'em... to be snazzy like that?! :) Oh yes. Vive la France indeed. ^_^ Crap. I speak Spanish. :P
You make me laugh with the peekabo France part! And the multiple choice. Your the first person I've ever known to mention the guage issue with some cottons. I had that happen to me with the swatch and sweater I'm knitting with Mission Falls cotton. Cotton Classic was fine though.
I say 4 :)
I can't wait to see the finished product! I love, love, love Jenna Adorno's designs, but they look much better on those long, thin torsos than on me!
Hay, Hay, Hay...I agree it looks like a skirt at present...I'm not judging. If I had your figure I would also do it.

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