September 11, 2006

Where's my pillbox hat?

The Skinny Rabbit Design Hour presents the toile for the short jacket I'm making:

This is just a toile.
(A sample made to perfect my custom pattern.)
This one looks a little bit like a bedjacket, I know.
It's muslin...whatcha gonna do?

It doesn't look like much because it's lacking details and, well, it's in muslin. (Pinkish muslin, which made Monsieur Le Hubby ask me if I was channeling Jackie O when he saw it.) I'm happy with the general shape and fit, so it looks like my pattern is good to go and I'll be able to cut into the fabric soon. I still have to draft the pieces for facings and lining, though. And I've decided that I want to include pockets so I'll try a couple of samples and then draft the pattern pieces for those.

In knitting news, I have something GREAT to announce. Remember how I ran short of Cork to finish my Mystery Project? I was planning to RIP OUT the whole thing so I could reknit it on a larger needle in order to match my row gauge with the pattern's. And just like that, my Mystery Project was saved from a trip to Ripdom by a very thoughtful knitter named (gotta put the whole thing in bold caps, I just gotta):


spring2006_linenjacket_zipper_thumb.jpgShe had some Cork in Mouse in her stash that she was kind enough to offer to me, and before you can say "thou shalt not rip out the Mystery Project" she packed them up and sent them to me from across La Manche. Cork is in the hooooouse! So not only has my Mystery Project been saved from the frogpond, but I've made a new online knitting bud who I discovered knits some fabulous things in my favorite colors (you have to see her cowl and her ribbed top with the diamante buckle) and has two really cute - and I mean REALLY cute - kids. LING (yes, all in bold caps again), you have star status around here. I and my sweater in Cork thank you!

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Yay for awesome readers. But that's what happens when you have an awesome blog. Hee, cute little Peter Pan collar. I'm liking it!
So happy you got your yarn. Sounds like good knitting karma to me! Hope your first day of school was grand. Can you explain toile? I thought toile meant those lovely prints you see on wallpaper, linens, and well, two pairs of pants that I own. ================================= Note by Becky: Toile is sheer fabric, like cotton or linen. In designing it also means sample garment. Designers have their initial designs created in muslin, linen canvas or calico. These samples are called "toiles". The toile can be manipulated, marked and modified to fit. In fashion school we usually have to include our final toiles along with the finished garment in the project dossier and it gets graded, too.
That's wonderful news about the Cork mystery project! The short jacket is very Jackie O. You got a string of pearls to go with that?
Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn were the two people I thought of when I saw the jacket on gigi! Very awesome! Hooray for Ling!
Thanks! I forgot to mention that I had initially tried a Peter Pan collar with a collar band, but I wasn't entirely happy with how it looked. So I remade another Peter Pan collar without collar band and I like it so much more.
Yeah! Ling to the rescue! Tragedy averted. Love the muslin of the jacket! So cute. What kind of pockets? Patch, inseam, welts. You could do some really coole retro patch ones...How much did you drop the armhole at the underarm? My jacket patterns (for me) tend to be a bit too tight for my big hulking shoulders...
Yay for internet pals!! LING rocks!
Yay for LING! How awesome. And I love the jacket prototype.
Yay for the kindness of knitters! Ling rocks :)
Oh, thank goodness for Ling! Hurrah!
Don't you just love bloggin' knitters! That was such a kind gesture. Yeah for people like Ling! I am eager to see the fabric you choose for the jacket.
Bloggers world is fantastic! Your mystery project has been saved. This is going to be a great jacket (love the collar).
That jacket would like fab with opera length gloves! You are going to be stylin' this fall!
OMG! I am just so blushing right now. I'm just glad to help. It was better for the yarn be used than left unloved in my stash! BTW - love the jacket!
That jacket is beautiful--Jackie would be so proud! And, hurray about the yarn!! Stash to the rescue!
I think that knitters are amazingly warm, generous people. I haven't met a mean one, yet.
your toile looks totally wearable, dude. maybe those little slitty pockets with a little top band that i'm sure have a proper name? sigh. never mind. hooray for LING and rip-prevention!
What knd of fabric have you chosen for the final jacket? I like the shape of the muslin a lot, and a pillbox hat would indeed go with it. I'm looking forward to see the jacket evolve. And Bravo for Ling! Bloggers are great.
It DOES look like Jackie O! It's going to be a gorgeous jacket. Can we see the real fabric soon?
Oooh, the short jacket is looking good! I can already picture it with heavier fabrics... Looks very Jackie O indeed :)
how awesome... that kind of blog story is really heartwarming! and the jacket looks great!

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