September 09, 2005

Big time multi-project mania.

I know I should be wrestling with the enormous blanket that has become my Wrappy Jacket or finishing up the back piece of my Melted Candle Whisper cardigan, but I'm not. I'm acting like a little yarn 'ho and starting another project: The Butterfly camisole using luverly Kid Silk Haze. Take in an eyeful of the frill I started:

And it's got teeny-tiny beads, too.
Click here for a really BIG shot!

I know, I know. Too many projects! But I couldn't resist the call of the KSH. So lovely! So floaty! So wanting me to put it on the needles and cast on, already. And besides, knitting Butterfly means I got to go to La Droguerie, a.k.a. Big Time Craft Heaven, and search out some beads. I love popping into La Droguerie, even if it's just to look at all the pretty ribbons, beads in jars and yarn hanging from the walls like taffy so I can drool over it all like Homer Simpson drooling over a bowl of pork rinds. I love me a good Craft Heaven.

sep_09_2005_magazines_thumb.jpg And that's not all. I'm barely beginning my fall projects and I'm already thinking of things for winter. This morning I received these beautiful pattern books from Rike and Magnus at Rike's Wollmaus. The Lang Yarns book instructions are in French and English [woot!]. The Gedifra is in German only and I don't speak a word of German other than "Danke" and "Ich Liebe Wolle", but some of those designs are so fab I'm thinking of plowing my way through the pattern instructions. Gorgeous stuff. But I promise to continue organizing my monster stash and finish at least one of my fall projects before I even consider starting anything else. For real! Stop looking at me that way. [Hehe.]

sep_09_2005_phildar_thumb.jpg And of course, I must knit something for my Captain Destructo this season. I picked up the latest Pitchoun from Phildar and as always he's chosen the flashiest thing in the book: The multi-colored jacket on the cover. It's cute! It reminds me of a high school letterman jacket. I should start it soon, so I went downtown to my favorite Phildar boutique and picked up the yarn for it. [Any little excuse, I know...such a yarn trollop!] And check this out: While I was there, it started to rain lightly. Just my luck, I had no umbrella. As I looked out at the rain I laughed and told the yarn store owner, "Well! Guess I'll be heading across the street to Tati so I can buy an umbrella." And right then, with two customers waiting in line behind me, she went to the back of the store and brought back a Phildar umbrella with a little wooden handle shaped like a duck's head for me! With a smile she said, "Keep it." And for that gesture of kindness I proudly give her a big SHOUT OUT here: Phildar boutique on rue Grenette in Lyon is my favorite yarn hang out!

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Hey! We don't get to see the picture of the Captain's choice?! What are we, chopped liver? Man, that Butterfly is gorgeous...but what tiny yarn! And a duckie lucky Rabbit.
Chopped liver? You? Nev-ah, my dear! Tomorrow I will take a picture of the jacket so you can see it. This morning I just dumped out my bag of yarn with the book and snapped the shot quickly (and I realize now that the yarn obscures the cover...good one, Becky!). P.S. After I snapped the shot, I skipped around the yarn happily :-)
Ooooh, the butterfly camisole is going to be so beauteous! I love that color. Can't wait to see the Captain's chosen jacket - I'll be drumming my fingers impatiently on my desk!
Butterfly is gorgeous but seems to be so time-consuming! There's something to be said for quick and dirty projects.
AhHa! (no I'm not about to launch into the 80's tune Take On Me..) You WERE weak! You couldn't resist the siren's call of the KSH! Well, I love the color and Wha? Hey! Where are the beads? Where is the pic of the beads...aack. I must see those beads. lucky, lucky. That woman in the Phildar shop is a wily cat...she knows how much you love you'll love her shop even more! Really though...You are so awesome who wouldn't want to give you the world. ;)
The KSH is irresistable (I rarely leave my local yarn store without visiting its loveliness), and with all the pretty Butterfly camisoles floating around the blogs . . . who can blame you for starting a new project? Oh yeah, and score on the duck-handled Phildar umbrella!
So, it's true what I've heard about this Kid Silk Haze. It is crack! Once you touch it you just can't get enough. Good thing noone around here sells it or I'd be sunk. Lovely color for Butterfly and the beads will be fabulous. Phildar umbrella - very cool.
A Butterfly for Rabbit!! Yay for you - who cares if you have 50 other projects to work on - the lure of the KSH will not be ignored, no? It looks fabulous so far - is that Majestic you're using? And hey... dance that Phildar off the cover of that book so we can see Captain Destructo's sweater!
I just love the butterfly. Is that the same color Ei used for hers? I'm knitting one in cream but I just cast on last night. Very pretty.......
Je sens que je vais adorer butterfly et ses petites perles.
Butterflies are everywhere! I do like the color you are using for it ;) The Lang and Gedifra books look fun too. I may be able to help you with the German... maybe.
Babe that Butterfly is going to look fabulous on you. Knit on.
Good luck with your Gedifra patterns all in German. Isn't there a thing on the web to translate pages? (can't remember what it is called but I'll try to find out for you if you want) It would be quicker than a crash course in German! As for Butterfly, I can't blame you, it is a "hard to resist" pattern.
oy! more butterfly in blogosphere. i must re-start mine soon. what color are you knitting yours? i am thinking smoke for mine.
Ahh, Ms.Fluffa! The joys of the start of school. Your time in between the first bell and the last are filled with joy! And the time between last bell and first are filled with joy! The camisole is lovely but your much more patient than I. But in all that shopping, looking, and umrella getting was there no time for bonbons?
You picked a really beautiful color for Butterfly. That's on my "want" to-do list. We'll see if I get to it. Maybe I should just cast on before fall hits.. hrmmm.
Lucky duck with the umbrella! But I'll leave the KSH to you - I still have nightmares about letting my inexperienced knitting self loose on that stuff for my second ever project!
Just looking at Butterfly gives me carpal tunnel. :) It's going to look FAB on you though.
WOOT!!! Now were is the photo of the coolest umbrella ever??!!
LOL re: yarn trollop!! You will look fabby in your latest kid silk haze adventure. And, btw....LOVE the pulling the kid's head out of the bars story. STRONG yarn trollop!!
Looks like it will be a very beautiful camisole already. I'm in suspense over Captain Destructo's choice! True customer service on the umbrella. And what a bonus with a *duck-handled* *Phildar* umbrella. :-)
How fun that you now have a Phildar ducky umbrella! That was a sweet gesture. Can't wait to see your Butterfly and Capt. Destructo's sweater, too. Have fun!!
Okay! I added some links to new pictures for you: The teeny-tiny beads, the photo of the "letterman's" jacket, and the cute wooden handle of my Phildar umbrella. Search for the links in the entry. Have fun :-)
Well, hey! Even if you do have way too many projects on the needles, at least you get to finish almost all of them! For that, I'm truly envious. Looking forward to seeing more awesome creations from you :-D
Oooooh, yummy... I am becoming more and more obsessed with the divine Butterfly by the moment. Lovely color you chose, I've finally got the pattern and I bought the yarn in a delicious dark brown and I think now may be the time to finally start, Yipee! Put those others projects aside, no biggie, heck I've got projects that have been "aside" for so long they may never return. There are just to many wonderful things to knit, how's a girl to choose? I CANNOT wait to see yours done, I'm quite certain it will be flawless!
ohhhhhh.......Butterfly..........must be strong....think unsexy knitting thoughts...... I so wish I could knit as fast as you!
I can't wait to see your finished Butterfly! That is such a beautiful knit :)
KSH goodness! Yumm!!! Butterfly looks so intricate but the final product is absolutely gorgeous! You'll probably abandon all the other projects and just warp yourself around that KSH, eh? I love the duck head umbrella. Quack!
Becky!! I LOVE the umbrella!! So cute. And you are such an inspiration!! I love the Butterfly, it will look beautiful on you!! And El Capitano is going to be so handsome in his colorful jacket!!!
Ooo Butterfly. Yea I can't wait to see yours too! KSH and that lace is a match made in heaven.
Oh my pretty!! I love how delicate the lace looks. Such a perfect name for the cami, too. I can't wait to see that project finished.
So much cuteness! I can't handle it! The Phildar umbrella, the letterman-style jacket, and Butterfly. HEJ is working with some Kidsilk Haze right now and after I touched it I understood the soft and floaty is right! And it doesn't freakin' shed! I don't blame you one bit for starting Butterfly. :)
I have to say - really! love when you post pics and then you have the link to view in bigger. I always!! click on it - very clever of you and thanks for thinking of us readers who "have to see more". Well, you, me and most every knitter is a yarn/project trollop - other things just holler out at us - esp. if it's something as gorgeous as KSH. Terry in SF
Ohhh... you're doing the butterfly too! I keep putting it off and every time I see it started by someone I get all jealous and wish I had started it too! It's looking beautiful!!
I know. The KSH makes you knit with it. You can't help it. I started a shawl I haven't even put on the blog and I've knitted like FOURTEEN inches. I can't help it. It's almost debilitating. Almost. ;-) Cute umbrella!
Hi Becky ... out of lurkdome I come. You are an amazing technician and have a great eye for choosing great, fashionable projects! I wanted to tell you the Gedifra mag. exists in English - I just picked it up (in Canada). Indeed, gotta love it, and check out those mauve snakeskin boots!! But I digress... To the point, since you already have a legitimate copy of the book and since you have shared so much... if you decide you like a particular pattern in the book I could copy it and email you a pdf file. If you are interested, email me. Despite having offered this, I don't for a second doubt you could translate them if you had to - you are clearly smart, and the German patterns tend to be quite succinct generally provide good graphics. Keep on knitting!
oh, my... oh, my... KSH so very pretty! *L* I can not get over how light, lofty and just cloud like KSH is! Your Butterfly camisole is going to look fantastic! You do need to have a project for every room of the house you know! If I could just convince myself that its ok, that would just be great. : D Keep up the beautiful work!
Well I can see why you strayed with such a gorgeous morsel thrown at your feet. Thrown I tell you...
i want that umberella! that is the cutests thing ever! Yay for butterfly!
that butterfly is going to be gorgeous! mo fun, lol.. nothing wrong with a bit of multitask knitting.
KSH is wonderful! Good luck with Butterfly, I have considered it myself, but, alas, there is not very much knitting time on my schedule right no, so I've better finish what I'm working on instead of starting new projects. The Captain's choice is cool, as usual. He is having a nice taste, that young man.
Hi Becky - I learned to knit in Germany, but never tried to use a german pattern. If it helps, a knit stitch is called rechts (right) and a purl stitch is called links (left). Viel Spass!
That phildar jacket is so cute! Wow, Butterfly, wonderful pattern...I love it!
hey, i'm making butterfly in majestic, too! are you making the vest or the dress? there's a KAL on craftster if you haven't checked it out already...i know too well the addictions that are rowan and KSH...also got myself into river, solaris, and birch ...all rowan, all KSH, all the time!
keep knitting! don't worry! keep casting on! you've got such lovely projects - and as long as there are FOs coming out in the other end - nema problema!! I say it to you, and to all other knitters - and above all to myself - the only limit for number of projects is my number of needles - and stashing needles is almost as fun as stashing yarn!! ;) Keep knittng, keep blogging - you're fabulous!!
I love the jacket he picked, very cool looking. How freaking cute is that umbrella handle?!
Ooh, the butterfly will be so gorgeous. I've admired all the posted ones on Craftster. Can't wait to see your finished Whisper. I (heart) Calmer.

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