September 08, 2006

Okay, so I needed some quick knitting satisfaction.

And the best way to get it was by digging in my stash and pulling out the GGH Samoa and Soft Kid I bought a few months ago, and casting on for a cutesy little top called "Ultra Femme" from Stitch 'n' Bitch Nation. I cast on for this last night and this is how far I got after a while:

The beginnings of "Ultra Femme"
P.S. See the little picot edge?
Oh, how FANCY!

Oh! I just love it. I'm not a huge fan of circular knitting or worsted cotton, but I certainly don't mind a little bit of it every once in a while. This stuff knits up so fast I have no time to feel guilty that I'm churning it out so quickly. If anything, I'm enjoying it. And isn't the picot edge a riot? It reminds me of a pie crust. I had contemplated not including it but I figured, what the heck? If I'm going to knit a cutesy top I might as well go the whole nine yards. (I initially wrote that "nine yarns". Haha...big indication as to where my mind is.)

[Footnote: The pattern calls for Rowan's All Season's Cotton, and while I love that yarn it doesn't come in black so I'm substituting it with the GGH Samoa. The pink version is cute but I know I'm more apt to wear it if it's all in black, so black it will be. (Tired of my neutrals yet? I hope not 'cause they're a-stayin'.)]

And while we're on the subject of new projects and GGH yarn, yesterday I got a new stash addition from Germany [thanks again, Rike's Wollmaus]:

New yarn! New mags! Aaaaaah!
[Runs madly around the room in circles.]

winter2006_rebecca_thumb.jpg Lots of skeins of GGH Taj Mahal so I can knit this FABULOUS frilly jacket (thanks to Silvia for helping me decide on a color), Rebecca 32 and Lang Fatto a Mano 155. Lots of cute stuff in Rebecca There are a lot of designs I'd love to knit from there (I wish I had more knitting time) but I may narrow it down to just one other thing. The Fatto a Mano also has some nice designs; lots of things that can be worn over several seasons depending on how they're styled. A good example is this vest; it has classic cables but unfinished edges that give it a modern twist. And the model is wearing it layered...bonus points for the layering.

Today is my last day of vacation and I go back to school on Monday. I'll have less spare time starting next week, but I'm excited about these new stash additions so I'm still feeling energized in the knitting department. Nothing like feeding the Stash Monster to bring on some more knitting mojo, eh?

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Coucou ma belle! Cela fait longtemps que j'ai envie de "ultra-femme", mais faut être très mince pour des grosses côtes comme ça. Toi tu seras très belle là-dedans! Ce modèle Rebecca est super mignon: et tu as raison, vive les couleurs neutres, c'est plus classe! Bisous Laetitia
The "ultra femme" is VERY girly. Totally cute! The red ruffly pic is really nice too.....
I can't wait to see your Ultra Femme. I like the pattern, but am concerned about the "see-through" aspect. ========================= Note by Becky: Don't be concerned. I'm the one who has to wear it :-)
Oh I love the frilly jacket. It is going to look awesome on you!!! So less free time, but you will love being back in school too, won't you??
Sometimes a quick knit is just the thing you need... its like chocolate ... sometimes you just need a quick fix. I love the frilly top too that is lovely.
Hurrah! I'm ahead of the fashion game for once. I did a very similar cabled vest/pullover last winter - woo hoo for me! Is the GGH Samoa squooshie?
Mmmm soft kid... and love the broad central cable on that vest.
Cute new project and yay for a quick knit! I love the cable vest. I may need to buy that magazine just for that pattern. Sigh.
The good thing about the top that is a bit sheer is in black, it won't be nearly so obvious, but just subtle sheerness. Very chic! I like the ruffly sweater and the vest is very interesting. The modern unfinished edge you like isn't my favorite, but it's not for me anyway. You always have fabulous taste!
Thanks! I just love sheer things like this, and you pinpointed what I particularly like about this one. It's subtle, and that's the key.
As always, it's SO nice to know I'm not alone! I've been chomping at the bit to get started on my fall knitting (boxes of yarn have been arriving almost daily, at least in my husband's mind) and I think tonight will be the night.
I love this issue of Rebecca just from the preview on their web. My copy is on its way here! :D
Great stash additions and project plans!! Lookin' good!
enjoy your last summer weekend! love that frilly jacket... i look forward to seeing how you're going to style it.
Ultra femme is such a cute pattern. Can't wait to see yours! Enjoy the last days of your vacation!
It seems like your vacation went by so quickly. GGH Samoa is suppose to be really soft so I can just imagine what dream this top will feel like to wear. Are you going to wear the big bow or do you have something else in mind? Tonight,I was sitting on the couch knitting my sweater, thinking about that Rowan Calmer yarn. I looked up the price of it a ball whoooo $11.50 a ball or close to it. That's like $100 sweater. I have the Rowan Calmer pattern book. One of my first purchases from a year ago but still to difficult for me to knit anything out of it yet. For a Fall sweater, do you know of a yarn that is a great quality worsted weight I can take a look at to make a sweater out of for less than this? I might spend no more than $6 a ball. At least when I get through my stash of yarn. I am just so tired of knitting with this cheap Patons Classic Merino wool. Fine for my fuzzy slippers but not another sweater. Hope you still post your projects from school now that you are going back.
I love Calmer, but you're right: It is expensive. Unfortunately, it is also a difficult yarn to substitute! It is a cotton/acrylic microfiber blend plied in such a way that makes it elastic even though it has no elasthane [known to some under the trademark "lycra" or in the U.S. as "spandex"] content. It holds its shape very well so even if you find something that may be of the same gauge (21 sts per 4" square) you might not get the same results. I wouldn't substitute Calmer for the form-fitting garments (i.e. Soul corset or waist-hugging cardigans/sweaters) but I might for the looser, less shaped sweaters. In that case, I'd look for a yarn that is as close in composition as possible, such as something with microfiber content. Microfiber is a man-made fiber composed of incredibly thin strands, and fabrics containing microfiber tend to hold their shape well as a result. So if you can, look for a worsted yarn with microfiber content and check to see that it is plied in texture and that there is a lot in yardage per skein. (Calmer has 173 yards per skein. I'd try to reach that amount as close as possible.) Good luck! :-)
Fun knit! Can't wait to see it finished. So hurry up already. ;-) ;-) Also - "the whole nine yarns" has me giggling.
GO NEUTRALS!!!! Of course, I am wearing all black as I sit here typing this.
Wow - that frilly jacket is going to be a great accessory for the fall! Again, I live vicariously through you and your knitting. Where do you find the time?!
I love the frilly jacket. Do you do commision work? ;-) Can't wait to see Ultra femn in all it's glory...i'm guessing you'll wear it with a tank.
Ultra Femme is such a quick knit! I made it for my 9 yo daughter (just sized it down one more size)and it looks so adorable on her! I think the all black will be much more sophisticated and appropriate for you. Hope you're having fun at school!
Ooh, I love the Ultra Femme, though it's a bit racy for me with the black bra showing through, ooh lah lah! I can't wait to see the finished version of your black one, it's going to be bee-yoo-tee-ful! : )

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